My Guide to Portland

Discover the top things to do and places to eat near my Portland property for your next vacation.
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Powell's City of Books

One bookstore that occupies an entire city block in downtown Portland. There isn't anything like it anywhere else in the US. DO NOT MISS IT!

Pearl District

Very hip and trendy with a lot of really good restaurants. You'll want to go back again and again.

Food Carts, all over Portland, OR

One of the 'insider secrets' about Portland is the vibrant food cart scene. The best carts typically focus on one or two things and do them obsessively well. The most successful ones establish regular restaurants (Lardo, Pine State Biscuits) and one of those actually won a James Beard award (Pok...

Tasty N Sons

If they serve breakfast in heaven, it will be just like this. Come early or late or be prepared to wait in line. It's well worth it though...

Bailey's Taproom

If you are a serious student of beer in all its forms, come here - I'm guessing that they have ~50 on tap. The kitchen is also very good and well worth coming for a meal.