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This funky Italian island on Lake Trasimeno was once home to a countess and a monastery. While the monks decamped long ago to terra firma, travelers come here to hike, swim, eat and play each summer. A hillside hostel, Fattoria Isola Polvese, has beds, apartments and a trattoria, while another association runs a central restaurant and bar. Take the ferry from San Feliciano.
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    5 Jul 04, 2012

    Hiking through olive groves, poking around a castle, peeping at a ruined monastery, and dipping your lower limbs (or whole body) in the lake are some ways to enjoy this little island. An eco-preserve, you can also rent a bike to tool around on, or stop and eat some amazing local food (fish like luccio and persico from the lake) at the restaurant in the center. Ferries take you a few times a day from San Feliciano, the closest little town. This island has all the beauty of Italy and none of the pretense...the people working at the restaurant and hostel are lovely and down to earth, and the prices for everything are more than reasonable. Definitely worth a stop if you're doing the Umbrian rounds!

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    4 May 24, 2013
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