Irvington Walking Tour

Northeast 15th Avenue and Northeast Beech Street, Portland, OR 97212
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    0.98 mi

    Grant Park Pool

    0.98 mi from Irvington Walking Tour
    2 reviews

    There was nothing like sneaking in at night and drinking only to be chased out by the police. How stupid were we as teenagers; we new that we would be caught eventually. When they would re-fasten the fence with heavy wire, he would just bring copper-head wire clippers from home and cut the crap out of them and sneak in ...

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  • 2
    0.74 mi

    Alberta Street

    0.74 mi from Irvington Walking Tour
    10 reviews

    Check this place out on the last Thursday of the month all through out the summer! They have an evening street fair that goes on for block after block of fun and creativity with incredible variety! There are crafts and clothes, psychics and crystals, teas and juices. Walking down the street you can eat your way around the world everything ...

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    0.77 mi

    Townshend's Alberta Street Teahouse

    0.77 mi from Irvington Walking Tour
    3 reviews

    Townshend's is a teahouse and is unique in coffee-obsessed Portland. Tea connoisseurs will appreciate the options which abound at Townshend's. They even serve bubble tea, but I would avoid it. I asked for red bean bubble tea and it resembled tapioca filled with pepto bismol.

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  • 4
    0.73 mi

    Screaming Sky

    0.73 mi from Irvington Walking Tour
    2 reviews

    A gift shop with interesting items and a friendly staff. We bought a really neat photograph from a local artist, they have a lot of that kind of thing there, the walls stocked with artwork that you can purchase.

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  • 5
    0.87 mi

    Wonder Ballroom

    0.87 mi from Irvington Walking Tour
    3 reviews

    Wonder Ballroom is a concert hall located in the Northeast section of Portland. I've seen the Smashing Pumpkins and Manchester Orchestra (an up and coming band from Atlanta, Georgia) perform live. The sound could be better (I could barely hear the singer's lyrics), but the raucous audience don't seem to mind. One complaint. If you're paying tickets at the box ...

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  • 6
    0.92 mi


    0.92 mi from Irvington Walking Tour
    2 reviews

    Binks serves drinks in the popular area of Alberta Street. Moroccan motifs and lamps are displayed throughout the bar, giving Binks an exotic dive-bar feel. Also, tea inspired cocktail drinks are their specialty so if you like you're iced tea mixed with alcoholic flavors, then Binks is meant for you.

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  • 7
    0.98 mi

    Guardino Gallery

    0.98 mi from Irvington Walking Tour
    2 reviews

    This Complex actually hosts four other businesses, besides the Guardino Gallery: - HiiH Gallery (Handmade Paper Lamps) - Redbird Studio (Specialty Stationary) - DarSalam (Middle Eastern Food) - Shrunken Head Massage In Portland, that would be called a destination location and brings to mind all sorts of "Date Night Under 1 Roof" ideas in addition to the "Last Thursday" Art ...

  • 8
    1.0 mi

    HiiH Gallery

    1.0 mi from Irvington Walking Tour
    2 reviews

    HiiH -- pronounced "Hi Hi" -- brings together the function of light, the craft of paper, and the art of sculpture. They are handcrafted in Astoria, shown here on Alberta, and apparently prominently featured in various residential, commercial, and gallery settings throughout the country. Even though a lot of this functional art is maybe a bit beyond my budget (or ...

  • 9
    0.81 mi

    Grizzley Tattoo

    0.81 mi from Irvington Walking Tour
    1 review

    You can't be in Portland ten minutes without noticing all the beautiful body art. If being there inspires you to get inked, you musts go to Grizzley Tattoo. The owner, Tyler, has been a well-admired artist for decades. The vibe is comforting and creative.

  • 10
    0.67 mi

    Community Cycling Center

    0.67 mi from Irvington Walking Tour
    1 review
  • 11
    0.76 mi

    23rd & Alberta Food Cart Lot

    0.76 mi from Irvington Walking Tour
    1 review

    The 23rd & Alberta Food Cart Lot is hardly the biggest of Portland's multi-cart outposts, but I'll be damned if it isn't the cutest! The Cheese Plate PDX, Uncle Tsang's Kitchen, The Sugar Shop and Garden Monsters call this picket fence-lined plot home. The occasional band or crunchy guitarist is known to take to the tiny stage here, to serenade ...

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  • 12
    0.75 mi


    0.75 mi from Irvington Walking Tour
    1 review

    Great fabric store in the heart of Alberta. Lots of unique fabrics. A breath if fresh air for someone who only has access to JoAnn at home.

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  • 13
    0.97 mi


    0.97 mi from Irvington Walking Tour
    1 review

    Ampersand is a gallery, specialty bookstore, and a retail archive, all in one compact and beautifully displayed retail space. It's a place of cultural preservation, starting with the plastic sleeves on many of the selections. The books are both old and new, as is the photography (vintage or not and many on the wall as works of art). I like ...

  • 14
    0.42 mi

    grain & Gristle

    0.42 mi from Irvington Walking Tour
    1 review

    Good place to try some local brews and eat some good food. I recommend the mussel frites. The service was great here. I hope to return to try other entrees. Everything on the menu sounded so tasty.

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  • 15
    0.68 mi

    Mimosa Studios

    0.68 mi from Irvington Walking Tour
    1 review

    A close friend of mine threw a birthday party at Mimosa. Let me just say it is the cutest pottery studio that I've ever been to. The space is small and compact but filled with art supplies and pots that are waiting to be designed.

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  • 16
    0.7 mi

    Alberta Street Public House

    0.7 mi from Irvington Walking Tour
    1 review

    Alberta Street Public House is a music venue. You can tell the small concert venue used to be a place for worship due to the aisle seats. It's perfect for a low-key indie folk band interested in performing n front of a small audience.

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  • 17
    0.81 mi

    TeSoAria Winery & Tasting Room

    0.81 mi from Irvington Walking Tour
    1 review

    Lovely atmosphere to enjoy some Oregon wines and some small bites to eat as well. Their pork belly dish is shown in the picture. Cheeses, truffle chips. and citrus marinated olives are also a few things I've tried, though I believe the menu often changes up a bit. Outdoor seating available when the weather is nice. Staff is very informative ...

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  • 18
    0.9 mi

    Monograph Bookwerks

    0.9 mi from Irvington Walking Tour
    1 review

    Every time I visit Portland, I like to hop in the car or public transit and explore some part of a neighbourhood that I've never or rarely been. I did that a few Sundays ago and ended up in the NE Alberta area in general and at Monograph Bookwerks in particular. Monograph is small, but is nicely curated with books ...

  • 19
    0.98 mi

    Redbird Studio

    0.98 mi from Irvington Walking Tour
    1 review

    I'm a sucker for letter press, cool cards, and other paper products with cool designs and a nice tactile feel. Redbird Studio is such a place and with a few sewed versions as a bonus. I ended up with a nice pad of note paper and almost pulled the trigger on a few other things from this really cool local ...

  • 20
    0.97 mi


    0.97 mi from Irvington Walking Tour
    1 review

    Portland seems to be full of stores that feature curated design items. Beam & Anchor is one example and CORD is another. CORD is right next to Ampersand (specialty publications) and both are connected via an inside door. Both establishments should be part of a single shopping experience. One huge plus here is that CORD stocks leather and bag products ...

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