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  • 1

    Hagia Sophia

    Sultanahmet Square, Istanbul Turkey
    216 reviews

    Beautiful! Stunning! This is definitely worth the wait in line to get in. Just enjoy people watching in the meantime, grab some roasted chestnuts and wait. Also, don't miss going around the back and getting in to see the tombs of sultans - this is a free entry area and separate entrance, so can be done at the same time ...

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  • 2

    Blue Mosque

    Istanbul, Turkey
    155 reviews

    A beautiful Mosque built in the early 1600's by Ahmed 1. The legend is that the Sultan wanted gold minarets for this mosque, however the architects misinterpreted him and built 6 minarets instead. For a long time it held the record for most minarets, not however there is the Al-Masjid al-Nabawi with 10 minarets in Medina and the Al-Masjid al-Harām ...

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  • 3

    Grand Bazaar

    Cankurtaran Mh, Tevkifhane Sk 1, Istanbul, Turkey
    126 reviews

    The very soul of Istanbul old days could be felt while passing through the labyrinth of shopping and imagine that this was the same souk where the Sultan passed once. Shopping gifts for your relatives can be easily done here with the availability of wide choices and variability.

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  • 4

    Topkapı Palace

    Sultanahmet Square, Istanbul 34122 Turkey
    106 reviews

    Stupendous sight. There are lots of Ottoman palaces in Istanbul but this is thr most unique and gives you a sense of how they lived for most of their reign.

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  • 5

    The Spice Bazaar

    Istanbul, Turkey
    98 reviews

    I loved this bazaar!!! It was smaller than the Grand Bazaar and really easy to navigate. The sights and smells were fantastic and I found myself wandering back day after day. You can find any type of Spice or Tea that you you want. I would suggest maybe trying and then maybe buying some Apple Tea,a local delicacy that is ...

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  • 6

    Basilica Cistern

    86 reviews

    Spooky! This huge underground water system was built by the Byzantines in the 6th century, and even though it's just flooded with tourists now, it's still very cool and atmospheric--all shadowy and filled with enormous columns that reflect in the water. It's one thing to see all the amazing buildings from that period--it's somehow even more impressive to see this ...

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  • 7

    Bosphorus Bridge

    Arnavutköy Mh., Beşiktaş/Istanbul, Turkey
    75 reviews

    The Bosphorus Bridge has a nice after-dark light show. However, you wouldn't want to be travelling across it during one of the frequent traffic jams.

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  • 8

    Taksim Square

    Gümüşsuyu Mh., Sıraselviler Cd 7, Istanbul, Turkey
    75 reviews

    This is the place to be in Istanbul. No visit to this city would be complete without heading over there. The night life, the shops, and the food caters for every taste.

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  • 9

    Galata Tower

    Bereketzade Mahallesi, 34420 Istanbul, Turkey
    67 reviews

    Galata Bridge was built by the Genoese during the Middle Ages as a watch tower over the area. The surrounding colony of Galata was independent of Constantinople until it was eventually captured by the Turks. Today it's one of Beyoglu's principle monuments, visible from the Bosphorus and the Asian shores. It also has one of the best views of the ...

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  • 10

    Galata Bridge

    Karaköy-Eminönü Verbindung, Istanbul, Turkey
    56 reviews

    It must be seen! There is so much going on...from the fisherman lined up on the bridge to the rocking boats selling the fish sandwiches! There is tons of shopping and it is literally a 2 minute walk to the Spice Market. The vendors get a little crazy but it is all just part of the flavor of the city.

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  • 11


    Piyalepaşa Blv, Istanbul Turkey
    48 reviews

    Beyoğlu is a district located on the European side of İstanbul, Turkey, separated from the old city (historic peninsula of Constantinople) by the Golden Horn. It was known as Pera (meaning "Across" in Greek) during the Middle Ages, and this name remained in common use until the early 20th century and the establishment of the Turkish Republic.The district encompasses other ...

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  • 12

    Sultanahmet Square

    51 reviews

    The Hippodrome of Constantinople was a circus that was the sporting and social centre of Constantinople. Today it is a square named Sultanahmet Meydanı (Sultan Ahmet Square), with only a few fragments of the original structure surviving. The word hippodrome comes from the Greek hippos (horse), and dromos (path or way). Horse racing and chariot racing were popular pastimes in ...

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  • 13

    Dolmabahçe Palace

    Vişnezade Mh., 34357 Istanbul, Turkey
    41 reviews

    Styled after Western Europe in Baroque architecture, stepping onto the grounds of Dolmabahçe Palace feels like you are leaving Istanbul. It is a stark contrast to Topkapi palace in Sultanahmet. This palace was the main administrative center from 1856 to 1922. If you have seen Topkapi it is important to see Dolmabahçe as well, contrasting the Golden period of the ...

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  • 14

    Historic Areas of Istanbul

    Istanbul, Turkey
    36 reviews

    aya sufiya in istanbul,and soltan ahmad is one of so biutiful areas that i visited.

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  • 15

    The Princes Islands

    28 reviews

    you must add it to your travel plan. especially during springs and summers, it is like heaven on earth.

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  • 16

    The Bosphorus Strait

    29 reviews


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  • 17

    Istanbul Modern

    4 Meclis-i Mebusan Caddesi Liman Sahasý Antrepo, Istanbul Turkey
    30 reviews

    While the exhibition program here is international in scope, the collection is predominantly Turkish. Istanbul Modern is undoubtedly the best place to see Turkish Modern Art. It's hung chronologically so visitors can see the development of Modern Art in Turkey: from the largely French-influenced early years to the flourish of recent years as Istanbul has become a centre of contemporary ...

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  • 18


    30 reviews

    This is a place where the word "crowded" is re-defined. Its a must for a tourist to see once for a lifetime but not a place I'd prefer to be every day. Good shopping opportunity here. Not for branded goods but more of traditional turkish style carpets, jewellery, spices etc. Beware for little boys trying to sell you perfumes or ...

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  • 19


    29 reviews

    The ferries in Istanbul are great. They come often, are very inexpensive and are a good way to avoid traffic getting to and from the European and Anatolian side. There are also ferries that can take you to the Princes Islands in the Sea of Marmara

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  • 20

    Istiklal Caddesi

    Istanbul, Turkey
    25 reviews

    Crowded. Shopping lane, old tram, stylish people and lovely buildings! Must be beautiful at night with the light decorations :)

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