Inn at Playa Del Rey

435 Culver Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90293
3 reviews

So cute!! This place has so much charm, I fell in love with it immediately! I felt like I left LA and arrived on the New England seaboard. But instead of lobster boats, this Victorian-home-style inn looks out on the wetlands preserve, with the Hollywood sign visible in the distance. Upon arrival, we were welcomed with the most delicious home-baked ...

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  • 41
    3.95 mi

    The Library Alehouse

    3.95 mi from Inn at Playa Del Rey
    7 reviews

    Really enjoyed the vibe of this place. It may seem small when you come in but there is a whole back area! They carry Mexican Coca Cola which is not too shabby!

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  • 42
    3.68 mi

    Venice Ale House

    3.68 mi from Inn at Playa Del Rey
    9 reviews

    Surprisingly great food for a pub. Healthy options/local veggies. Love sitting right on beach... Note: closes at 11 due to noise ordinances. Understandably so... Gets quite loud inside.

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  • 43
    3.6 mi

    Cafe Gratitude Venice

    3.6 mi from Inn at Playa Del Rey
    6 reviews

    Juice Bar - Great To-Go menu and vegan selections

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  • 44
    2.8 mi

    The Tasting Kitchen

    2.8 mi from Inn at Playa Del Rey
    7 reviews

    Prompt, friendly service and a tasty, innovative menu, The Tasting Kitchen reminds me there is much more to Venice than its boardwalk.

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  • 45
    3.23 mi

    Joe's Restaurant

    3.23 mi from Inn at Playa Del Rey
    7 reviews

    Fresh and inspiring. That was my very first impression of Joe's Restaurant. Saturday brunch I had there was certainly delightful. Both the quality of food and service was excellent. Bread was delicious and so was the jam. You really can't go wrong with some mimosa with freshly squeezed orange juice. I found their homemade granola quite nice even though I ...

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  • 46
    4.03 mi

    Sunny Blue

    4.03 mi from Inn at Playa Del Rey
    8 reviews

    Lately I've been getting into the bento mode. For at least a week I was furiously searching bentos, and bento recipes, and different bento combinations. One thing was constant - onigiri. My first introduction to onigiri was when I was a little girl, and a Japanese family moved into our neighborhood. The wife would put pieces of hot dog inside ...

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  • 47
    2.92 mi

    N'Ice Cream

    2.92 mi from Inn at Playa Del Rey

    Cute place. The name caught my attention while I was walking around the area. I wasn't in the mood for gelato but the sorbet looked good. I'm not in Venice that often so I convinced myself to give it a try cuz their ratings seemed good on yelp. Had their pineapple orange sorbet. I approve :) very sweet and refreshing ...

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  • 48
    2.43 mi

    Ayara Thai Cuisine

    2.43 mi from Inn at Playa Del Rey
    8 reviews

    This is probably my favorite thai restaurant in west LA. I just discovered it and didn't realize how close it was to my home. Their curries are delicious, so is their crap fried rice. I'm still waiting for mango to be in season for their mango sticky rice dessert.

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  • 49
    4.3 mi

    The Veggie Grill

    4.3 mi from Inn at Playa Del Rey
    6 reviews

    It's a bit pricy, but I think the portions definitely make up for what you end up paying. Food doesn't have a lot of dynamic flavors -Food comes out lukre warm to cold Drinks are amazing -Lots of coupons available... Check the web

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  • 50
    2.35 mi

    The Cow's End

    2.35 mi from Inn at Playa Del Rey
    6 reviews

    Best smoothie place in Venice, IMO!

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  • 51
    2.96 mi

    Rutt's Hawaiian Cafe

    2.96 mi from Inn at Playa Del Rey
    6 reviews

    This place is awesome! i have come here a few times. i moved to my new place very close to here, and i am glad this place is around. The place isn't huge, and doesn't look terribly fancy from the outside, but the service and food make up for it. i ordered the combo plate with everything. it came with ...

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  • 52
    3.87 mi

    Johnnie's Pastrami Restaurant

    3.87 mi from Inn at Playa Del Rey
    6 reviews

    Food is good here. I got the corned beef. I recommend eating in restaurant mostly because of the spicy mustard they have. However, this is cash only and the price isnt exactly cheap. Well worth a look though.

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  • 53
    3.65 mi

    Oscar's Cerveteca

    3.65 mi from Inn at Playa Del Rey
    5 reviews

    #BeStuffed #BeTipsy Who needs a happy hour when empanadas and fish tacos are $5? Still, we recommend stopping by at the happy hour (5pm) when they open since they don't accept reservations.

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  • 54
    2.11 mi


    2.11 mi from Inn at Playa Del Rey
    5 reviews

    Wow Paiche will take Picca on a run for its money. Opened early April of this year, Paiche opened up in the heart of marina del Rey and offer some of the top Peruvian fusion tapas in LA. This is a sister Resturaunt of Picca and Mochica. Must try the waygu beef and UNi toast! Heaven! The yellowtail ceviche is ...

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  • 55
    3.61 mi

    La Cabana

    3.61 mi from Inn at Playa Del Rey
    5 reviews

    Remember that Chinese restaurant in Sex and the City? The one where people take their dates whom they don't want to be seen in public with? Open late, dimly lit, not widely known about? This place is the west coast's version of that restaurant. Parking is usually excellent, either on the street or in the parking lot across the street ...

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  • 56
    2.78 mi


    2.78 mi from Inn at Playa Del Rey

    that place s super cool,f thea was a place a really liked,that was it...

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  • 57
    3.83 mi

    Espresso Cielo

    3.83 mi from Inn at Playa Del Rey
    5 reviews

    There are 8 coffee houses within shouting distance at this point of Main Street, but this one has the highest quality coffee.

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  • 58
    3.64 mi

    Superba Snack Bar

    3.64 mi from Inn at Playa Del Rey
    5 reviews

    This is starting to sound old, but this is another can't miss dining destination! Their Spaghetti Carbonara is one of my favorite all time dishes. The deconstructed S'mores are fantastic! This restaurant is a short distance away (walk-able) in the explosive Rose Avenue corridor.

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  • 59
    4.31 mi

    California Fish Grill

    4.31 mi from Inn at Playa Del Rey
    5 reviews

    If you want very fresh fish cooked to order, this is the place to go. The fish changes seasonally, and is perfectly cooked every time!

  • 60
    2.46 mi

    26 Beach

    2.46 mi from Inn at Playa Del Rey
    4 reviews

    One of my favorite brunch spots in Venice! Their sushi burger is famous and one of the heartiest burgers you'll ever have. Also all of Their French toasts are to die for. I tried the orange croissant French toast and it was perfectly fried with just the right amount of sweetness!

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