Hotel Kabuki

1625 Post St, San Francisco, CA 94115 (Formerly Miyako Hotel San Francisco)
11 reviews

This is a nice hotel in Japantown, that provides excellent access to shopping in the Kinokuniya Building, as well as the neighborhoods that border this area. Fillmore Street, in particular, has great shopping. The rooms are authentically Japanese, and the service is good.

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    0.08 mi


    0.08 mi from Hotel Kabuki
    72 reviews

    Its a nice place, like a mall but spread out, a lot of japanese restaurants, store, karaoke, spa, specialty japanese stores and a lot more!

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    0.24 mi

    Sundance Kabuki Cinema

    0.24 mi from Hotel Kabuki
    24 reviews

    I will gladly pay the extra fees for: - "The Dark Knight" on opening night without waiting in line for several hours beforehand or having a crink in the neck for ending up in the very first row. Reserved and assigned seating! It's about time too. There are a few theaters in LA that already do that. - A comfy/chill ...

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    0.15 mi

    Nijiya Market

    0.15 mi from Hotel Kabuki
    10 reviews

    I love coming to Nijiya for their bento boxes up front. Whenever I have a craving for sushi, this is the most affordable place to fill that need. The construction may not be as great as an actual sushi restaurant, but the prices and ingredient quality are quite good. They often use organic rice in their prepared food items. The ...

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    0.05 mi

    Daiso California

    0.05 mi from Hotel Kabuki
    7 reviews

    I've been to many Daisos in California and this one is my favorite because it's the biggest. I pick up all kinds of things here, from kitchen goodies, plastic bins for organizing things in my office or bathroom, school supplies, Japanese snacks, and random beauty items. Most items are $1.50.

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    0.25 mi

    The Social Study

    0.25 mi from Hotel Kabuki
    8 reviews

    Inexcusably poor service. I inquired as to whether the bartender/barista recommended a particular mixed drink. He, despite it being his first day on the job, responded that he did. The drink was DISGUSTING. I hand it back after two sips and order a beer. At the conclusion of my stay, the bartender/barista insists upon charging me for the recommended/terrible/unconsumed drink. ...

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  • 6
    0.24 mi

    Kabuki Springs & Spa

    0.24 mi from Hotel Kabuki
    5 reviews

    I can only give this place four stars because I've never been to it myself, but I've heard only rave reviews from just about everyone else I've ever met. Apparently, you can do the full spa thing - massage, body treatments, etc. - if you've got the cash, but for a mere $22, you can enjoy the communal baths, with ...

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    0.05 mi

    Japan Center

    0.05 mi from Hotel Kabuki
    5 reviews

    I feel like the only thing worth eating here is a crepe from Belly Good. Aside form that, my favorite places to browse are Daiso, Kinokuniya books, and the very small florist. There is a Nijiya Japanese supermarket just outside that has really inexpensive food to-go in its deli section.

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    0.05 mi

    Ichiban Kan

    0.05 mi from Hotel Kabuki
    4 reviews

    In Japan, this place would be something like Dai Ichi meets Lawson. Translation (in America): KMart meets the 99 Cent Store. Or Wal-Mart meets 7 Eleven. In Hawaii: Hilo Hattie meets ABC Store. Something like that. Actually, this place has more housewife oriented housewares, with some dry foods, at cheap prices. It's like a Japanese version of the 5 and ...

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    0.2 mi

    Japantown Collectibles

    0.2 mi from Hotel Kabuki
    3 reviews

    Kids, nerds and collectors alike should flock to Japantown Collectibles for a huge assortment of toys, games, models and more. This is a serious shop with serious merchandise. From Warhammer to Star Wars and beyond, you'll find something cool here.

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    0.22 mi

    Sundance Kabuki Cinemas

    0.22 mi from Hotel Kabuki
    3 reviews

    Located on Filmore street- this movie theater is very popular because you can order food and adult beverages while you enjoy a flick. I love the concept- a little pricy but thats to expected when you go to a theater. I noticed that the 3D quality isnt as good as AMC Van Ness but its still a good theater.

