My Guide to Manuel Antonio

Discover the top things to do and places to eat near my Manuel Antonio property for your next vacation.
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Manuel Antonio National Park

I recommend taking a tour from an official National Park Tour guide. You will see a lot more wildlife with a tour guide than you would see on your own. I was amazed at the wildlife my guide found. Bring bug spray, camera and binoculars.

El Avion

The views from the patio are great! El Avion has a diverse menu that makes it easy for everyone in your party to find something they like.

Restaurante Barba Roja

This place is one of my favorite places to eat and socialize. The view is incredible, the staff is friendly and the food is great. On Tuesday nights, they have 2 for 1 burgers that are HUGE! On Friday nights they have ribs on special that are delicious!...

Ronny's Place

I walk to Ronny's Place from my house. The food is great and the views are incredible.

Balu's Bar and Restaurant

This restaurant is on the beach. The people-watching is great and the sunsets are incredible. Very reasonable prices.

Gaia Hotel and Reserve

I walk to Gaia from my house. The restaurant has great appetizers and meals. I recommend the wine tasting! The views are great!

El Gran Escape

This restaurant is at the new Marina in Quepos. The menu is very diverse and everyone can find something they like. I like the buffalo shrimp! If you like wings and shrimp, you will love it. Watching the boats is fun and the sunset view is amazing....