Irvine Park Railroad

1 Irvine Park Road, Orange, CA 92862-1000
2 reviews

About a 20 minute drive from the condo. Irvine Park is actually located in the city of Orange and should not be missed! The perfect place to offset the madness at Disneyland! Just a beautiful, serene, all round great park to take the kids. It's $3 per car to get in, or $5 on weekends, although I would recommend you ...

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    0.21 mi

    Irvine Regional Park

    0.21 mi from Irvine Park Railroad
    2 reviews

    This is a great place to take the kids to enjoy a breif respite from the daily grind. They have a lot of fun activities to do here. My daughter absolutely fell in love with the horse riding. Its cheap, but short. The smell is a bit noxious in the "stables" but the kids absolutely adore the rides. They have ...

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  • 2
    0.2 mi

    irvine park pony and horse rides

    0.2 mi from Irvine Park Railroad
    1 review

    My daughter absolutely fell in love with the horse riding. Its cheap, but short. The smell is a bit noxious in the "stables" but the kids absolutely adore the rides. They have special saddles built to hold a kid properly in place. They do about 3-4 circuits of a 100 yd course so almost a 1/4 mile for about $4. ...

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    0.3 mi

    Santiago Canyon College

    0.3 mi from Irvine Park Railroad
    1 review

    This is the college which I graduated.

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    0.61 mi

    Orange County Zoo

    0.61 mi from Irvine Park Railroad
    1 review

    OC Zoo is perfect for father and son day. This zoo is located in the Irvine Regional Park. The admission price is $2 per person (2 years and younger is Free) Parking to get in the Irvine Regional Park varies, but on weekends it's $5 The zoo itself is very small, but it's perfect for my almost 3 year old ...

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  • 5
    4.98 mi


    4.98 mi from Irvine Park Railroad
    2 reviews

    Aight we all love target, I can admit it. Especially me. I absolutely love target. Let alone this target is beyond awesome. it seems to be about twice as big as almost any other Target that I know of. The staff keeps this place neat and tidy and you wont find car wax in electronics nor clothing in gardening if ...

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  • 6
    1.6 mi

    Peters Canyon Regional Park

    1.6 mi from Irvine Park Railroad
    8 reviews

    One of the best hikes in O.C. & it's even tucked away in Tustin. =) Beautiful scenic hike with nice views of a big lake, hills & greenery. This is a beginner hike which is kid, dog & horse friendly so be ready ;) The trails are well maintained (clean) and the gradients are reasonable. Distance: 4.76 miles round-trip Elevation ...

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  • 7
    2.09 mi

    Santiago Oaks Regional Park

    2.09 mi from Irvine Park Railroad
    4 reviews

    There are so many different trails here which you can pick from; from hard ones to easy ones =) There's a nice little stream/ river & man made dams along the different trails & the trails are easily marked for you to follow. There are some horse poo along some of the trail since I guess the surrounding neighborhood brings ...

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  • 8
    4.85 mi

    Wine Exchange

    4.85 mi from Irvine Park Railroad
    2 reviews

    This place has become my #1 place to go 4 Wines.. =) the wines here are so competitively priced that it's AMAZING! =) there's such a great variety & selection of wines & accessories 4 wines here too..the people here so helpful & if you ever need anything/ have any questions, don't hesitate to ask =) I can just spend ...

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  • 9
    4.68 mi

    Beverages & More

    4.68 mi from Irvine Park Railroad
    2 reviews

    A good selection of alcohol & cheese BevMo...over all good, not vast as the other wine places I've reviewed but it's decent. BevMo is good especially when you're near 1 & you have 2 get some alcohol for some occasion, this is much better than the street corner liquor store I'd say.. =) I come here when it''s their 5 ...

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  • 10
    3.24 mi

    Irvine Lake

    3.24 mi from Irvine Park Railroad
    3 reviews

    A great place to get away and enjoy nature. It's hard to believe this is part of Orange County. Lots of areas to picnic or just get some exercise. Boating on the lake, relaxing on the grass...and you can even bring your dog!

