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  • 1

    Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

    Jalan Monkey Forest, Ubud, Indonesia
    84 reviews

    I went wanting to see monkeys, and left thrilled to have seen rainforest-clad temples, deep river trenches, and one of the finest stone sculpture menageries I've ever seen. This place is magic. I had heard a lot of things about naughty monkeys here, and none of them seemed to be true. In fact, I wanted to see a little more ...

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  • 2

    Gili Trawangan

    Gili Trawangan, Lombok Utara, Mataram, Indonesia
    10 reviews

    I really can say this island is magical and full of surprises for me!

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  • 3

    Gunung Agung (Mount Agung)

    Towers above the Pura Besakih temple in North-East Bali
    3 reviews

    Climbing this volcano was an enduring experience. You start in the middle of the night from the Temple of Besakih, and weave through the jungle, scramble up volcanic ash, and then trek up to the top of the peak for hours in the pitch dark. Then the sun rises over the peak, and you are rewarded with the most spectacular ...

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  • 4

    Uluwatu Temple

    Jalan Mertasari, Kuta, Indonesia
    32 reviews

    Breathtaking views, but please beware of mischievous monkeys ... Basically they will just snatch anything that's reachable to them, mobile phones, key chains, glasses, etc. traditional dance and performance starts at 6pm and ticketing starts at 5pm ... Usually crowded with tourists ...

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  • 5

    Mount Bromo

    Malang, East Java
    46 reviews

    It's your chance to visit an active volcano. Mount Bromo is located in Java Island of Indonesia, the ashes from active volcano creates surreal atmosphere. There is a cluster of volcanos nearby, and they are located inside of an ancient crater. Hiking up there can be channeling because of the ashes (they are very fine. hard to walk) but it ...

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  • 6

    Raja Ampat Islands

    14 reviews

    The most biodiverse marine environment on the planet. A global treasure.

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  • 7

    Thousand Islands

    Pulau Seribu, Menteng 10330 Indonesia
    28 reviews

    Literally thousands of small islands located North of Jakarta, this place is island getaway of the capital city residence. Distance to the island resorts vary from 30 mins - 2 hours, but the further it is from Jakarta, the better are the beach. Sepa is popular for diving, Ayer is close and has a bigger resort. I personally like Pantara ...

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  • 8

    Mt. Rinjani

    9 reviews

    Marvelous view and toughest mountain to climb, the best and beautiful picturesque scenery view rating mountain in Asia. Local people say if you in Lombok and din't climb mount Rinjani, you still consider havent come to Lombok, Mataram.

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  • 9

    Echo Beach

    2 reviews
    Popular withOutdoorAdventureGreen
  • 10

    Batu Bolong Rent Boards

    jln. Pantai Batu Bolong, Canggu Beach, Canggu, Bali 80361, Indonesia
    2 reviews

    Nice selection of boards, located right in front of the Canggu Beach surf break.

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  • 11

    USS Liberty Wreck

    Tulamben, Indonesia
    2 reviews

    If you could only go one wreck dive in your entire life, the Liberty should make your short list. Diving the Liberty is a truly fantastic experience. The massive size of the vessel, combined with it's age and collapsed inner portions, provides the feel of swimming through an ancient, coral-encrusted city. The Atlantis of Bali. Fish diversity is stunning on ...

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  • 12

    Japanese Wreck

    Lipah Bay, Amed, Bali, Indonesia
    2 reviews

    Small but very beautiful old wreck, now nearly completely encrusted in living coral, sponges, tunicates and other marine life. The fish diversity here is spectacular. The surrounding reef has largely died off, but there are sure signs of recovery and is nonetheless a nice area to snorkel or dive - tons of life, tons of color.

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  • 13

    Deus Ex Machina - Temple of Enthusiasm

    Jalan Batu Mejan No. 8, Canggu, Indonesia
    5 reviews

    I couldn't tell if this was a motorcycle shop, a surf shop, an art gallery, bar, restaurant or just a very fun alternate reality. I think the idea is that it is all of these things, and it succeeds in doing just that. I'm not a biker myself, but I liked it here. Beautiful show room.

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  • 14

    Lake Toba

    28 reviews

    we can see batak culture here lake toba also has a beatiful scenery

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  • 15

    Old Man's Surf Break

    Canggu Beach, Canggu, Bali 80361, Indonesia
    2 reviews

    Old Man's is considered the "easy" break to surf at in Canggu. The real wave chargers are up at Echo Beach, while the mellower waves at Old Man's attracts beginners, kids and, well, old men. Beautiful break. The beach itself here is a bit dirty and can nearly disappear at high tide.

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  • 16

    Kecak Fire and Trance Dance

    Jl. Sriwedari Taman Kaja Community Ubud, Bali 80571 Indonesia
    21 reviews

    Kecak dance is definitely an interesting performance. It is originated In the 1930s Wayan Limbak worked with German painter Walter Spies to create the Kecak from movements and themes in the traditional sanghyang exorcism ritual and the portions of the Ramayana. The name 'kacak' originated from its repeated sound from the performance. This is not one of those performances that ...

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  • 17

    Blue Lagoon Beach

    Padang Bai, Bali
    23 reviews

    Great place for snorkeling and diving. Plenty of fishes, corals, and clear blue water. But prepare for a bit of a choppy water.

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  • 18

    Tanjung Puting National Park

    Central Kalimantan, Borneo, Indonesia
    2 reviews

    There's no easy way to visit Tanjung Puting National Park. The trip includes a flight to Central Kalimantan, several hours’ ride in a klotok (small wooden boat), and an overnight stay on the boat. But the experience is truly extraordinary. The trip can be arranged with local tour guides. This jungle is one of the only places in the world ...

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  • 19

    Lombok Island

    West Lombok Regency, Indonesia
    13 reviews

    this is a great island with great beaches. Try acrossing Gili Trawangan from Lombok Island, you'll get paradise. Anyway the map of this spot is wrong it's not near Jakarta. It's far away from Jakarta

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  • 20

    Batu Night Spectacular

    Jalan Oro-Oro Ombo No. 200 Batu - Malang, Batu, Indonesia
    6 reviews

    We tried every amusement and had dinner in the food court. We're amazed since it's the first night attraction in Batu city (Batu is just a small city, a place where you can only enjoy the cool air, scenic mountain view, roti bakar, STMJ, jagung bakar. Surabaya as a big city already a far way back from Batu now days ...

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