My Guide to Manuel Antonio

Discover the top things to do and places to eat near my Manuel Antonio property for your next vacation.
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Manuel Antonio National Park

You can't miss the Manuel Antonio National Park! My advice is to schedule a guide to take you early in the morning. The animals are much more active at that time. And with a guide you will see much more, than if you go alone. The guides are amazing at what they can point out to you, and educate you on the flora...

El Avion

Nice restaurant with nice views.

Agua Azul

Inexpensive restaurant with nice views, very casual atmosphere.

Cafe Milagro

A great place for breakfast in the morning, or lunch. Or just hang out at the cafe and use their wife services to catch up on emails.

Biesanz Beach

Very close walk from our condo. Usually quiet and the water is calm.

Cafe Milagro

Popular Cafe for a snack, breakfast, lunch, or just coffee. Free Wife.

Super Joseth

Closest place to do basic grocery shopping.