Hotel Kristi

Via Collina 24, 00187 Rome, Italy
3 reviews

If you are looking for a clean budget accommodation, you can't go wrong here. This is a very no frills hotel, although some of the rooms are quite small. The neighborhood is on the dull side, although if you go down the street a bit you'll find a lot of small sandwich shops and bars, although at night the area ...

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    0.89 mi

    Trevi Fountain

    Piazza di Trevi, Rome 00187, Italy
    0.89 mi from Hotel Kristi
    397 reviews

    It's extremely difficult to get close to Trevi Fountain because of all the people around, but if you are determined, you will do it. We took lots of pictures here.

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  • 2
    0.62 mi

    Piazza di Spagna

    Piazza di Spagna, Rome 00187 Italy
    0.62 mi from Hotel Kristi
    110 reviews

    At the bottom of the Spanish Steps is the Piazza di Spagna or Spanish Square. The long, triangular square is named after the Spanish Embassy to the Holy See.

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  • 3
    0.77 mi

    Villa Borghese

    Piazzale del Museo Borghese 5, 00197 Rome, Italy
    0.77 mi from Hotel Kristi
    69 reviews

    Gorgeous green space. There are bits that look like Central Park, and it's a shame not more people jog through here (or maybe that's better so runners have more space). There's a cute little "casina" to have lunch or a midafternoon merenda. The view you want, however, is from the In fact, I wonder if it's better than the ...

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  • 4
    0.74 mi

    Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore

    Piazza di S. Maria Maggiore 42, 00100 Rome, Italy
    0.74 mi from Hotel Kristi
    55 reviews

    Beautiful church with high, ornate ceilings and countless altars. It's elaborate and grand and makes you feel small without making you feel insignificant. It's a little known fact that the tomb of Gianlorenzo Bernini rests here; blink and you could miss the step indicating its location. It's also said that there are remnants of Jesus' baby crib kept here, though ...

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  • 5
    0.54 mi

    Borghese Gallery

    Piazzale del Museo Borghese 5, 00197 Rome, Italy
    0.54 mi from Hotel Kristi
    35 reviews

    My favorite museum in Rome. You have to book ahead usually, but it's well worth it. Situated in the Villa Borghese in the north of Rome, the Galleria Borghese has some amazing sculptures-the most stunning of which is Bernini's Apollo and Daphne, showing the moment where he is chasing her and she is turning into a tree to escape. The ...

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  • 6
    0.38 mi

    Piazza della Repubblica

    Piazza della Repubblica, Rome 00185 Italy
    0.38 mi from Hotel Kristi
    41 reviews

    Flanked by grand neoclassical colonnades, this landmark piazza was laid out as part of Rome’s post-unification makeover. It follows the lines of the semicircular exedra (benched portico) of Diocletian’s baths complex and was originally known as Piazza Esedra. In the centre, the Fontana delle Naiadi aroused puritanical ire when it was unveiled by architect Mario Rutelli in 1901. The nudity ...

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  • 7
    0.91 mi

    Via dei Condotti

    Via dei Condotti, Rome 00187 Italy
    0.91 mi from Hotel Kristi
    27 reviews

    Via dei Condotti, directly opposite the Spanish Steps, is home to many of the biggest names in fashion and jewellery. Along the network of picturesque streets in either direction are scores of other shops where your credit card will take a battering.

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  • 8
    0.72 mi

    Villa d'Este

    Piazza Trento 1, Tivoli, Rome 00019 Italy
    0.72 mi from Hotel Kristi
    24 reviews

    Villa d'Este is UNESCO world heritage site located around 01 hour drive by train in Tivoli,near Rome.

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  • 9
    0.3 mi

    Santa Maria della Vittoria

    Via 20 Settembre, 17, Rome, Province of Rome, Italy
    0.3 mi from Hotel Kristi
    18 reviews

    Rome is filled with precious pieces of art history that a traveler in a hurry could overlook, and this church is one. Secreted inside is Bernini's masterwork Ecstasy of Saint Teresa, a prime example of sensual Baroque sculpture.

