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My Guide to Kailua-Kona

Discover the top things to do and places to eat near my Kailua-Kona property for your next vacation.
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Kona Brewing Company

Artisan beer, salads, and pizzas

Mauna Kea Beach

All beaches in Hawaii and public property. However, access to the beach isn't necessarily. Beautiful beach but only a few parking spots for public access.

Kona Farmers' Market

Great place to get fresh vegetables and fruit that is usually fresher and cheaper than what you can get in a supermarket. Also, there are real farmers who sell their coffee and macadamia nuts here (the packaging may not be as slick as that in the stores, but the nuts and coffee are so much fresher here.)...

Manta Ray Experience

A "must do", even if you're not a strong swimmer or experienced snorkeler. However, you must be willing to put your face in the water. Offered by many tour companies. Try and find one that takes the smallest group out. All the boats go to the same place. Most leave from the harbor north of Kona. We went...

Captain Cook Monument

Rules are evolving regarding taking individual kayaks to this monument. Make sure you check regulations before making plans. If you can't kayak, you can hike to the monument or go on one of the snorkeling tours like the Fairwinds. When those tours are in the Bay, it's pretty crowded with snorkelers...


Live music every night. Sit at the "bar" to look out at the ocean while you're eating