InterContinental Athenaeum

Syngrou Avenue 89-93, Athens, Greece
2 reviews

Our tour group had Lunch at this Intercontinental Hotel. It's a pretty and well-appointed Hotel within an unremarkable urban mass called Athens. The Lunch was a delicious buffet and a welcome mid-day respite.

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  • 1
    0.12 mi


    0.12 mi from InterContinental Athenaeum
    1 review

    Impeccable food. Impeccable service. Great place if you're staying at the Marriott or intercontinental.

  • 2
    0.99 mi

    Xenios Zeus

    0.99 mi from InterContinental Athenaeum
    1 review

    Tucked away in Plaka past all the touristy steps restaurants is Xenios Zeus. It is unpretentious and a little plain, but the food is tasty and there's a lot of it! I had a set menu which included six (yes six!) appetizers, a main and a dessert for 16 euros. There was only one appetizer I wasn't thrilled with (the ...

  • 3
    0.64 mi


    0.64 mi from InterContinental Athenaeum
    1 review

    Incredible food and service in a residential area just south of the main attractions. Right across from a park full of children, puppies and grandmas, To Trikyklo offers a fresh, homey menu with loads of delicious choices. I made the mistake of ordering an appetizer, a starter and a small portion of a meat as each portion was a bit ...

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  • 4
    0.78 mi

    Yard Cafe, Athens

    0.78 mi from InterContinental Athenaeum
    1 review

    A colleague from my conference dragged me here and I was a bit concerned. Yard Cafe is right on a tourist row near the Acropolis with views of the New Acropolis museum. They had people eagerly whisking us to a table and I was suspicious. I was pleasantly surprised with our meal though. I had the grilled chicken salad which ...

  • 5
    1.21 mi

    Loukoumi Bar

    1.21 mi from InterContinental Athenaeum
    3 reviews

    A quite cheap, well-designed place in the center of Athens, with good live music and cool view of Acropolis (on the roof only).

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  • 6
    1.2 mi

    The James Joyce Irish Pub & Restaurant

    1.2 mi from InterContinental Athenaeum
    3 reviews

    As much as I love Greece sometimes I just want to speak English... This is the perfect place to go! It is located in a weird stretch between Plaka and Monastiraki. Its full of expats and everyone feels like a friend. The food is good and the beer selection is even better!

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  • 7
    1.73 mi

    Dionysos The Quick Greek

    1.73 mi from InterContinental Athenaeum
    1 review

    Best mixed grill in Greece - Meant for 2, feed 4, add a pitcher of beer and you have dinner for under 20 euro!

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  • 8
    1.26 mi

    Tzitzikas kai Mermigas

    1.26 mi from InterContinental Athenaeum
    7 reviews

    This is an excellent Greek restaurant, frequented by locals due to their fabulous cuisine, great service and quality ambiance. The food is Greek but with enough variation to keep it interesting, not just the same "old same old" that you get in most other tavernas. It is just down the street from Syntagma Square, right in the heart of the ...

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  • 9
    1.19 mi

    the art foundation (TAF)

    1.19 mi from InterContinental Athenaeum
    6 reviews

    A hidden picturesque cafeteria in a historical place with special coffee blends, cool people, jazz and fusion music in low volume!

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  • 10
    1.41 mi


    1.41 mi from InterContinental Athenaeum
    5 reviews

    This is one of the few Michelin rated restaurants in Greece, and it was quite a treat for us. The restaurant is on the rooftop and you can see the Acropolis in the distance. We never saw a menu, but instead chose three courses recommended by the chef. My favorite was the crawfish cooked in Vinsanto (which is dessert wine ...

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  • 11
    1.31 mi

    Pure Bliss

    1.31 mi from InterContinental Athenaeum

    A lovable alternative cafeteria with a huge variety of unusual drinks, vivid colors, ideal music and nice people. I think that art gets life there!

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  • 12
    1.16 mi


    1.16 mi from InterContinental Athenaeum
    4 reviews

    my favorite greek restaurant in plaka! modern greek cuisine, try to book a table upstairs for the amazing view.

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  • 13
    1.44 mi

    Nixon Bar

    1.44 mi from InterContinental Athenaeum
    3 reviews

    Its a great jazzy place to have an amazing burger and listen to good music. Then just hop to Belafonte Bar right next to it! Highly recommend it!

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  • 14
    1.67 mi

    The Dark Side of Chocolate

    1.67 mi from InterContinental Athenaeum
    3 reviews

    If you want the most amazing, gourmet chocolate experience, head to The Dark Side of Chocolate. Aris will create a custom cup of hot chocolate, specific to your cocoa preference ( what do you want 75%? 82%?), that is like drinking liquid mousse. It's a cozy space, intimate and warm. Aris also makes artistic chocolates that are heavenly! Of course, ...

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  • 15
    1.29 mi


    1.29 mi from InterContinental Athenaeum
    3 reviews

    The right coffee in the right place! A gay friendly cafe, with great people, artistic interior design, fascinating service, music and menu. Totally one of my favourites!

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  • 16
    1.44 mi


    1.44 mi from InterContinental Athenaeum
    3 reviews

    I love the vibe of this restaurant! It is near the Kolonaki section of Athens and is very fun, hip and trendy. They serve Continental Cuisine in a modern atmosphere, It is tucked away though and really hard to find but worth it!

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  • 17
    1.26 mi

    TGI Friday's

    1.26 mi from InterContinental Athenaeum
    3 reviews

    TGI Friday's is restaurants chain in Athens and Thessaloniki. You can't miss it. The food is really delicious and the atmosphere is fantastic! There are located in many of the Athens' vibrant places like Kifissia, Glyfada and Kolonaki (center).

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  • 18
    1.74 mi


    1.74 mi from InterContinental Athenaeum
    2 reviews

    Prytaneio is a cafe-restaurant located at the center of Athens in Kolonaki (near the homonym square). It is a fantastic place to enjoy your coffee and spend your time during the evening. I suggest visiting it if you need to relax at the center of the Greek capital.

  • 19
    1.34 mi

    Seven Jokers

    1.34 mi from InterContinental Athenaeum
    2 reviews

    It's a small place but a big surprise! Enjoy amazing cocktails in the oldest bar in town! Great atmosphere, cool service, good music. Don't miss!

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  • 20
    1.43 mi

    Gazi College

    1.43 mi from InterContinental Athenaeum
    2 reviews

    Tremendously original, relaxing, special foods, nice staff

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