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  • 10
    0.55 mi

    Capuchin Crypt

    Via Vittorio Veneto 27, Rome 00187 Italy
    0.55 mi from Hotel Kristi
    15 reviews

    This succession of rooms below the Chiesa di Santa Maria Immacolata at the base of the Via Veneto is one of Rome's best secrets. Capuchin monks unearthed the bones of 400 or so of their brethren and created this multi-room sculpture/meditation on the ephemeral nature of our earthly existence. Seeing pelvic bones arrayed in fan shapes and vertebrae in trailing ...

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  • 11
    1.0 mi

    Via del Corso

    Via del Corso, Rome 00187, Italy
    1.0 mi from Hotel Kristi
    17 reviews

    A big street in the middle of Rome, full of retails stores

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  • 12
    0.96 mi


    Piazza del Pincio, Rome 00187 Italy
    0.96 mi from Hotel Kristi
    7 reviews

    Beautiful park overlooking Piazza del Popolo, and a favorite for Romans in search of a good sunset or place to hang out and share a beer or a stroll.

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  • 13
    0.86 mi

    Scuderie del Quirinale

    Via 24 Maggio 16, Rome 00187 Italy
    0.86 mi from Hotel Kristi
    9 reviews

    The old papal stables now serve as an exhibition space for art shows that come to Rome. Best part though is the end of the exhibition which leaves you at the top of the building which offers some great panoramas of the city. Exhibitions here tend to be popular so go in the late afternoon after school is out or ...

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  • 14
    0.84 mi

    Palazzo del Quirinale

    Piazza del Quirinale, Italy, NY 00187
    0.84 mi from Hotel Kristi
    12 reviews

    If you're tired of the tourists around the Trevi Fountain, head a few blocks away to the Palazzo del Quirinale and the piazza near it. The wide open space with a view is a relief from the crowds, and the palazzo is simply beautiful. Admire the guards as they go about their business in spiffy uniforms.

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  • 15
    0.55 mi

    Quattro Fontane

    Crossing of Via delle Quattro Fontane and Via del Quirinale, Rome, Italy
    0.55 mi from Hotel Kristi
    6 reviews

    My first sight of this corner was from the back of a motorino, and it crystallized the particular beauty of Rome for me. On this traffic choked four way intersection, air heavy with smog, these four incredibly elegant statues stand watch, reminding us of the layers upon layers of time the city has seen.

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  • 16
    0.89 mi

    Fontano Di Trevi

    90 Piazza di Trevi, Rome, Italy
    0.89 mi from Hotel Kristi
    9 reviews

    Of course who would not love this sight? The fountain is like a wishing well, people throw coins and wish for what they desire. A one of a kind fountain.

  • 17
    0.47 mi

    Museo Nazionale Romano

    Largo di Villa Peretti, 1, Roma, Italia
    0.47 mi from Hotel Kristi
    6 reviews

    Near Termini, a visit here was the perfect choice for me on a cool rainy Roman day. Wow was I pleasantly surprised! Not only do they have TWO amazing Greek bronzes (really rare, and I was disappointed that the Boxer was at the Met in NYC during my visit) but they also have an eye-opening collection of Roman mosaics. The ...

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  • 18
    0.97 mi


    Monti, Rome 00184 Italy
    0.97 mi from Hotel Kristi
    5 reviews

    An incredible part of Rome, right in the center of it all though it feels off the beaten path. This urban neighborhood is littered with interesting street art as well as hip, casual bars, cafe, and shop.

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  • 19
    0.72 mi

    Palazzo delle Esposizioni

    Via Nazionale 194, Rome 00184 Italy
    0.72 mi from Hotel Kristi
    5 reviews

    Pasolini Roma cinema art photography literature poetry critic 15 April - 20 July 2014 curated by Gianni Borgna, Jordi Balló, Alain Bergala

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  • 20
    0.56 mi

    Palazzo Barberini

    Via delle Quattro Fontane 13/via Barberini 18
    0.56 mi from Hotel Kristi
    4 reviews

    We bought tickets for the Galleria before leaving for Rome. Highlights: Caravaggio’s Young Sick Bacchus, Boy with a Basket of Fruit, Portrait of Pope Paul V, Still Life with Fruit on a Stone Ledge, Madonna and Child with St. Anne (M. de Palafrenieri), David with the Head of Goliath, John the Baptist; Bernini’s Aeneas and Anchises, Rape of Proserpine, Apollo ...

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