Inn at Venice Beach

327 Washington Blvd, Venice, Los Angeles, CA 90291
4 reviews

We stayed in this hotel in 2009 and it was great. Really close to the beach (5 min walk).

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  • 81
    4.32 mi

    Amandine Patissiere

    4.32 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    10 reviews

    The desserts, pastries and bread here are just DIVINE. I do have to blame them for the 5+ lbs I gained though. My favorites are: chocolate croissants, almond croissants, cakes, banana cream tarts & berry tarts. Unfortunately, they don't have a big selection of cookies. Also, parking can be really hard to find.

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  • 82
    4.24 mi

    Nijiya Market

    4.24 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    13 reviews

    This place is kinda small compared to Mitsuwa but I like it because it has so many selection of snacks, yummies & things all packed into 1 place! The prices are not over the top & crazy like other places.. Really good bento boxes & quick little things you can pick up for lunch.. It's pretty clean & organized placed ...

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  • 83
    2.13 mi

    A Frame

    2.13 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    10 reviews

    Eating here is a fun and unique experience. Some of the flavor combinations they use are just out of this world! I love the kitchen fries and the chu-don't-know-mang. OMG you've gotta try it. Food is served on fun little plates and seating is picnic-style, so you might find yourself sharing with your neighbors if you're open to it. This ...

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  • 84
    2.75 mi

    The Counter

    2.75 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    11 reviews

    If you're in the mood for a good burger, but you feel too high-class to dine at your local In-N-Out, I think The Counter is is a great option. I mean, what's not to like about constructing your own burger from the choice of bun to the number of toppings? In fact, if your burger isn't to your liking, then ...

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  • 85
    3.05 mi

    Real Food Daily

    3.05 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    11 reviews

    This place is a Santa Monica gem - love coming here! All vegetarian, but you would never guess. A super creative menu offering amazing dishes of all sorts that leave you feeling great when you leave. Very casual (more of a lunch place) but definitely worth a try. There is another one in Beverly Hills

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  • 86
    4.45 mi


    4.45 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    13 reviews

    Versailles was my first exposure to Cuban cuisine. At the time, my favorite was the ground beef with it's amazing combination of spices. The bread here is great, as are the plantains. I've now stick to a mostly vegetarian diet, which leaves me with two options here: rice and beans with yucca, plantains and a salad or moros (mixed rice ...

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  • 87
    2.83 mi

    Fritto Misto

    2.83 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    11 reviews

    Great little restaurant in Santa Monica. The manager was very welcoming and accommodating to my girlfriend's needs for a Gluten Free pasta.

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  • 88
    1.31 mi

    Wurstküche - Venice

    1.31 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    10 reviews

    As you're driving down Lincoln, passing through Venice, you might never notice this place. Wurstkuche storefronts remind me of a warehouse and their decor is somewhat industrial feeling. Turn onto Vernon Avenue to find street parking in the neighborhood, which is almost always available. As for the food, they specialize in sausages - everything from a classic bratwurst to exotic ...

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  • 89
    3.96 mi


    3.96 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    14 reviews

    TenShin Ramen!!!! My favorite ramen at Ramenya when the weather is sucking - like right now. It's a large bowl of ramen topped with a giant shrimp omelet swimming in thick gravy-like savory msg soup. You need both hands to eat this (one with chopsticks for the noodles and the mini ladle/spoon with your other hand to scoop the omelet ...

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  • 90
    4.22 mi

    Tatsu Ramen

    4.22 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    13 reviews

    I liked it :) Fatty broth with skinny noodles for $10 and you order via ipad! Reminds me of Stacked. Once you place your order and pay, go find a table for your self and a server will come over to look at your ticket. I liked the ramen! It was better than what I expected (thought it'll suck). TIP: ...

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  • 91
    4.28 mi

    Hide Sushi

    4.28 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    10 reviews

    Awesome but not cheap. Get the sashimi dinner for best bang for the buck!

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  • 92
    4.85 mi

    Sweet Rose Creamery

    4.85 mi from Inn at Venice Beach

    a lil about me: - I love food with unique names or flavors - I could eat a large carton of ice cream in a day or two (that's how much I love it) Reason this is my #1 ice cream place: - quirky original flavors that are surprisingly tasty! ie. avocado, figs, sweet corn, basil - they use organic ...

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  • 93
    4.48 mi

    Plan Check

    4.48 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    13 reviews

    Stick to the burgers. Everything else we had (sweet potato fries, stuffed mushrooms, fried chicken) was a disappointment. It seemed like it was all pre-made and reheated. The burgers though were so delicious!! Definitely a must-try for burger fans.

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  • 94
    3.97 mi

    R+D Kitchen

    3.97 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    10 reviews

    The only spot on Montana that has a full liquor license. That being said, their cocktails are crafted perfectly. Get the Gimlet! Great chill atmosphere and a relaxing spot to enjoy a drink midday.

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  • 95
    2.86 mi


    2.86 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    10 reviews

    At first you see this place and go, "this is some bougie tourist trap that I shouldn't waste my money on." Well this "bougie tourist trap" got amazing duck confit daikon taco wrap that could possibly make vegetarians convert to a meat-a-tarian. It's a bit pricey... but #datDuckDoe

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  • 96
    3.44 mi

    Rustic Canyon Wine Bar

    3.44 mi from Inn at Venice Beach

    Really excellent food and knowledgable staff. My favorite: the gnocchi here is mouthwatering and leaves you wanting more!

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  • 97
    3.79 mi

    Bru's Wiffle - A Waffle Joint

    3.79 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    10 reviews

    This has to be one of the best spots in Los Angeles for chicken and waffles. The chicken is juicy and tender the waffle is light and fluffy. A wonderful mix of sweet and savory.

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  • 98
    4.21 mi

    Hurry Curry of Tokyo

    4.21 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    13 reviews

    The last time I came to Hurry Curry was over ten years ago and it really hasn't changed over the years. I ordered the Curry Croquette and my buddy ordered the pork cutlet and both came quickly and was served to spicy perfection. I liked the fact that for a few more coins, you can get brown rice for the ...

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  • 99
    1.3 mi

    Cafe Gratitude Venice

    1.3 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    8 reviews

    Vegan and organic. Delicious and healthy!

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  • 100
    4.26 mi

    Sushi Stop

    4.26 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    13 reviews

    $3 sushi rolls?!?!?! And all pretty tasty. Ordered $24 worth of sushi and was STUFFED. Hurt so good. Can get crowded - but we ordered to go. CASH ONLY, but they have an ATM inside if you need as well.

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