Hotel Erwin

1697 Pacific Avenue, Venice Beach, CA 90291
19 reviews

I had a great time at this boutique hotel in Venice Beach. The food was excellent, the rooms were very funky and cool, and the staff friendly. The location is a short walk to all the action, but remains far enough away to be very quiet.

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  • 81
    3.76 mi

    Santa Monica Stairs

    3.76 mi from Hotel Erwin
    9 reviews

    Outdoor 'gym' Went up 5 sets of stairs! woot woot! It's a great workout indeed :) Make sure to stretch before, during and after so you won't hurt your self. There area 2 stairs near each other, wooden and concrete. I think the concrete one was a better workout because it seemed longer to go up. Wooden one is popular ...

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  • 82
    2.11 mi

    Pacific Park

    2.11 mi from Hotel Erwin
    9 reviews

    Pacific Park is a really nice area on Santa Monica Pier. It looks really cool when the lights go on. However, no matter how nice this place looks, it does not make up for the fact that everything here is so expensive! They have chains like Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Coffee Bean, etc., but all these places are overpriced. I ...

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  • 83
    4.45 mi

    Dockweiler State Beach

    4.45 mi from Hotel Erwin
    10 reviews

    I visited Dockweiler State Beach this past weekend while participated in a 5K. Dockweiler is one of the few beaches in Southern California which allow open bonfires. Parking is $10 or you can park on the street and just walk down. I'd say the beach is great for BBQ's, bonfires, and sand activities (volleyball, football, frisbee, etc). However I personally ...

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  • 84
    4.93 mi

    Kirk Douglas Theatre

    4.93 mi from Hotel Erwin
    8 reviews

    A renovated movie theater, uninspiring on the outside with a lobby that functions but doesn't thrill and an auditorium that provides good seating for the 300 or so it holds. What provides the theater's character is its consistently top rate plays.

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  • 85
    4.04 mi

    Giant Robot Store

    4.04 mi from Hotel Erwin
    6 reviews

    Eric Nakamura is the awesome owner of this store, and he comes up with events all the time. I'm able to catch an event once in a while, and it's always a good experience. The artworks on the walls are crafty and quirky, as well as the merchandise in the store. One of my favorite places to visit in the ...

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  • 86
    2.24 mi

    Sonoma Wine Garden

    2.24 mi from Hotel Erwin
    10 reviews

    Park in the parking structure located right underneath Sonoma Wine Garden, its free for the first 90 minutes and than $1.00 -1.50 after for half hr. You walk upstairs and there you will find the food court and tuck right in the corner facing the ocean...or lack there of (more condos) you will fine Sonoma Wine Garden. I gotta be ...

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  • 87
    3.92 mi

    Bigfoot West

    3.92 mi from Hotel Erwin
    7 reviews

    It's your usual gathering of hipsters... now on the Westside (so maybe the hipsters who can't get their act together enough to be on the Eastside). But really, there is nothing amazing about BFW. Nice atmosphere, slightly overpriced drinks.

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  • 88
    2.4 mi

    The Misfit

    2.4 mi from Hotel Erwin
    5 reviews

    #BeTipsy From 3-7pm, get well drinks at 50% off and wine for $5.

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  • 89
    4.8 mi

    Sony Pictures Studios

    4.8 mi from Hotel Erwin
    6 reviews

    great tour

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  • 90
    2.03 mi


    2.03 mi from Hotel Erwin
    4 reviews
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  • 91
    2.37 mi

    Bryan Kest's Power Yoga

    2.37 mi from Hotel Erwin
    5 reviews

    #BeWell Keeping in mind that yoga-by-donation does not mean free, this is still a great deal. If you don't live west, you can livestream classes (also by donation).

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  • 92
    4.65 mi

    Rave 18

    4.65 mi from Hotel Erwin
    4 reviews

    Great movie theater located inside the Promenade at Howard Hughes Center. It's got the real IMAX, so great for movies filmed in IMAX. No previews before the movie either! Of course the IMAX movies cost a little more, but well worth it to see the movie in a comfy seat with a huge IMAX screen.

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  • 93
    4.01 mi

    Oldfield's Liquor Room

    4.01 mi from Hotel Erwin
    5 reviews

    **GOOD DRINKS IN A PRETTY ATMOSPHERE** I liked this place. A lot. The vintage decor and spacious layout was appreciated. No televisions, thank you. Definitely my scene. Pretty. Romance was in the air. Good energy and vibe. Nice bartenders. Ideal for a date where you can indulge in real conversations. Decent Old Fashioneds for $11. WILL RETURN for their 5-9PM ...

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  • 94
    2.51 mi

    Palisades Park

    2.51 mi from Hotel Erwin
    4 reviews

    One of my favorite places to go walking on the Los Angeles coast. Plenty of street parking nearby, with paved walking paths that wind around the clifftop bluffs within view of the Pacific Ocean and Santa Monica Beach. Start at the southern end of the park where you'll find the Route 66 endpoint marker and a camera obscura upstairs inside ...

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  • 95
    4.0 mi

    Max Karaoke Studio

    4.0 mi from Hotel Erwin
    5 reviews

    So glad there's a karaoke place like this on the Westside! They have so many songs, and in many different languages too. Just make sure to call ahead on Friday and Saturday nights because the rooms fill up fast.

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  • 96
    2.11 mi

    Santa Monica Pier Aquarium

    2.11 mi from Hotel Erwin
    4 reviews

    This eco-conscious little aquarium below the Santa Monica Pier is a great place to take little ones and younger kids to learn more about the Pacific Ocean and local marine life. It's worth a detour inside just for the tide-pool touch tanks!

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  • 97
    4.4 mi

    landmark theatres

    4.4 mi from Hotel Erwin
    4 reviews

    I go here for screenings during awards season. It's quite a classy cinema that screens the awards season type of films that don't get very wide releases. Photo stills from the films decorate the walls, and there are costumes on display, as well. A great alternative to ArcLight Cinemas.

  • 98
    2.77 mi

    Santa Monica Seafood

    2.77 mi from Hotel Erwin
    4 reviews

    i've been here many times, but never got around to writing a review. came here again last night, and love that they have the lobster roll on the menu permanently now. perfect fries to accompany this too! the oysters are great, but pricey. that's actually how i would describe all their food. yummy, but nothing on the menu is cheap. ...

  • 99
    1.91 mi

    The Marina

    1.91 mi from Hotel Erwin
    4 reviews

    Nice place to walk/bike around - or if you know someone go sailing. This is good for those who need a breath of fresh air but not those looking for a nature park. I say this because the whole thing - park and marina - is man made. Despite this, there are some lovely gazebos and many sunny grassy hills ...

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  • 100
    2.87 mi

    Trader Joe's

    2.87 mi from Hotel Erwin
    5 reviews

    As busy as this place is it is always clean and well kept. The employees keep this place in top form. It has a good selection of items for a small location. This is the smallest of the TJ's I've been to. Quick checkers make for shorter lines. The parking lot is controlled chaos and has a good turnover.

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