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    Sightseeing's of Rome includes the Roman Forum, the Arch of Constantine, Circus Maximus, King Victor Emanuel Monument and the outside view of Coliseum. Rome is an ancient city, still left some of the walls.

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    681 reviews

    Lovely and very romantic city. You can enjoy it with your partner but also with friends and family. You must trip on gondola along canals

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    346 reviews

    What a beautiful city! Gorgeous architecture, amazing food and so much rich culture to explore. A definite must visit in Italy.

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    343 reviews

    Modern, cheaper from NYC to fly in, best ice cream near Duomo (only locals go there and I was there!), many shopping opportunities, and hey people speaks English here...

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    174 reviews

    Naples should get more credit than it is given as a destination city. It is a major port hub for ships that traverse all over the Mediterrean and the world, it has got many interesting stories from the times of the Bourbon kings to the massive destructions seen during WWII AND it is a wonderful jump off point to see ...

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    I was transported to a medieval place that gave birth to one of the Doctors of the Catholic Church-- Catherine of Siena. I like the duomos, the cobblestone walks around town and piazza, and the memories of panforte and specialty biscuits are pulling me back to this lovely ancient town.

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    117 reviews

    Pisa was better than expected, but I don't know how you can spend more than half a day there. The doumo, leaning tower, and the main square are the principal attractions. Also the church of San Stefano (with the pirate banners), but mostly it's a stop-off on the way to Florence.

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    73 reviews

    I studied for a year in Bologna, the very heart of Italy's gastronomic capital of Emilia Romagna. Come to Bologna to eat, to learn, to shop, and to explore this ancient town while protected by beautiful portici characteristic of this town. A must see for lovers of Italian food, history, and culture, though not overrun by tourists.

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    90 reviews

    The city became important because it was at the intersection of several roads. Stilicho defeated Alaric and his Visigoths here in 403. But, after Verona was conquered in (489 AD) the Gothic domination of Italy began; Theodoric built his palace there, and according to Irish legends that's what Verona was named after. It remained under the power of the Goths ...

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    88 reviews

    It's been years since I visited Capri... have fond memories of a large garden filled with flowers and colours, the best spaghetti in AnaCapri and of all, the Blue Grotto.

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    47 reviews

    This was our first stop on a tour of Sicily. What a way to begin! One can sense the influence of nearby North Africa in this busy, colorful, and friendly city. Fabulous restaurants and bakeries, picturesque markets, beautiful buildings of historic significance, and a unique combination of gritty and upscale areas all combine to create an exciting urban experience!

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    46 reviews

    This is an often underrated city in Italy, but there is a lot to see here! There are so many museums, the largest outdoor market in Italy, and, of course, the slow food movement originated here so there are some absolutely amazing eats!

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    64 reviews

    Didn't really see much of Sorrento, just the harbor mainly. I did however book a sailboat tour of Capri that departed from and arrived back in Sorrento. It turned out to be a fantastic day and a great decision. Four people I met in the hostel in Naples came down with me. We were greeted by the owner of the ...

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    50 reviews

    Como and the Lago di Como (Como Lake) are really one of Italy's loveliest spots. If you can go in summer, do, and spend a few days swimming and chilling in this lovely lake nestled into the mountains.

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    40 reviews

    This is a nice old town near Pisa and a lot less visited. It still has its wall around the old town, and has kept its charm. Great to spend a day wandering around, having a drink or something more substantial on terrace.

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    32 reviews

    One of the most peaceful places in the world. It can get crowded around Christian holidays and in the height of the summer, but many visitors come for just the day to see the St. Francis of Assisi basilica. You can stay here at night and have the side streets practically to yourself.

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    58 reviews

    Such a romantic little town. There's just something in the air here. Interestingly enough, it has its own fashion called "Positano Style," which is loose, flowy, light-colored (and sometimes lacy) dresses printed or embroidered with subtle floral prints. You can take a short ferry ride to Capri from here, but it only heads out to the island once in the ...

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    23 reviews

    Beautiful and pretty accessible Umbrian hill town. Great spot to get a taste of the smaller town Italian life.

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    27 reviews

    amazing place

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    98 reviews

    This place is amazing. We were so swept up by it that we spent five hours here in the dead of August heat. Truly mesmerizing.

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