My Guide to Wrightwood

Discover the top things to do and places to eat near my Wrightwood property for your next vacation.
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Grizzly Cafe Inc

I love this place. They have indoor and outdoor seating and the best ever sweet potato fries. Swing on the ski chair outside the restaurant. The Grizzly also has a gift shop with lots of mountainy gifts. Walk down Walnut Street and then follow the path on the side of Hwy. 2 until you run right into the...

Mountain High Resort

This is where I learned to ski back when it was Holiday Hill. It's only three miles from the cabin.

Navitat Canopy Adventures

This is one of the most amazing zip lines ever. Granted, it's the only one I've ever been on, but it was a fantastic experience. You can walk to the Navitat office from the cabin and from there you take their van to the zip lines.

Wrightwood Park

This is just a little park right next door to the school I used to teach at. My husband helped assemble the equipment years ago.

Applewood Court

This is a great place to go have an ice cream or piece of fudge; my grandkids love it! I worked the ice cream counter and gift shop years ago when our kids were little.

Wrightwood, CA

Wrightwood is a great and easy to get to town. The tall pines, the friendly folk, the cute shops and the incredible weather are all good reasons to visit!