Hotel le Regent Montmartre

37 boulevard de Rochechouart | 9th Arr., 75009 Paris, France
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    0.2 mi

    Refuge des Fondues

    17 Rue des Trois Frères, 75018 Paris, France
    0.2 mi from Hotel le Regent Montmartre
    7 reviews

    A very small restaurant with family style seating, the walls are covered in grafiti of patrons from past meals so the ambiance is fantastic. It is obviously a fondu restaurant, with a fixed price and the best part is they serve wine in baby bottles! Its house red or white, and a baby bottle is 2 euro each with one ...

  • 2
    0.24 mi

    Au Grain de Folie

    24 Rue la Vieuville, 75018 Paris, France
    0.24 mi from Hotel le Regent Montmartre
    5 reviews

    Your best bet for veg food if you are staying in or around the Montmartre area, Au Grain de Folie focuses on fresh, whole, simple meals that are cooked up in the healthiest way possible. In other words, you won't find any deep-fried items or heavy sauces in this little restaurant. The staff are warm and friendly and the ambiance ...

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  • 3
    0.24 mi

    Kooka Boora

    62 Rue des Martyrs, 75009 Paris, France
    0.24 mi from Hotel le Regent Montmartre
    4 reviews

    A great little cafe open daily at the edge of the 9th. It's an easy 5 minute walk from the Anvers Metro station. Kooka Boora specializes in coffee...really good coffee. I'm not a coffee drinker but came with my friend who is and found myself savouring my cappuccino. They have a variety of baked goods including cookies, cake slices, cheesecake, ...

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  • 4
    0.15 mi


    0.15 mi from Hotel le Regent Montmartre

    The most grand and spectacular ice cream store I've ever seen. The place was packed! Choose from a variety of Haggen Dazs favorites, choose cup or cone, and add your toppings for a tasty treat!

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  • 5
    0.21 mi

    Le Refuge des Fondus

    17 Rue des 3 Frères, 75018 Paris, France
    0.21 mi from Hotel le Regent Montmartre
    2 reviews

    Great little (and I mean little) restaurant in the Montmatre area - you'll be packed in and surely interacting with other guests while drinking wine out of baby bottles.

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  • 6
    0.07 mi

    Corso 1

    10 Avenue Trudaine, 75009 Paris, France
    0.07 mi from Hotel le Regent Montmartre
    1 review

    Amazing veal Milanese with perfectly al dente pasta with butter and lemon, and a simple vegetable plate filled with the most delicious tomatoes I've had in a really long time. Service was excellent and the server was extremely friendly and spoke to us only in French.

  • 7
    0.24 mi

    L'Été en Pente Douce

    23 Rue Muller, 18e
    0.24 mi from Hotel le Regent Montmartre
    1 review

    23, Rue Muller. Somehow, like a home with mismatched mementos it felt warm, with memory. I really liked it here. The tables outside have a nice enough view because it is down the hill form the basilica and there are lots of trees, but I liked it inside. The tables with marble tops and iron legs, and the wooden bar ...

  • 8
    0.2 mi

    Cheri Bibi

    15 Rue André Del Sarte, 75018 Paris, France
    0.2 mi from Hotel le Regent Montmartre
    1 review

    The best meal we had in Paris and auspiciously located immediately facing our apartment, Chéri Bibi is characteristically Parisian, a mixture of rustic and contemporary. For under $100, the plats du jour for two is an excellent way at sampling a variety of traditional French dishes that alternate on a daily basis. The atmosphere is lively to the point where ...

  • 9
    0.15 mi


    34 Rue Petrelle, Paris 75009, France
    0.15 mi from Hotel le Regent Montmartre
    1 review

    One chef, one small kitchen, one waiter, one dishwasher, one sleeping dog and one roaming cat all add up to one incredibly memorable dining experience. save your euros and carve out three hours and get to petrelle for dinner. food is great, room is intimate, decor is eclectic.

  • 10
    0.2 mi

    Le Potager du Père Thierry

    16 Rue des 3 Frères, 75018 Paris, France
    0.2 mi from Hotel le Regent Montmartre
    1 review

    Lovely 6-7 table restaurant w/the menu written on a chalkboard. Delicious tartiflette w/smoked duck and crusty cushion of veal.

