My Guide to Taos

Discover the top things to do and places to eat near my El Prado property for your next vacation.
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Taos Plaza

This used to be where the townsfolk would lock up their livestock overnight so that they wouldn't get stolen. Kind of cool to imagine that as you drink and eat and shop. My favorite store on the Plaza is "Made in New Mexico." It will make you realize you are not in Kanas anymore, Dorothy....

Martinez Hacienda

I have been going to Taos and have never been to the Martinez Hacienda. If you go, let me know what it's like!!!

Orlando's New Mexican Cafe

What's not to like? Enchiladas made with blue corn tortillas, chips and salsa and guacamole, outdoor fire pit and heated waiting rooms? A must-eat if you are within 50 miles of it!

El Meze

Delicious gourmet food...Superb service...Was once an old fort...And that little round building out to the side of it? That was where the settlers would go when they saw people coming to town who wanted to do them harm. The little slits are where they would stick their guns out of and the building was...

Twirl Toy Store and Play Space

All kids love this place. Only drawback, you have to enter through the Toy Store to get to the FREE playspace. Although the toy store is something to behold in itself. Has a super East Indian vibe to it and is very magical, just like Taos. Don't miss it!!...

Taos Pueblo

There are some festivals at the Taos Pueblo that are very interesting and vibrant. But whatever you do, don't take any pictures or do any sketches. The dwellers feel it is disrespectful to them and their culture. There is a quaint Catholic church right there adjacent to the Pueblo. Mass is at 7 a.m. on...

Taos Historic Museums: Blumenschein Home & Museum

IN 30 years I have never been to a Taos Museum. Pitiful. Just plain pitiful.