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    1170 reviews

    Rome is, hands down, my favorite city in the world. If you are an art buff, you may find yourself stumbling upon a Bernini sculpture gracing some little piazza that is not even on your map. If you are a history buff, you have ancient rome through the renaissance. If you love food, the cuisine is out of this world. ...

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    Rome and Surrounds

    62 reviews

    There aren't enough superlatives to encapsulate Rome. The facts are more impressive but fall short. Capital of the most durable land empire in human history and the ancestor of western civilization? True but an incomplete description--Rome is no mere museum and fragments of brick and marble tell a poor story. Mecca of the Catholic faith? Again true but it ignores ...

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    691 reviews

    Quite arguably the most stunning city in the world Venice is full of charm! Famous for it's intricate canal system this little island is truly a beauty to behold. Each turn in picture perfect and there are surprise around every corner. The island is small so it is quite walkable which is good especially considering there are no land vehicles ...

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    348 reviews

    The Basilica of San Miniato al Monte is across the Piazalle Michelangelo where we get the breathtaking view of Florence. After attending the 6pm mass, a kind nun ushered us to the nearby abbey where we joined the Gregorian-chanted vespers. Another very spiritual experience to my pilgrimage. I am very happy passing by Florence and the monte en route to ...

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    Venice and the Northeast

    17 reviews

    Although Venice is sinking every year but I hope it can remains the same as no other place like this.

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    356 reviews

    Other than the Major attraction Milan is just another big grungy city with tons of tourists. I was not amazed by the food. The Duomo is unique and worth while…the Central Park is the other primary reasons to go.

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    Milan, Lombardy, and the Lakes

    12 reviews

    Some pretty houses

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    Naples, Capri and the Amalfi Coast

    23 reviews


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    Holy See

    10 reviews

    Love or hate the catholic church, the Vatican as a tourist destination is incredible. Despite the crowds, a must-see... but so overrun than once is enough, especially in the summer.

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    177 reviews

    Naples is definitely my favorite city with its lively and mystic character. The city overflows with culture, italian cuisine and small alleys :-) Go here if you want to visit the real authentic Italy. It's rough, dirty, noisy yet absolutely beautiful.

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    29 reviews

    What I can say about Umbria, I was born here, is my region... Umbria has very small and beautiful cities, for me Assisi is the most beautiful of these, It's a back to the past, on middleages , when You enter in the old town, you shoud meet a Knight templar, or St. Francis in person that says to You: ...

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    60 reviews

    Sicily is simply fantastic. surely my favourite region in Italy. And so often not so famous worldwide. Sicily is permeated with history, from Phoenicians to Ethrurian, from Romans to Greeks... There are all around very well preserved ruins of ancient constructions, temples, theaters..... Sicily has a beautiful sea and beaches, in fact not everywhere but mainly in the surrounding islands, ...

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    113 reviews

    If you're in Tuscany definitely visit Siena. The Duomo is one of the most impressive in Italy and it's only half built. The main piazza is concave to allow for the famous Palio (horse race) once a year. And the city center is pedestrian only, allowing for unmolested strolling and shopping.

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    Amalfi Coast

    60 reviews

    This is a must-do for anyone with a few weeks around Rome and Naples. Either driving (preferably in a convertible or open-top car) or bus, it's great.

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    89 reviews

    I expected Capri to be Beautiful and I wasn't disappointed! The views are spectacular and everything is perfect. It is a BIG tourist trap and a bit pricey but interesting scenery and fantastic hotels make this island an unforgettable experience!

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    Liguria, Cinque Terre and the Italian Riviera

    25 reviews

    Yes, it's crowded in the summer, but there's almost no way the thousands of visitors can detract from the stunning setting. (Still, I highly suggest you visit outside of July or August.) I can imagine that, like the first non-Australians to see a platypus, the non-Italians who visit here are equally stunned at its impossibility. Ancient stone structures cling precariously ...

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    77 reviews

    In terms of history, cuisine, culture, and the Bolognese themselves,. I gave Bologna a five star rating. However, it is important to keep in mind that it is a communist city, in that it is run by communists, for the benefit of communists. The decay in the city is readily apparent, and it reminds me so much of my experience ...

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    144 reviews

    Tuscany is a region of Italy that is famous for amazingly picturesque landscapes, some of the greatest artists in history, fine cuisine, and wines - and much more, but I could do this all night. There are tons of incredible sites and cities in Tuscany and each of them are worth a lengthy stay.

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    7 reviews

    I spent two weeks in Emilia-Romagna and absolutely fell in love with the region. Many of Italy's most delicious food items come from here, like prosciutto, balsamic vinegar, ravioli and tagliatelle. The region is financially well off compared to other Italian regions, which means even the small towns have a nice luster to them. The people are incredibly friendly, and ...

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    46 reviews

    A great dinner in Tour with #ristotram #Turin

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