  • 11
    0.24 mi

    Fourmi (la)

    74, rue des Martyrs, Paris 75018 France
    0.24 mi from Hotel le Regent Montmartre
    2 reviews

    La Fourmi is the kind of authentic-looking, trendy, bar experience in the Montmartre neighborhood that you were looking for, but found so little of (O'Sullivans?). It is frequented by artsy musician types and their pretty hangers-on, and is ideal in the spring and summer, when you can sit outside and people watch.

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  • 12
    0.76 mi

    Le Bouillon Chartier

    7 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre, 75009 Paris, France
    0.76 mi from Hotel le Regent Montmartre
    9 reviews

    This is an incredible restaurant. It was founded in 1896, and ever since it has been serving classic French food with very reasonable prices. Appetizers begin from couple of euros while main courses vary between 8-13 euros. The dining room is large and noisy, but very true to its turn of the century style.

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  • 13
    0.28 mi

    Le Relais Gascon

    6 Rue des Abbesses, 75018 Paris, France
    0.28 mi from Hotel le Regent Montmartre

    Originally my companion and I were looking for a Friday evening dinner in the crowded centre of Montmartre, where our holiday let was.....until a local suggested we make our way towards rue des abbesses. It was here we stumbled upon this restaurant! The food was pretty good....but Portions were HUGE which actually wasn't a good thing if I'm honest. On ...

  • 14
    0.98 mi

    Café Pouchkine

    64 Boulevard Haussmann, Paris, France
    0.98 mi from Hotel le Regent Montmartre

    Café Pouchkine is a Russian bakery on the ground floor of Printemps department store. It's tiny but the cakes and sweets are pieces of art, they are so beautiful you feel sorry for eating them. The seating space is scarce, but the wait is worth it, because there is probably not a more glamorous place in Paris to have a ...

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  • 15
    0.33 mi

    Rose Bakery

    46 Rue de Martyrs, Paris 75009, France
    0.33 mi from Hotel le Regent Montmartre
    4 reviews

    Tiny, busy place with absolutely amazing food! It was so crowded that I was at a table with another single diner. However, we had a nice time chatting. The food! We both had the pita/hummus/salad which was hands down the best tomatoes I have ever had. The green juice was good but the 7 euro price was a bit much. ...

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  • 16
    0.81 mi


    14 Place de Clichy, Paris 75018 France
    0.81 mi from Hotel le Regent Montmartre
    4 reviews

    WEPLER is the typical Parisien brasserie, open late at night , with 2 different spaces. In the "Brasserie" you can have just one course at a reasonable price, and in the Restaurant, more fancy with table cloth, you may have oysters and much more ! its delicious and i love the crowd

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  • 17
    0.55 mi

    Piccolo Rosso Trattoria Pulcinella

    2 Rue Eugène Sue, 75018 Paris, France
    0.55 mi from Hotel le Regent Montmartre
    2 reviews

    I may be biased because I live close by and go here all the time, but in my opinion this place has the best pizza in Paris! The tiny restaurant is always packed at night because of its reputation for real authentic Neapolitan style pizzas as well as pastas, salads and tiramisu. The pizzas are reasonably priced from 9 to ...

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  • 18
    0.41 mi


    39 Rue des Abbesses, 75018 Paris, France
    0.41 mi from Hotel le Regent Montmartre

    Omg the gelato is Soooo good here! Get the gelato in the creme puff! to die for!

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  • 19
    0.35 mi

    Terminus Nord

    23, rue de Dunkerque, Paris 75010 France
    0.35 mi from Hotel le Regent Montmartre

    This is a filthy train station with really rude attendants. Use the machines and don't sit on the floor or use a public phone. I had to back in 2010 because I lost my mobile and was more than a bit disgusted.

  • 20
    0.29 mi

    Famille (La)

    41 rue des Trois-Frère, Paris 75018 France
    0.29 mi from Hotel le Regent Montmartre
    3 reviews

    La famille is a restaurant and bar on the way up to Sacré-Cœur that is a great place to stop by for dinner or for one of their famous cocktails. The music is always great, although there isn’t much room for dancing, and when I say their signature cocktails are crazy, I’m not lying! They are a little pricey (9 ...

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