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  • 11
    3.82 mi

    Irvine Lake Mud Run

    3.82 mi from Irvine Park Railroad
    2 reviews

    One day, I had six beers and a falafel, then ran off into a mud-filled obstacle course in Oak Canyon park. Though a rough start, I frolicked in the mud, fell head first into a pool of muddy water, crawled through tunnels and under nets where I was knee deep in mud. And it was all a blast. For sure, ...

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  • 12
    3.3 mi

    Weir Canyon Regional Park

    3.3 mi from Irvine Park Railroad
    2 reviews

    Weir Canyon is sometimes called the "secret park" that not many people know of because it's right next to a residential area. Coordinates for this hike: Lat:33.83052 Lon:-117.74543 Terrain: This trail is uneven, with several up-and-down hills. DISTANCE & ELEVATION GAIN: 4 miles taking approximately 2 hours to complete; depending on the group pace this day. Gain +/- 340 ft. ...

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  • 13
    4.31 mi

    Petco Animal Supplies

    4.31 mi from Irvine Park Railroad
    2 reviews

    OH MY! Ok, so the dog (actually the puppy, that was bought for my nephew, seems to be turning in to my responsibility....) wont stop going to the bathroom ALL over the house. Rather than become a two story litter box, I've been weighing my options. So here's the deal: Poor college student does NOT equal being able to pay ...

  • 14
    4.4 mi

    Faces Skincare

    4.4 mi from Irvine Park Railroad
    1 review

    I went here for a facial. Carol was really nice to deal with, both over the phone and in person. This location is mainly open by appointment, so make sure to call ahead, just as you would for any other service. The facial was very relaxing and educating. She gave me information about the products she was using (without any ...

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  • 15
    2.05 mi

    Hurley HQ

    2.05 mi from Irvine Park Railroad
    1 review
  • 16
    4.35 mi

    OC Sports Exchange

    4.35 mi from Irvine Park Railroad
    1 review

    Absolutely AWESOME customer service. This place had a good selection of all kinds of random used and new looking gear, covering all types of sports I looked at several things closely; hockey, skating, skiing, snowboarding, and cycling stuff. They had a decent selection of everything. Granted they had no Carbon Fiber Road Bikes, but would you ever expect a shop ...

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  • 17
    4.72 mi

    Zahrowski James J Ms DMD

    4.72 mi from Irvine Park Railroad
    1 review

    I would highly recommend anyone who's looking for an orthodontist. Dr. Zahrowski is extremely patient and nice~ I get really scared going to orthodontist cause you're opening your month for someone that's basically digging into your mouth! If you're uncomfortable, you wouldn't want to do that. My sister got her braces here 13 years ago, and I had mine while ...

  • 18
    4.84 mi

    Firestone Complete Auto Care Store

    4.84 mi from Irvine Park Railroad
    1 review

    So you need a new set of rubber since you went out and wore through yours eh? Well I ran into a stupid crazy ridiculous issue and Nick totally helped me out of the jam. Nick is the manager here and is extremely courteous helpful attentive and able to find a solution. I was sent over to this location with ...

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  • 19
    3.7 mi

    South Coast Armory

    3.7 mi from Irvine Park Railroad
    1 review

    Now this is an awesome lil shop specializing in ARs & their accessories. They have a million of the lego pieces that are available for ARs that allow for complete customization. While not a 5.56 guy per se, I was able to converse with the owner and understand the shop quite quickly. They seek to take care of their customers ...

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  • 20
    4.49 mi


    4.49 mi from Irvine Park Railroad
    1 review

    This place rocked big time. It is a little walk in clinic in a CVS :) They have nurse practitioners in lieu of doctors (at least when I was there at this location) who are very friendly and personable. They have two exam rooms with a check in machine. There are a lot of advantages to coming to the Minute ...

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