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Our plane was leaving very early in the morning. Inglewood is nearby LAX airport and we found a good and cheap hotel there.

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    Culver City

    16 reviews

    I lived here while I was in graduate school and the city is partly why I am Westside biased (that and I can handle only so many places overrun by hipsters). The city feels like a community and they smartly renovated downtown with walkable, mom and pop stores instead of corporate chains (I'm look at you DTLA/ LA Live). There ...

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    El Segundo

    4 reviews

    El Segundo's a quaint little place if you're talking about the downtown strip. They have a weekly farmer's market and little restaurants lining Main. It's a quiet area and life moves slowly. Then there are the areas where the businesses have taken over and it's a hub of activity in the daytime, with workers milling about on breaks throughout the ...

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    4 reviews

    Like Inglewood close to LAX. Here are many budget hotels no major sights to my knowledge.

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    Ladera Heights

    1 review
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    36 reviews

    ehhh its nice i guess. didn't have fun as much as people say it is. its like where the 40yr singles hang out.

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    West Hollywood

    37 reviews

    Pricey place to live and dine, watch those street parking time limit, I got a ticket from here and wasn't too happy. It was confusing the sign. This is basically a Bevery Hill for the young and hispter. Just remind you there's a lot of gays live and goes here, so if your are conservative and religion this not a ...

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    Beverly Hills

    60 reviews

    It's been a fixture in Beverly Hills for a very long time. Used to be called “Via Rodeo” and hosts good restraints, fine boutiques and shops and the best Sushi restaurant outside of Osaka, Japan.

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    49 reviews

    One of my favorite places! Such a crazy atmosphere with never a dull moment. The beach performers are always entertaining and it's a great way to get some unique hand made art.

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    6 reviews

    Great place to meet people. :)

  • 11

    Los Angeles

    497 reviews

    The crazier side of Southern California as opposed to Orange County. Where OC is the innocent, LA is the one with street smarts, interests and a personality. Southern California cool, as they say on 94.7 The WAVE.

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    Manhattan Beach

    34 reviews

    Although it is not the nicest or cleanest beach, Manhattan Beach is my favorite beach of all time! I just love the atmosphere here. There are shops and restaurants surrounding the beach, which makes the environment very lively. This is the best beach in the South Bay to tan, play volleyball, swim or just chill with your friends on a ...

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    San Gabriel

    8 reviews

    Forget about Chinatown, this one has much better restaurant and shops. This one is central located close to nearby city with high asian population.

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    6 reviews Gardena!!!

  • 15


    7 reviews

    There's a Costco here that's way too packed. Stay away, go to Montebello instead.

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    Monterey Park

    4 reviews

    Come here for all the wonderful Chinese restaurants! This is the real Chinatown!!! Get your Chinese food craving here satisfied!

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    3 reviews

    In an industrial part of LA off the I-405 Freeway, Torrance is one of my fave neighborhoods to explore just because of its Japanese community connections. Here you can spend days searching out the best bowl of ramen, or just drop by the Japanese import shops and supermarkets to stock up on groceries and hard-to-find items from Tokyo and beyond.

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    Hermosa Beach

    20 reviews

    Having been born and raised in So. Ca. I have been to just about every place and beach. I would not go to this beach now with all the gangs, homeless and other "people" there and I would never spend the night there. There may be some nice hotels, but anyplace in So. Ca. will be overpriced if it is ...

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    West Los Angeles

    42 reviews

    I've also lived here for two years. Marina del Rey, Venice Beach, Santa Monica and Manhatten Beach. I just loved it, loved it, loved it. You can't get better temperature, nicer surroundings, great service, great tourists, nice biking all the way from Santa Monica to Manhatten Beach. Get your free ticket to a tv-show down at Venice beach. Look at ...

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    Studio City

    4 reviews

    Has the best recording studios in the world. This means you can bump into celebrites around this place.

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