Inn at Venice Beach

327 Washington Blvd, Venice, Los Angeles, CA 90291
4 reviews

We stayed in this hotel in 2009 and it was great. Really close to the beach (5 min walk).

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  • 61
    4.37 mi

    ROC Kitchen

    4.37 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    8 reviews

    So you are on the westside or you are a westsider and you want some real dumplings that are not premade frozen or nasty? What are you going to do? Drive out to the SGV in order to get some? Lets be honest… no one wants to do that. So you will end up having something super subpar and just ...

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  • 62
    4.16 mi


    4.16 mi from Inn at Venice Beach

    I stood in front of the menu for a good few minutes, NOT because I wasn't sure what flavor I wanted but because I was unsure which animal I should get. I ended up choosing a mouse with strawberry ears over a pig. I may have been the only dork prancing around in the rain with an ice cream in ...

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  • 63
    4.85 mi

    Sweet Rose Creamery

    4.85 mi from Inn at Venice Beach

    Perfect afternoon treat :) My son and I stopped in to enjoy a scoop, he had the chocolate chip cookie dough in a cone and I had verve coffee in a cup with brownie bites and marshmallows. Soooo yummy! I LOVE marshmallows and Sweet Rose's are homemade, they are sooooo tasty, light and fluffy. Next time, we may share a ...

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  • 64
    4.43 mi

    California Roll Factory

    4.43 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    9 reviews

    Really good sushi - lots of variety in the types of rolls they make. Service is also very friendly!

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  • 65
    4.38 mi

    Bossa Nova Brazilian Cuisine

    4.38 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    6 reviews

    My favorite Brazillian restaurant :) I've been here 3-4 times when I was in SM almost every weekend. I love how they're open super late. Great ambience, nice atmosphere to chat and a good place for a date ;) There's always a wait which sucks, but it's worth it. All the meat I've tried were marinated with deliciousness and their ...

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  • 66
    4.27 mi

    Furaibo Restaurant Incorporated

    4.27 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    20 reviews

    Delicious all around! Great place to hang out with friends, enjoy many small dishes and drink beer. Beware longs waits though...and they don't take reservations :( The standout dishes: chicken wings, fish cakes with cheese (I forget the actual name). I know--that sounds gross, but it's somehow amazingly good! After seeing so many order this strange friend looking thing every ...

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  • 67
    3.05 mi

    Real Food Daily

    3.05 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    11 reviews

    This place is a Santa Monica gem - love coming here! All vegetarian, but you would never guess. A super creative menu offering amazing dishes of all sorts that leave you feeling great when you leave. Very casual (more of a lunch place) but definitely worth a try. There is another one in Beverly Hills

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  • 68
    3.96 mi


    3.96 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    14 reviews

    TenShin Ramen!!!! My favorite ramen at Ramenya when the weather is sucking - like right now. It's a large bowl of ramen topped with a giant shrimp omelet swimming in thick gravy-like savory msg soup. You need both hands to eat this (one with chopsticks for the noodles and the mini ladle/spoon with your other hand to scoop the omelet ...

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  • 69
    2.75 mi

    Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

    2.75 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    6 reviews

    fast service. good food for the decent price. it's on the pier with views. what more can I ask for?

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  • 70
    4.63 mi

    The Apple Pan

    4.63 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    9 reviews

    A Los Angeles Classic, the best burger in town and Apple Pie for many decades of course. Come early, there's always a line and seating is at the counter only!

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  • 71
    1.5 mi

    Mendocino Farms

    1.5 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    12 reviews

    I heard a lot of good things about this restaurant, so I was a little hesitant to try it, but it definitely lived up to the hype. I had one sandwich on the spot and one the next day and they were both great with unique flavors. The sides are pretty good too, and I'll definitely go back when I'm ...

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  • 72
    4.27 mi

    Tsujita LA Artisan Noodles Annex

    4.27 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    4 reviews

    First of all Sawtelle is one of my absolute favorite places to chow in LA. On my top 5 is Tsujita LA amazing Japanese noodles on the west side.

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  • 73
    3.98 mi

    Bird Pick Tea & Herb

    3.98 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    2 reviews

    Yay! I don't have to drive all the way to Santa Monica anymore for bird pick!!! I would recommend this place to all the tea lovers. I introduced the one in sm to two tea enthusiasts and they are HOOKED! As a graphic designer, bonus points for their branding system. Packaging, labels, info graphics, interior etc. Perfect Christmas gifts. You ...

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  • 74
    2.25 mi

    M Street Kitchen

    2.25 mi from Inn at Venice Beach

    Incredible breakfast menu. I got the three eggs with sausages and hashbrown and loved every bite of it. People seemed to really like the Mexican food on the menu as well so I'll have to try it out next time im there! Also save room for the cookie!

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  • 75
    4.16 mi

    Brian's Shave Ice

    4.16 mi from Inn at Venice Beach

    This spot is excellent. Shave ice is out of this world, and always has unusual flavors I can't find elsewhere. I highly recommend macadamia nut ice cream inside, and of course, condensed milk on top. Also, the staff is always super friendly (must be all the sugar).

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  • 76
    4.13 mi

    Cafe 70

    4.13 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    8 reviews

    Gigantic boba teas for cheap?!?! And they taste delicious!!! Whether you need a pick me up or just need a pace to relax, this is THE spot to go to. They have a TV to watch the game. Board games to play with your friends. Did I mention their boba tea is delicious and HUmongous?! This is bigger than Nikki ...

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  • 77
    4.25 mi

    Tsujita LA Artisan Noodles

    4.25 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    23 reviews

    Showed up 15-20min before the store opened on Saturday with Steph Y. and Emily R. I think we were the third group on the sign up sheet. The service was fast and we only waited few minutes to be seated. I got their tsukemen and it was so fatty and flavorful. I can see why it's so popular :) As ...

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  • 78
    4.24 mi

    Nijiya Market

    4.24 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    13 reviews

    Love this Japanese market! They have a huge selection of asian products! I do my weekly grocery shopping here!

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  • 79
    4.49 mi


    4.49 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    9 reviews

    We had to take advantage of Dine LA week! The wife, myself and a few friends decided to come here before seeing Batman. Great choice. We arrived in time not only for Dine LA week, but for their happy hour specials, which means, great drinks at a low cost. We had a smorgasbord of meat, as we ordered different meats ...

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  • 80
    4.32 mi

    Amandine Patissiere

    4.32 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    10 reviews

    A fantastic brunch spot in Santa Monica. To die for: French toast. They use their own baked bread here. The insides are moist, and the exterior is crisp--a perfect french toast! I also love the croissants I've had in the US. Unfortunately, the chocolate/almond croissant was surprisingly not so good. The omelettes are delicious--Amandine omelette, and the mushroom/swiss/spinach one. ...

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