Hotel Erwin

1697 Pacific Avenue, Venice Beach, CA 90291
19 reviews

I had a great time at this boutique hotel in Venice Beach. The food was excellent, the rooms were very funky and cool, and the staff friendly. The location is a short walk to all the action, but remains far enough away to be very quiet.

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  • 81
    4.04 mi

    Giant Robot Store

    2015 Sawtelle Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA
    4.04 mi from Hotel Erwin
    7 reviews

    just like the one in SF - but I like the SF one better has a bunch of crazy stuff I couldn't find anywhere else - artwork, toys, clothes, and lil kitchy things however the LA location does have a eatery right down the street from it...they have their own eatery....WHAT??? ;D

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  • 82
    2.24 mi

    Sonoma Wine Garden

    395 Santa Monica Place, Santa Monica, CA
    2.24 mi from Hotel Erwin
    10 reviews

    Nice cozy intimate place...they also have heat lamps & little fire pots out at the patio area.. =) Great for couples / a date place to impress your dates, great view & ambiance ;-) Service was ok, waitress was kind of pushy though =( -1 They have a HH @ 3:30 PM - 6:30PM HH Menu: http://www.sonomawinegar… Endless Champagne Brunch: ...

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  • 83
    4.8 mi

    Sony Pictures Studios

    10202 West Washington Boulevard, Culver City, CA 90232-3119
    4.8 mi from Hotel Erwin
    6 reviews

    Here's where the magic takes place!

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  • 84
    2.03 mi


    200 Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, California
    2.03 mi from Hotel Erwin
    4 reviews
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  • 85
    3.92 mi

    Bigfoot West

    10939 Venice Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, United States
    3.92 mi from Hotel Erwin
    6 reviews

    **IDEAL FOR HAPPY HOUR AND HIPSTERS** I was digging the vibe. Rustic wood ambiance. Feel free to order empanadas next door. Plaid shirts and beards everywhere (yes, including the women). Cute bartenders. Killer $5 Happy Hour (until 9PM) menu: *OLD FASHIONED - My drink of choice and it was nice and strong. Especially for $5. *MANHATTAN - My second drink ...

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  • 86
    4.65 mi

    Rave 18

    6081 Center Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90045-8831, United States
    4.65 mi from Hotel Erwin
    4 reviews

    Great movie theater located inside the Promenade at Howard Hughes Center. It's got the real IMAX, so great for movies filmed in IMAX. No previews before the movie either! Of course the IMAX movies cost a little more, but well worth it to see the movie in a comfy seat with a huge IMAX screen.

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  • 87
    4.01 mi

    Oldfield's Liquor Room

    10899 Venice Boulevard, W Los Angeles, CA, United States
    4.01 mi from Hotel Erwin
    4 reviews

    New gem in west la!!! Outlaw is amazing!!

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  • 88
    2.51 mi

    Palisades Park

    1301 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90401-1019
    2.51 mi from Hotel Erwin
    4 reviews

    Beautiful spot to sit and enjoy the ocean view and catch the sunset. Perfect for runners - there's nothing better than looking at this scenery as you get your run on.

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  • 89
    4.0 mi

    Max Karaoke Studio

    2130 Sawtelle Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA
    4.0 mi from Hotel Erwin
    5 reviews

    When it comes to Karaoke, you usually want to head over the Koreatown. However, when you are on the west side after a night of bar hopping and you need to get your karaoke fix, Max is your best option! It's a japanese private room style karaoke bar as opposed to the the stage style down the street. Their systems ...

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  • 90
    4.4 mi

    landmark theatres

    10850 West Pico Blvd
    4.4 mi from Hotel Erwin
    4 reviews

    This movie theater is great! They have a lounge next to it, so you can hang out before or after the movie. The arm rests are removable if you want to sit closer to your date :) and you can move them back. Very comfortable, the AC was not crazy either. Great movie experience!

  • 91
    2.77 mi

    Santa Monica Seafood

    1000 Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA
    2.77 mi from Hotel Erwin
    4 reviews

    i've been here many times, but never got around to writing a review. came here again last night, and love that they have the lobster roll on the menu permanently now. perfect fries to accompany this too! the oysters are great, but pricey. that's actually how i would describe all their food. yummy, but nothing on the menu is cheap. ...

  • 92
    4.87 mi

    Manhattan Beach Farmers Market

    6259 West 87th Street, Los Angeles, CA, United States
    4.87 mi from Hotel Erwin
    3 reviews

    My favorite vendors are the Manhattan Bread and Bagel company and the gyro stand. You must try the olive bread and can I mention eye candy of good looking people? It's open until 4pm every Tuesday!

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  • 93
    2.87 mi

    Trader Joe's

    3212 Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90405, United States
    2.87 mi from Hotel Erwin
    5 reviews

    A smaller Trader Joe's on Picoin Santa Monica. It's a bit hard to get to from the freeway and the parking lot is small. A good thing is that there are security guards that will direct you to an open spot. One thing they sell here that I haven't seen in other TJ's is Hansen's soda.

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  • 94
    2.37 mi

    Bryan Kest's Power Yoga

    1410 2nd Street, Santa Monica, CA, United States
    2.37 mi from Hotel Erwin
    4 reviews

    get VERY HOT in here!

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  • 95
    3.14 mi

    V Lounge

    2020 Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA
    3.14 mi from Hotel Erwin
    3 reviews

    What happens at V Lounge, stays at V Lounge.

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  • 96
    2.31 mi

    Camera Obscura

    1450 Ocean Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90401-2117
    2.31 mi from Hotel Erwin
    1 review

    In these days of digital photography, it's a time-warped trip to use this antique camera obscura, hidden upstairs inside the senior citizen recreation center in oceanfront Palisades Park. Bring your driver's license or another official photo ID, which you'll need to leave as collateral when you borrow the key to unlock the door upstairs.

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  • 97
    4.51 mi

    Westside Pavilion Shopping Center

    10800 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, United States
    4.51 mi from Hotel Erwin
    5 reviews

    This is a sad little mall, with a terrible parking lot (Fox Hills is probably worse), lots of vacant storefronts, slow elevators, and more stairs and escalators than you would normally want. However, it gets points for location, the Landmark theater, the plentiful parking, and a few key mom and kid friendly stores.

  • 98
    2.38 mi

    Daily Pint

    2310 Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA
    2.38 mi from Hotel Erwin
    5 reviews

    love the free pool! stayed for a couple hours playing (and winning!) while drinking 2 whiskeys each. yes, it does get hot in there. and i got bug bites on my arm, but I can't be sure those were really from inside the bar. i am a huge fan of whisky, but i wish the bartender had more confident recommendations, ...

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  • 99
    4.57 mi


    10820 Jefferson Blvd, Culver City, CA
    4.57 mi from Hotel Erwin
    3 reviews

    It's kind of an odd set up for parking. There is only one way in and out, so parking during peak times can be very difficult at times.

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  • 100
    4.83 mi

    Los Angeles International Airport

    1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA, United States
    4.83 mi from Hotel Erwin
    6 reviews

    LAX is improving but still has work to do before it ranks as a world-class airport. With its make-over, the Bradley International terminal is almost there. The concessions in most of the terminals are much improved. But, getting from terminal to terminal is Stone Age and in-transit travelers can only shake their heads at the antiquated process.

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