My Guide to Ein Hod

Discover the top things to do and places to eat near my Ein Hod property for your next vacation.
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פארק הכרמל

One can spend time hiking, visit the Hecht archiological museum at the Haifa University. You can continue and spend the day passing through the Druze villages and visit Muhaka, small monastary with the most amazing views.

Bahá'í World Centre

From the apartment you can walk to to the top entrance of the garden, on Yefe Nof. There is also plenty of parking there. DO NOT forget to make reservations to the walking tour through the gardens. There are guided tours every hour, but one needs to call ahead. It is certainly worth whil, and would take...


Haifa is one of the most beautiful citys in IL. You can explore downtown, Bat-Galim which is an area on the sea shore just south of the harbor and the Rambam Hospital. The old German Colony, where the Templars settled is a beautiful area with old stone houses, wonderful restaurants to visit day or...

Old City of Acre

There is a new fast road now to get fro Haifa to Acre. One can use the tunnel as well. This is an old Arab town across Haifa, on the other side of the bay. Wonderful old Crusaders walls, great fish restaurants, and old Hamam, and many other interesting sites....

Stella Maris Monastery

Lovely spot. Another angle of the wonderful Haifa views. If the cable cars are working, might be fun to go down and visit the Maritime Musem, one of my favorit small museums.

Hecht Park

This park connect the beach area Hof Hacarmel, to Bat-Galim. Beautiful leasure walkways along the sea.


Probably the best preserved mozaic floors in all IL. Very interesting history there. One can spend half a day there. Could be combined with Mnt. Tabor visit.