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    • Pro 2014
      . Troy commented on this trip

      Latest news reports suggest the unrest is reaching Damascus. I would consider your travel plans very carefully. Such a shame, as one of my favourite cities.

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    • Celeny Da Silva recommended Umayyad Mosque
      This picturesque mosque is arguably a breakthrough in the Islamic art and architecture; built in the 8th century on the site of an Assyrian sanctuary. The structure is built in Ummayyad caliphe and ... read more
      Byzantine styles and claims are that its engineering and decorations have inspired the construction of several global mosques. It is considered the fourth holiest place in Islam, one of the largest and the first to be visited by the Pope John Paul II.
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      Celeny Da Silva

      I really enjoyed Damascus for the tradition, food, and lively Bazaars..!

    • Baxter Jackson recommended Bait Jabri
      Bait Jabri is set a the stunning courtyard of an ancient Damscene home in the heart of old Damascus. Aside from the standard Syrian fare of zaatar fatayer, hummous, foul and baba ganoush, the Bait ... read more
      serves up a mean narguila (hubbly bubbly) and offers backgammon to while away the evening amidst the ubiquitous calls to prayer from innumerable nearby minarets. Be wary of any would be shysters trying to sell you a package deal to Turkey or Sharm El Sheikh for a fraction of the price - too good to be true means often means just that.
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      Baxter Jackson

      You'll feel like you've stepped onto a movie set here, Ioana.

    • Baxter Jackson recommended Damascus
      All roads lead to Damascus (or at least they did before Syria was added to W's infamous 'Axis of Evil' list). Evil lists notwithstanding, Damascus (Al Sham to the locals) is an exercise in ... read more
      juxtaposition. The ancient along side the modern; fundamentalists Muslims next to more laissez faire believers (i.e. big hair and loads of makeup) and veiled women window shopping for lingerie that would make Frederick's of Hollywood blush. Oh, yes, Damascus is a heady cocktail of cultures, civilizations, history and fashion where for most the salad bar approach seems to be the norm - take what you like and leave the rest, habeebi.
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      Baxter Jackson

      At the crossroads of the world for a reason - It's an incredibly fascintaing city.

    • Baxter Jackson recommended Palmyra
      With its romanesque ruins set against a desert backdrop, Palmyra is simply stunning. You'll never feel more like you've stepped back in time as you do at Tadmour (as its known in Syria). Even at the ... read more
      height of the peak season, you're almost guaranteed to have enjoy these ancient ruins in the utmost of solitude. Early morning and evening are particularly beautiful and overwhelming evocative of another age nearly lost in the sands of time.
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      Baxter Jackson

      Absolutely breathtaking, Ioana.

    • Baxter Jackson commented on this trip

      Syria is rapidly slipping into a civil war. Homs is especially dangerous with snipers ruling the streets via rooftop. Locals don't go out after nightfall for fear of the notorious 'armed gangs.' That being said, the major tourist areas of the Old Town of Damascus and Palmyra are relatively unaffected by the violence. You should be alright there. Just stay away from any protests and be careful about who you photograph.

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