Hotel Eclat

No.370 Section 1, Dunhua South Road, Da'an District, Taipei 10684, Taiwan
4 reviews

Hotel Eclat is a great place to stay, very glamorous and fashionable. The room design is really special, with glass doors on the armoire and mirrored nightstands. I liked the cute little retro phones. The showers are designed with slatted wooden paneling on the floor, giving them both a very natural feeling as well as making them comfortable and slip-proof. ...

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  • 1
    0.23 mi


    2樓, No. 25號, 信義路四段, 大安區, Taiwan
    0.23 mi from Hotel Eclat
    1 review
  • 2
    0.22 mi


    No. 13號, Lane 199, Section 4, Xìnyì Road, 大安區, Taiwan
    0.22 mi from Hotel Eclat
    1 review
  • 3
    0.2 mi

    King Join

    No. 18號, Sìwéi Road, Daan District, Taipei City, Taiwan
    0.2 mi from Hotel Eclat
    1 review

    It is hard for me to get really excited about King Join 京兆尹 for a few simple rea$on$, although it is highly touted by visitor guidebooks and various travel websites. I suppose you can think of this restaurant's cuisine somewhat parallel (but different) to the concept of the food served as seen on the Korean TV drama Dae Jang Guem ...

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  • 4
    0.86 mi

    好丘貝果 Good Cho's

    0.86 mi from Hotel Eclat
    4 reviews

    A very neat store. Surprisingly good bagel sandwich and cakes - due to the fresh ingredients it uses. I also love its Alishan coffee which has a very smooth taste and very easy to drink.

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  • 5
    0.7 mi

    Ice Monster

    No. 11 Jhongsiao East Road Section 4 Lane 559 Alley 16, Taipei, Taiwan
    0.7 mi from Hotel Eclat

    When it comes to dessert, Taipei will not fail you. Like this shaved ice dessert cafe. Ample portion and unique flavors perfect for a sunny day.

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  • 6
    0.51 mi

    Hello Kitty Sweets

    No. 90號, Section 1, DàĀn Road, Da-an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106
    0.51 mi from Hotel Eclat
    5 reviews

    Pictures perfect moment every corner you turn. Even though I am not a extreme hello kitty fan I couldn't stop myself from the nonstop photo taking! the food itself was just mediocre but still worth checking out for the novelty of it.

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  • 7
    0.64 mi


    敦化南路一段187巷42號, 大安區, United States
    0.64 mi from Hotel Eclat
    3 reviews

    Fruit tea! Recommend!

  • 8
    0.59 mi

    上島咖啡廳 Ueshima Coffee Lounge

    No. 199號, Section 1, Dūnhuà South Road, Daan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106
    0.59 mi from Hotel Eclat


  • 9
    0.54 mi

    Perfume Dance 跳舞香水

    0.54 mi from Hotel Eclat

    Required: every person needs to order. 90mins max seating unless they're not busy. 280NT for honey toast 165NT for. Kiwi slush. Masquerade mask available to wear for fun! Inside Sogo Fuxing

  • 10
    0.8 mi


    0.8 mi from Hotel Eclat
    1 review

    Delicious yakitori and izakaya food! Must try!

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  • 11
    0.94 mi


    No. 55, Section 3, Xīnhài Road, Daan District, Taipei City, Taiwan
    0.94 mi from Hotel Eclat
    2 reviews

    Great place to work out and relax our mind

  • 12
    0.48 mi

    Rue 216

    No. 12, Alley 4, Lane 345, Section 4, Rén'ài Road, Daan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106
    0.48 mi from Hotel Eclat
    1 review

    東區粉圓 is the best shaved ice spot in Taipei! Even if you can't read Chinese, you can find it easily by walking down the alley and looking for a brightly-lit, open shop with a crowd outside.

  • 13
    0.62 mi


    No. 35-1 Tonghua Street Lane 171, Taipei, Taiwan
    0.62 mi from Hotel Eclat
    1 review

    I came here because I had a Taiwanese friend that said the soup dumplings are better than ding tai fung. Wow they ARE amazing, but different. The soup broth tastes much different, but the quality is similar and the price is much cheaper! 130 Taiwan dollars for 10! The crab soup dumplings are better than ding tai fung! Yes I ...

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  • 14
    0.43 mi

    Grass jelly's gelatin dream journey

    No. 60 Tonghua Street, Taipei, Taiwan
    0.43 mi from Hotel Eclat

    Wow the best grass jelly dessert I've ever eaten! An entire hearty bowl for only 50 Taipei dollars! So delicious and a must try! Wow!

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  • 15
    0.48 mi

    Casa Della Pasta

    No. 23號, Lane 233, Section 1, Dūnhuà South Road, 大安區, Taiwan
    0.48 mi from Hotel Eclat
    2 reviews

    One of my favorite italian pasta restaurants in Taipei. Prices are EXTREMELY cheap for the quality you get. Make sure to make reservations though!

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  • 16
    0.64 mi

    Barista Coffee

    No. 250-4 Jhongsiao East Road Section 4, Zhongzheng District, Taiwan
    0.64 mi from Hotel Eclat
    1 review

    Decent coffee; got a latte for 100 yuan. They also have "Coffee Time" with waffle + coffee/tea specials :)

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  • 17
    0.42 mi

    橘色涮涮鍋 (Orange Shabu)

    No. 29之2號, Section 4, RénÀi Road, Daan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106
    0.42 mi from Hotel Eclat
    2 reviews

    We had a group dinner for out of towners and shabu was the place to be. We had delicious plum wine and shared half bowls. Everything was yummy and we had a great time! private room was the way to go!

  • 18
    0.57 mi

    饌王精品牛肉麵 Chuan Wang's Gourmet Beef Noodles

    No. 94, Section 4, Zhōngxiào East Road, Daan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106
    0.57 mi from Hotel Eclat
    2 reviews

    Chuan Wang 饌王精品牛肉麵 won the most popular votes for beef noodles during the 2005 Beef Noodle Festival (in Taipei). While wandering the busy area of Zhongxiao E Road, and already finished browsing Sogo many years ago, I stumbled upon Chuan Wang, not knowing it was at the time, a very popular place. Located upstairs in an old building, the interior ...

  • 19
    0.47 mi

    Tong Hua Night Market

    Tong Hua Street, Taipei City 106 Taiwan
    0.47 mi from Hotel Eclat

    This is a small night market near Taipei 101. Great street food and shops for cheap clothes and accessories!

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  • 20
    1.0 mi

    Mos Burger (Taipei 101)

    45 Shìfǔ Rd, Taipei, Taiwan
    1.0 mi from Hotel Eclat
    2 reviews

    Mos Burger is like Taiwan's local competitor to McDonald's -- you'll often find them right next to each other. The specialty here is that some of the burgers have patties are made out of rice instead of bread. I generally prefer their breakfast sandwiches to their other burgers, but that is personal preference. Definitely a must-try while you're in Taiwan!

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