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    0.12 mi


    0.12 mi from Hotel Kabuki
    3 reviews

    If you are into Lolita style this place is a must visit. I have waited long enough for Baby, the Stars Shine Bright to open a store in San Francisco. Their outfits are to die for. If you are not into Lolita, Harajuku or any of the Japanese alternative fashion style, I am probably not making any sense to you. ...

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  • 12
    0.07 mi

    Cherry Blossom Festival

    0.07 mi from Hotel Kabuki
    4 reviews

    The Cherry Blossom Festival is one of the best street fairs in San Francisco. If you're interested in Japanese culture, this is a great festival to attend. Additionally, food vendors serve a variety of unique items from okonomiyaki to Japanese hot dogs.

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    0.18 mi

    Kinokuniya Book Store

    0.18 mi from Hotel Kabuki
    3 reviews

    As I come up the stairs in the Japan Centre, the Kinokuniya Bookstore is to the left. But unlike my usual political leanings, I first go right to the Stationary store of the same name. And when my KSG/Maido card is full, watch out! Kinokuniya does business throughout the world and the San Francisco version is considerably smaller than the ...

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  • 14
    0.84 mi

    Bourbon and Branch

    0.84 mi from Hotel Kabuki
    63 reviews

    I got on a speakeasy kick after I went to NYC and found so many awesome spots. I thought how in the world are there none in California! Found Bourbon and Branch to my delight, but I have to say I was disappointed. It was cool entering through the book shelf. But the online reservations did not work at all ...

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  • 15
    0.73 mi

    Alamo Square Park

    0.73 mi from Hotel Kabuki
    62 reviews

    the hardest part is finding legal parking... it's tough. once you've found your parking space, stick around and enjoy the view. i always saw the painted ladies on the beginning credits of full house and in the movie sweet november, so i really wanted to visit this place for such a long time and was so happy when i finally ...

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  • 16
    0.68 mi

    City Hall

    0.68 mi from Hotel Kabuki
    66 reviews

    I love City Hall. I've never been inside, but I loved walking by it on my way to and from class. If you go at the right time of day, you might catch an Off the Grid gathering or some interesting protest. If you're there at night, it looks gorgeous when it's lit up against the night sky. And if ...

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  • 17
    0.77 mi


    0.77 mi from Hotel Kabuki
    48 reviews

    Amazing place with great food ambiance. It dosn't get crowded on a Friday night which is a change and is a good place to switch up the scene from Jones across the street. Looking forward to coming back again after work.

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    0.28 mi

    The Fillmore

    0.28 mi from Hotel Kabuki
    38 reviews

    The Fillmore, one of the most iconic districts in San Francisco, is as much the legendary center of jazz and rock as it was in it’s prime. Once the playing grounds for smooth psychedelic cats like Hendrix, The Grateful Dead, Carlos Santana and Pink Floyd, it’s now a mix between affluent and hip. And here, the two often converge. North ...

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    0.76 mi

    Asian Art Museum

    0.76 mi from Hotel Kabuki
    36 reviews

    SF's premiere Asian art museum, and one of the top Asian art museums in the world, it's easily reached from the UN/Civic Center BART stop. Their South- and South-East Asian sculpture collection is fantastic, as is their Himalayan art collection. The surrounding Tenderloin neighborhood can be a bit dodgy, so if you're squeamish, consider BARTing it rather than walking up ...

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    0.7 mi

    Painted Ladies-Alamo Square

    0.7 mi from Hotel Kabuki
    37 reviews

    Of course you have to go here and see the iconic Ladies. Go to Alamo Square and head towards Ida B Wells School on Hayes Street and look east. The Ladies are between Hayes St. and Grove St. Other than that, there's not much else to see. These are privately owned homes and not museums

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