Hostel of the Sun

Via Melisurgo 15, Naples 80123 Italy
7 reviews

Good atmosphere. Adaquate rooms. Really friendly and helpful staff. I wasn't really expecting to like this place so much. But they are good peple (and Naples is a fantastic city). Comes with a free breakfast.

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  • 41
    1.87 mi

    Museo di Capodimonte

    Via Miano, 2, Naples, Province of Naples, Italy
    1.87 mi from Hostel of the Sun
    1 review

    Олияная галерея и парк

  • 42
    1.7 mi

    Il Faro

    1.7 mi from Hostel of the Sun
    1 review

    Many tourists take the bus from Anacapri to Il Faro to see the lighthouse, but I love the small swimming area and the little restaurant/bars lining the cove. Yes, the water's cold and the drinks are expensive, but this spot makes a lovely spot to while away a sunny afternoon - and is less crowded than the more easily accessible ...

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  • 43
    3.37 mi

    Stadio San Paolo

    Piazzale Tecchio Vincenzo, Naples, Italy
    3.37 mi from Hostel of the Sun
    2 reviews

    I was tricked into a visit by my partners soccer crazy father and brother. It was a massive experience watching the Naples team play against one of their main opponents. Being a part of the Italian crowd is so different from any other soccer crowd I've ever experienced. They will sing, yell in neapolitan and do weird hand/arm movements, and ...

  • 44
    1.91 mi

    Parco di Capodimonte

    Via Miano, 4, Napoli, Italia
    1.91 mi from Hostel of the Sun
    1 review

    Бывшие охотничьи угодья Бурбонов, а теперь заросший парк. Приятно погулять.

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  • 45
    1.54 mi

    Cimitero delle Fontanelle

    77 Via Fontanelle, Naples 80136 Italy
    1.54 mi from Hostel of the Sun
    2 reviews

    Really impressive place with death written all over it. Cimitero delle Fontanelle is actually an old cemetery and used to hold over 8 million human bones. Those buried here were either too poor to afford a proper burial or they had the unfortunate misfortune of being a victim of an epidemic. For centuries the relatives of the deceased used to ...

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  • 46
    2.88 mi

    I borghi di Posillipo

    Via Posillipo, Naples 80123 Italy
    2.88 mi from Hostel of the Sun
    1 review

    It is one of the worth to see spots in Naples. It is an area along the coast in the northern part of Naples, with beautiful villas built on the top of cliffs directly looking on the mediterrean see. beautiful!!!

  • 47
    1.34 mi

    Villa Comunale

    Piazza Vittoria, ., Naples, Province of Naples, Italy
    1.34 mi from Hostel of the Sun
    1 review

    One of few public gardens centrally located in Napoli. It wouldn't be so special if it wasn't for its spectacular location and view right next to the seaside. Along Via Francesco Caracciolo you can find a few bars offering coffee, soda, pizzette and other small treats.

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  • 48
    7.03 mi

    Mount Vesuvius

    Contrada Crocelle, Ercolano 80056 Italy
    7.03 mi from Hostel of the Sun
    28 reviews

    Volcano-mountain Vesuvio is just few km away from Napoli and it is still considered as "alive" volcano.

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  • 49
    5.62 mi


    5.62 mi from Hostel of the Sun
    8 reviews

    Fascinating! A much more up close look at a city buried by Vesuvius than Pompeii. It's smaller, but it really is more intimate and WAY fewer crowds. Plus, since it's under ground level, there is much more escape from than heat than in Pompeii.

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  • 50
    14.31 mi

    80045 Pompeii Naples

    80045 Pompeii Naples, Italy
    14.31 mi from Hostel of the Sun
    6 reviews
  • 51
    15.46 mi

    Chiesa del Gesù Nuovo

    Calata Gesù, Castellammare di Stabia 80053 Italy
    15.46 mi from Hostel of the Sun
    7 reviews

    A Neapolitana friend told me the secret of the Chiesa del Gesu' Nuovo as we stood in front of it. She pointed out the markings on the strange exterior. Apparently it's some sort of old code for music notation, recently discovered by a team of (I don't know) smart people. One of Naples' more prominent churches, the Gesu' Nuovo dominates ...

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  • 52
    16.4 mi

    Hike from Sorrento to Positano

    16.4 mi from Hostel of the Sun
    7 reviews

    I found old church at the peak .. what a journey :)

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  • 53
    13.01 mi


    Procida, Procida 80079 Italy
    13.01 mi from Hostel of the Sun
    6 reviews

    A really suggested island

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  • 54
    5.45 mi


    Ercolano, Ercolano 80056 Italy
    5.45 mi from Hostel of the Sun
    4 reviews

    Ercolano is one of the ancient Roman towns ruined by a volcanic eruption. With its well kept, stunning architecture and structures this place is well worth the time and effort. If you ever want to be even close to appreciating the impact this city went through you'll have to see it with your own eyes!

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  • 55
    16.56 mi

    Reggia di Caserta

    Piazza Carlo III, Caserta, Italy
    16.56 mi from Hostel of the Sun
    3 reviews

    E' un posto meraviglioso con il parco grande e molto particolare, una grossa cascata da cui si apre un panorama stupendo. All'interno di palazzo si può visitare le stanze e le sale dell'epoca. Reggia ricorda un po' Versailles

  • 56
    19.13 mi

    Spiaggia Grande

    Town Centre, Perugia 84017, Italy
    19.13 mi from Hostel of the Sun
    3 reviews

    While I wouldn't call it the most beautiful beach in the world -for beach alone- it is a fun beach with lots going on in terms of bars and restaurants. Not overly big -which is a very good thing. Intimate yet happening.

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  • 57
    16.09 mi

    Sorrento Italy

    Piazza Tasso, Sorrento, Italy
    16.09 mi from Hostel of the Sun
    2 reviews
  • 58
    13.57 mi

    Cellini Gallery

    80045 Piazza Porta Marina, 2
    13.57 mi from Hostel of the Sun
    2 reviews

    I've purchased some fantastic pieces of jewelry from this shop and at great prices. Cameos are what they're known for and even if you're not looking to buy its nice to walk through and look at the work they have to display.

  • 59
    17.45 mi

    Aragonese Castle

    Via Gian Battista Vico, 76, Ischia, Province of Naples, Italy
    17.45 mi from Hostel of the Sun
    2 reviews

    A visit to the Aragonese Castle is a must. Despite the small size of the small island that houses the Castle, in the late sixteenth century, the fortress housed 1892 families, and the Convent of the Poor Clares, the Basilian Abbey of Greece, the Bishop and the Chapter Seminar, the Prince with the garrison.

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  • 60
    17.65 mi

    Poseidon Garden

    17.65 mi from Hostel of the Sun
    2 reviews

    If one can imagine a place where Poseidon could be, it would be here. Located near a volcano and beautiful beaches, is a "garden of pools". Approximately 20 pools in total ranging from different temperatures from 60 degree F to 80 degree F. Italian believe that these spring help people with back pains or joint pains. Going from extreme temperatures ...

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