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  • 21


    67 reviews

    A really beautiful view of the Bay of Naples, just too crowded

  • 22

    San Gimignano

    56 reviews

    If you're going to be near Siena, and you have a few hours to kill, I absolutely have to recommend going to San Gimignano. Like many other towns in Tuscany, San Gimignano is at the top of a hill, overlooking the countryside below. You can only arrive by bus or by car (buses run from the nearby Poggibonsi-SG train station ...

  • 23


    58 reviews

    Pretty much the same as Amalfi. All of them, very photogenic. Get your legs ready for going down and climbing up town.

  • 24


    36 reviews

    Fantastic views from this charming little town in Sicily!

  • 25


    51 reviews

    Como is great city on lake como not big but great place 2 be good Restaurant and food :)))))))))

  • 26


    23 reviews

    beautiful town, very peaceful. Perfect place to see how locals live in Amalfi Coast.

  • 27


    23 reviews

    It's amazing to be here for the Feast of Sant'Efiseo (May 1)--it kicks off with a fantastic parade through the historic center--natives in traditional costumes, flower-covered carts, soulful music played on launeddas=Sardinian bagpipes.

  • 28


    17 reviews

    The old town itself, walled and on a bluff over the sea, was built by the Catalan Spanish. It's well-located for the traveler with easy access to some of the most beautiful hikes, beaches (and sunsets) in Sardinia, and the inland archeological sites and medieval churches. It's also got an active airport. My fantasy is to buy a small vacation ...

  • 29


    47 reviews

    Loved this place! Pretty relaxing town in the daytime. Stroll down the street inside the walled town. Rent a bicycle and ride along the top of the wall which completely surrounds the town. At night the shops come alive and there are tons of restaurants to choose from. If you can find it check out Queens. The food is excellent ...

  • 30


    24 reviews

    How could you not love a former Italian fishing village that has maintained so much of its charm. Despite the flocks of Italian and international tourists every year, Vernazza is one of five small towns-- bound by mountains and sea-- that has managed to bring its cultural history to life. Hike the nature trails between the towns (the whole thing ...

  • 31


    13 reviews

    A quaint little village that is much smaller than Capri, but they shares the same island.

  • 32


    47 reviews

    It feels big, though the population is less than 1M, and it sure does bustle. The driving is chaotic, the history rich, and the restaurants serve up wonderful Sicilian food with an emphasis on fish. After all, it's an island. A popular dish is pasta with sardines, fennel, raisins and pine nuts in a light tomato / saffron sauce. Add ...

  • 33


    8 reviews

    Trapani is a small spit of land sticking out from the western coast of Sicily. The town itself is clean and pretty but the real plus to visiting Trapani is all the side trips that you can take from the city. You can visit the Egadi Islands, which lie a few miles offshore. Favignana has many great beaches while the ...

  • 34


    21 reviews

    Bit less crowded that Sorrento or Positano but well worth exploring if you're doing the Amalfi Coast.

  • 35


    5 reviews

    Beautiful spot with clear blue sea

  • 36


    22 reviews

    Known as the Florence of the South, Lecce is undeniably beautiful. If you like architecture, the specific style of barocco leccese, made from the area's unique limestone, is enough to bring you down this far south. It's a university town, so the culture is lively and fun. However, it's not my favorite town in southern Italy. Maybe it's just me, ...

  • 37


    35 reviews

    Most important city in Umbria, famour for its chocolate factories. It's an old middle-age city with the typical walls and narrow streets. The city center is on top of a hill from where you can see the sourrouding countryside.

  • 38


    28 reviews

    Definitely a place you want to visit. There's a lot of travel literature that tells you that you must come in by train and that driving is impossible. Nonsense. I drove from Venice to this town and parked my car here for a week.

  • 39


    39 reviews

    The ferry takes you from santa margharita to portofino and you cannot fail to be impressed by this stunning little bay. so simple and nice to stroll around for an hour, pick up a pizza and have a drink at a bar overlooking the harbour.

  • 40


    24 reviews

    The town of Cinque Terre, in the Liguria region of Italy, consist of 5 villages - Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. The 5 villages are located along the coast of the Italian Riviera and each provides its own charm and characteristic. Manarola is a quaint village with cliff-edged houses and terraced vineyards overlooking the Italian Riviera.

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