My Guide to Bigfork

Discover the top things to do and places to eat near my Bigfork property for your next vacation.
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Echo Lake Cafe

Fabulous for Breakfast and Lunch, you may walk from Echo Lake to the Echo Lake Cafe... it's a local favorite, it's everyone's favorite!

Showthyme Restaurant

Blu and Rose have created a fabulous restaurant in the heart of Bigfork! Always at the top of everyone's list... ShowThyme!

Kehoe's Agate Shop

It maybe called Kehoe's Agate Shop.... but it has very sparkly things as well! A history trip, science adventure and great shopping experience!! A truly unique and fun place to visit!

Bigfork Summer Playhouse

A must do Experience!!

Sake Tome Sushi

Bigfork Bomb is my favorite, sometimes hard to get in or order out...

Raven Brew Pub & Grill

Great casual place right on Flathead Lake, great way to spend an afternoon, lunch and dinner. Fun menu!!

Rosa's Pizza

Looking for good pizza, sucessful family owned business with a great following. My favorite is chicken, broccoli & bacon with white sauce! Eat in or take out!