Inn at Venice Beach

327 Washington Blvd, Venice, Los Angeles, CA 90291
4 reviews

We stayed in this hotel in 2009 and it was great. Really close to the beach (5 min walk).

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  • 81
    4.81 mi

    City Tavern

    4.81 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    6 reviews

    I have a soft spot for gastropubs as I'm a fan of beer and food that compliments beer. I opted to try something other than their burgers and went with their steamed mussels and burrata + roasted pumpkin dish. Both were delicious!! Their desserts are great, too. Overall, a fun place for a group of friends to grab a drink ...

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  • 82
    4.16 mi

    The Buttercup LA

    4.16 mi from Inn at Venice Beach

    Such amazing macaroons. You really have to try them, for even a non-mac fan like me loved them. They're the perfect chewiness and they have wonderful flavors. I wish they offered an easy to customize variety pack (they have presets and if you want custom you have to order a day ahead I believe). They're tucked away next to Pinkberry ...

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  • 83
    2.89 mi

    Umami Burger

    2.89 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    42 reviews

    When in Santa Monica, look for the Fred Segal and you'll come across this Umami location. They've got their own parking lot, which is pretty rare for LA and totally awesome. Wait times can get crazy, so be prepared. I almost never eat hamburgers, so I opted for the Greenbird. I love sprouts and avocado, so this was the perfect ...

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  • 84
    2.74 mi

    The Lobster

    2.74 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    16 reviews

    yummmm this place was so good!!! My bf at the time and I turned into 12 year olds quickly devouring the 2 pound lobster in a fancy restaurant with our paper bibs around our neck! Nice view of the Santa Monica Pier, great atmosphere, and I just had such a great time dining there. I would go back there again... ...

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  • 85
    4.3 mi

    Pour Vous

    4.3 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    17 reviews

    The outside surrounding looks dark and sketchy. It felt like I was in a different world when i entered Pour Vous. Is this considered a hidden gem? I attended a Tim Burton themed masquerade event. They closed down the intimate club for us and I got to enjoy the club with friends and aerialists. Pro: - gorgeous french-y 1920's decor, ...

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  • 86
    3.42 mi

    Tito's Tacos

    3.42 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    19 reviews

    I crave these tacos! The lines can get brutal, but the tacos are really worth it - crunchy, hard shell tacos, (yes on the cheese please), freshly fried chips, their tomatoey salsa.

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  • 87
    2.45 mi

    The Alibi Room

    2.45 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    16 reviews

    My first experience with kogi was at Alibi. I had no idea kogi was so good! I'm going to be honest in that I mostly like this bar for their music. Not a lot of place keep 90's hip hop on the rotation.

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  • 88
    3.05 mi


    3.05 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    15 reviews

    Well designed restaurant with high quality staff, higher-quality fish and a great proximity to nightlife and shopping in Santa Monica. Expect to pay $20+ for a good meal. The only downside is parking but that's to be expected in SaMo anywhere.

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  • 89
    2.37 mi

    Cha Cha Chicken

    2.37 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    14 reviews

    Jerk chicken is awesome. We love this place. Tough parking, but food is worth it. Spicy, sweet, and Jamaican me crazy! Try the jerk enchiladas or jerk turkey or beef burger for a twist. Fresh juices too. Always come back when we're in the area.

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  • 90
    2.17 mi

    Waterloo & City

    2.17 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    15 reviews

    Yummy, yummy, yummy! Their food is carefully prepared and plated for an optimal eating experience. Portions are small by American standards, but oh so tasty. Their food is rather pricey, so be prepared.

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  • 91
    3.03 mi

    Wokcano - Santa Monica

    3.03 mi from Inn at Venice Beach

    It's one of the perfect venues for a private or semi private event. The drinks and food are a bit pricey but the back patio is technically outdoors but gives an indoor feel being sandwiched between two buildings. You seamlessly move in and out of the building between dance floor, bar, and open area. Highly recommended for coordinating medium size ...

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  • 92
    3.39 mi

    Huckleberry Bakery

    3.39 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    13 reviews

    This bakery/cafe reminds me of the kind of eateries you'd find on Martha's Vineyard. Everything is super fresh, including the just-baked loaves and pastries on display at the counter. It's hard to come in here for lunch or dinner without snagging a dessert as well... I tried the burrata salad with walnuts and olives, which was absolutely delicious, as well ...

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  • 93
    2.42 mi

    Santouka Ramen -- Culver City

    2.42 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    12 reviews

    Delicious ramen in the Mitsuwa market. I enjoy the ramen here, albiet it's a little oiler than my other favorites. I always get the medium sized miso ramen. It comes with a soy sauce egg. The noodles are always nice and chewy. Sometimes, if I'm really hungry I get the combo that comes with a little rice bowl - usually ...

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  • 94
    4.32 mi

    Amandine Patissiere

    4.32 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    11 reviews

    The desserts, pastries and bread here are just DIVINE. I do have to blame them for the 5+ lbs I gained though. My favorites are: chocolate croissants, almond croissants, cakes, banana cream tarts & berry tarts. Unfortunately, they don't have a big selection of cookies. Also, parking can be really hard to find.

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  • 95
    2.75 mi

    The Counter

    2.75 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    11 reviews

    If you're in the mood for a good burger, but you feel too high-class to dine at your local In-N-Out, I think The Counter is is a great option. I mean, what's not to like about constructing your own burger from the choice of bun to the number of toppings? In fact, if your burger isn't to your liking, then ...

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  • 96
    3.05 mi

    Real Food Daily

    3.05 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    11 reviews

    Vegan food so good you won't miss the non-vegan elements. There aren't a lot of vegan places I'd feel confident taking my non-vegetarian spouse, but this is one of them.

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  • 97
    3.96 mi


    3.96 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    15 reviews

    TenShin Ramen!!!! My favorite ramen at Ramenya when the weather is sucking - like right now. It's a large bowl of ramen topped with a giant shrimp omelet swimming in thick gravy-like savory msg soup. You need both hands to eat this (one with chopsticks for the noodles and the mini ladle/spoon with your other hand to scoop the omelet ...

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  • 98
    4.22 mi

    Tatsu Ramen

    4.22 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    13 reviews

    I liked it :) Fatty broth with skinny noodles for $10 and you order via ipad! Reminds me of Stacked. Once you place your order and pay, go find a table for your self and a server will come over to look at your ticket. I liked the ramen! It was better than what I expected (thought it'll suck). TIP: ...

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  • 99
    4.48 mi

    Plan Check

    4.48 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    13 reviews

    I liked this place! It gets pretty busy but the burgers are great. I love their crab dip, (get it if you're into seafood). The jidori chicken sandwich is also something to try.

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  • 100
    3.44 mi

    Rustic Canyon Wine Bar

    3.44 mi from Inn at Venice Beach
    9 reviews

    Really excellent food and knowledgable staff. My favorite: the gnocchi here is mouthwatering and leaves you wanting more!

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