Hotel Devillas

4 Boulevard Saint Marcel, 75005 Paris, France
6 reviews

The Hotel Devillas is cute, cozy, and centrally-located, in the heart of the Latin District on Paris’ left bank. Though it really isn’t anything extraordinary, it is reasonably priced and offers special packages for families, romantic nights, discovering Paris, or other. The rooms are decent-sized and have a few nice and charming touches. It is surrounded with rastaurants and a ...

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  • 41
    0.52 mi

    Au Petit Marguery

    0.52 mi from Hotel Devillas
    1 review

    Traditional French restaurant. Very very good food...No tourists, only locals. A bit upscale, but the food matches the price and setting...Small and friendly, a great place for a great dinner.

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  • 42
    0.83 mi


    0.83 mi from Hotel Devillas
    1 review

    The perfectly presented, delicious sushi served at Isami is some of the best in Paris.

  • 43
    0.9 mi

    Le Soummam

    0.9 mi from Hotel Devillas
    1 review

    Wonderful food! Great decor and ambiance. The pre-fix menu is pretty good, be prepared to eat a lot if you order the three meat couscous. We also had the North African wines with the meal which was a very good pairing. On a nice quite street away from all the tourist rush. Delicious!

  • 44
    0.62 mi


    0.62 mi from Hotel Devillas
    1 review

    Fantastic gelato, just a few minutes walk from the apartment. In cool weather, try their 28 flavors of thick, rich gourmet hot chocolate.

  • 45
    0.78 mi


    0.78 mi from Hotel Devillas
  • 46
    0.61 mi

    Maison Gaumer Artisan Boulanger

    0.61 mi from Hotel Devillas
    1 review

    Can see the pastry cases from the apartment! Nice selection of morning pastries, bread, desserts and take-away sandwiches, quiches, etc.

  • 47
    0.77 mi


    0.77 mi from Hotel Devillas

    it serves beer, I mean proper beer. The Bombardier serves, as the name suggests, Wells’ Bombardier; it also serves other bitters and ales including Youngs. So if the light and fizzy beer of the Parisian bars just is not cutting the mustard, the solution is here. It is not just sports, there are other events too, from St Patrick’s Day ...

  • 48
    0.98 mi

    La Mangue Verte

    0.98 mi from Hotel Devillas
    1 review

    La Mangue Verte is just next door, and is the place to go if you want the option to eat Chinese, Thai or Vietnamese under one roof. The prices are relatively low and the food is good. I usually order Thai papaya salad (salad de papaye verte) and Vietnamese grilled pork and rice (porc grille)

  • 49
    0.44 mi

    Foyer des Etudiants Vietnamiens

    0.44 mi from Hotel Devillas
    1 review

    Wonderful family-run Vietnamese restaurant near by the famous rue Mouffetard. The deco is simple but full of warm neighborhood vide. The menus cover frequently-seen Vietnamese food and authentic options that you would rarely find at other Vietnamese restaurants in Paris. Can't go wrong today's special.

  • 50
    1.64 mi


    1.64 mi from Hotel Devillas
    93 reviews

    Ladurée is a must-visit in Paris. In my opinion, they serve the best macaroons on the planet (sorry Pierre Herme). A wide variety of flavors. My personal favorites are salted caramel and vanilla.

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  • 51
    1.62 mi

    Café de Flore

    1.62 mi from Hotel Devillas
    27 reviews

    Cafe de Flore is a historic cafe in Paris with a large selection of drinks and cafe bites including croissants and sandwiches. A must visit for visitors seeking the ultimate cafe experience.

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  • 52
    1.6 mi

    Les Deux Magots

    1.6 mi from Hotel Devillas
    30 reviews

    Best croque monsieur ive had in Paris! A bit pricecy, but for the food and ambieance it's worth a visit!

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  • 53
    2.29 mi


    2.29 mi from Hotel Devillas
    51 reviews

    Completely overrun with tourists but the hot chocolate here is so good that it makes it worth it. A must-see for a first time visitor.

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  • 54
    1.23 mi

    L'As Du Fallafel

    1.23 mi from Hotel Devillas
    36 reviews

    If you get the chance, I would highly suggest you check out L'as Du Fallafel. Their falafels are great and the prices are reasonable too. It's in the heart of Marais, which is in the Jewish Quarter of Paris. It's a wonderful area to walk around. Plus, you can't miss the bright green and yellow paint which outlines the L'as ...

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  • 55
    1.64 mi

    Le Relais de l'Entrecôte

    1.64 mi from Hotel Devillas
    25 reviews

    Best steak frites and meal in general in Paris where dining can be hit and miss if you're on a budget. Great atmosphere and worth lining up (no reservations) for 30 minutes (usual on the weekend)

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  • 56
    1.45 mi


    1.45 mi from Hotel Devillas
    18 reviews

    This is one of the best or the best for gelato in Paris and the price reflects it. The flavors are fresh and indulgent. We went to the store at 47 Rue St Louis en l'ile. When you are in Paris you have to indulge.

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  • 57
    4.01 mi

    Boulangeries Paul

    4.01 mi from Hotel Devillas
    19 reviews

    Amazing pastries and that's really saying something in Paris! Definitely do not pass up the chance to go here - you will not regret it!!

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  • 58
    3.28 mi

    Eiffel Tower

    3.28 mi from Hotel Devillas
    11 reviews

    A must see location in Paris. The queues can be off putting, so if you feel up to it, consider walking up the first stage.

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  • 59
    3.24 mi

    Le Jules Verne

    3.24 mi from Hotel Devillas
    9 reviews

    Set atop the Eiffel Tour, this ultra-exclusive restaurant blends the best of gourmet French cuisine with spectacular views of the city. Expensive but worth it, especially for a once-in-a-lifetime occasion like a honeymoon. Reservations must be booked about 6 months in advance but it promises an amazing meal and the most romantic view of all of Paris.

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  • 60
    2.65 mi

    Buddha Bar

    2.65 mi from Hotel Devillas

    I love the drinks!!

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