Honey Pig

3400 West 8th Street, Los Angeles, CA
3 reviews

Some of the best Korean BBQ ever. All about the pork! The flavors are so sweet and spicy! The meat is grilled on a raised circular grill. While grilling the pork (which is their specialty), you can also grill bean sprouts and other items. Eat with the salad, and you have yourself a wonderful meal! Some of the best Korean ...

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    0.03 mi


    0.03 mi from Honey Pig
    5 reviews

    ot together with some close yelp friends to check out this popular place. The price is around $25 and it's AYCE kbbq! It's a bit pricey but I promise you that the quality of the meat won't disappoint you. There's variety of meat to choose from and they also serve shrimp, octopus and duck! SERVICE:Super fast! They did a great ...

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    0.1 mi

    Guelaguetza Restaurant

    0.1 mi from Honey Pig
    3 reviews

    3.5 stars My sister saw this restaurant featured on the Food Network or Travel Channel so we decided to take out family here for Father's Day. We ordered various things to enjoy family style: (3.5/5) Horchata con Tuna y Nuez $3.50: Sweet rice water drink, topped with cantaloupe, chopped nuts, and cactus fruit. Looked delicious, but tasted exactly like an ...

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    0.07 mi

    Taylor's Prime Steak House

    0.07 mi from Honey Pig
    2 reviews

    This place has of the best steaks around but when I go to Taylor's I have to get the French Dip. This is on my list for one of the best sandwiches I have had. The marinated prime sirloin is sliced into thick ribbons while the au jus soaks up the bread perfectly. Give me some horseradish and I'm in ...

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    0.19 mi


    0.19 mi from Honey Pig
    2 reviews

    Super healthy Korean late night food!

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    0.23 mi

    Naegohyang Restaurant

    0.23 mi from Honey Pig
    2 reviews

    Tried the cold soy bean noodle. Hate it! But I will still go back to try other soup noodles.

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    0.06 mi

    Bud Namu BBQ

    0.06 mi from Honey Pig
    3 reviews

    I was a little bit skeptic over the $9.99 AYCE when a friend suggested the place. Usually when something is so cheap, the quality tends to be poor. That's definitely not the case with Bud Namu. We ended up opting for the $16.99 option so we could have short ribs as well. The meat quality is great and the options ...

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  • 7
    0.71 mi

    Road to Seoul

    0.71 mi from Honey Pig
    26 reviews

    The "Road to Seoul" beef is excellent, and of course they have all the standard cuts of meat for you to throw on the grill here as well. They do use charcoal here so it's extra tasty but also extra smoky, so wear stuff you don't have to dry clean.

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    0.5 mi

    Kang Hodong's Baekjeong

    0.5 mi from Honey Pig
    13 reviews

    Talk about popular. So this is actually a chain from Korea owned by a pretty famous Korean comedian. This is not AYCE, but I would say there were 3 of us, and the 3-4 person combo (large size) as just right for us actually. We got there at 1115am, they open at 1130. There was ALREADY a line. There is ...

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    0.44 mi

    Hae Jang Chon

    0.44 mi from Honey Pig
    13 reviews

    I love and hate this place. I love the food. I hate the wait. Been here many many times. There's a valet parking lot in which you'll be standing for at least an hour. Great selection of meat for 17.99. I always get brisket, tongue, bulgogi, and short rib, at least. Rarely chicken because it takes forever. Last time we ...

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    0.56 mi

    Beer Belly

    0.56 mi from Honey Pig
    11 reviews

    I'm pretty shocked that such a gastropub exists in the heart of Ktown, situated right next to Iota Cafe and behind I t find any hint of Korean-ness in this hipster-y bar. The food. Wow. I mean, yes I was starving when I got here and we all know hunger is the best spice, but this food ...

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    0.35 mi

    BCD Tofu House

    0.35 mi from Honey Pig
    12 reviews

    BCD tofu house is one of the best places for some warm tofu soup. Their service is a lot better than most korean restaurants in the area but when they do get busy, the language barrier can cause some difficulties with asking them for things. This branch of BCD is the smaller one of the two in Ktown. If you ...

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    0.47 mi

    EMC Seafood & Raw Bar

    0.47 mi from Honey Pig
    11 reviews

    We came during a time when it wasn't Happy Hour quite (9 pm) yet so we got to order from both the regular menu and HH menu. -- Regular Menu -- Mini Lobster Roll - Really buttery but so tiny! Truffle Fries w/ Garlic Aioli - Tasty and a good filler Calamari - tastes like the chinese salt and pepper ...

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    0.96 mi

    Iota Brew Cafe

    0.96 mi from Honey Pig
    12 reviews

    Good food and pricey teas but awesome atmosphere. Loved the design of the place and the wall with all the cups for sale makes the place more artsy. Chillin at this place during the day and working on writing or surfing the Internet makes Starbucks look like school. It's very cool with Korean music videos playin on repeat on the ...

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    0.54 mi


    0.54 mi from Honey Pig
    11 reviews

    When you walk in the restaurant you immediately feel the Zen atmosphere: large buddha statues and trickling bamboo streams. In terms of food and drinks, it serves the common Korean bar food ddukbokkie, fried chcken w/fries, kimchi fried rice, mussle, soup, etc. All food that goes perfectly with soju and beer. The place is always packed on the weekends making ...

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    0.68 mi

    Soowon Galbi

    0.68 mi from Honey Pig
    10 reviews

    Now I'm not going to say the meat was bad, but the service? -1 star for me. If you read the other reviews, you'll notice yes, this place has good meat and at a pretty good price. However, when the waiters are cooking your meat so quickly that you have to try to finish it before it to overcooks, well...that ...

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    0.78 mi

    Don Day

    0.78 mi from Honey Pig
    8 reviews

    First, please leave your vegetarian friends at home. This is a sausage fest. Yes, there will be meats. Tons of meats. So, unless they plan on eating only the side dishes. Be gracious and only bring carnivores. Second, free parking lot. FREE. No digging up 2 dollars for valet. It is shared with the adjacent coffee shop and other retail ...

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    0.39 mi

    Palsaik Korean BBQ

    0.39 mi from Honey Pig
    7 reviews

    To the parishioners of the pork belly church, come here for your pilgrimage! Pork belly 8 different ways.. yes, 8! And a little note under each of your 8 flavors expounds the health benefits of each pork belly flavor. Worried about heart diesease? Have some red wine pork belly. Worried about cholesterol and high blood pressure? Have some garlic pork ...

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    0.71 mi

    Beverly Soon Tofu Restaurant

    0.71 mi from Honey Pig
    8 reviews

    Beverly Soon Tofu is the favorite among the soon tofu connoisseurs. Skip the chain soon tofu shops. This is the place to go if you ever want to try this popular Korean dish!

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    0.49 mi

    M Grill

    0.49 mi from Honey Pig
    7 reviews

    I see that everyone is comparing M Grill with Fogo de Chao, but personally, I don't think it makes sense to compare 2 different restaurants in 2 completely different locations (I mean one is in bougie Beverly hills and this one is in affordable Korea town) and 2 different prices. You pretty much get what you pay for and I ...

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    0.65 mi

    Han Bat Sul Lung Tang

    0.65 mi from Honey Pig
    6 reviews

    After eating Selleongtang at Han Bat, I can definitely say that I will never order this dish again anywhere else. My search for delicious Selleongtang started a few months back after watching a Korean drama and saw the characters eating it. I am so glad that I found Han Bat Sul Lung Tang. They literally don't serve anything else but ...

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