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    344 reviews

    People always ask me why I don't LOVE Florence. I think it is an amazing city, but it is a bit on the touristy side, at least for my tastes, and the crowds that never cease can sometimes be daunting and frustrating. But one visit to the city, and you will understand immediately why people flock there. There is so ...

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    112 reviews

    Though it was raining the entire time we were there, we still loved the town of Siena. Siena is encompassed by a wall, and most of the streets inside that wall do not allow motorized vehicles. It's great! I love the pedestrian cobblestone streets.

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    1159 reviews

    While I had the privilege of living in Rome for four years and getting to know it really well, I'd recommend it for a vacation anytime. The mix of amazing food and layers of history is truly unique. If you can, give yourself more than the standard 3 day highlights tour and start to explore the secret bits of Rome-catacombs, ...

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    677 reviews

    It's quite fantastic when you come to Venice even alone. I believe everyone feel happy and joyful around here.

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    142 reviews

    Truly Tuscany is one of the great regions for tourism in the world. There is something for everyone. Quaint vineyards, and charming Italian renaissance trading cities. More art and history than you can hope to absorb in a single trip, and awesome food and wine.

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    174 reviews

    The place you love to hate. This is probably the most intense city in Italy, for better or worse. It's definitely worth to explore it for a few days and experience all its perks and contradictions as well as some of the best food and sights the country has to offer.

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    23 reviews

    Vernazza has so many colorful buildings, just like the other villages of Cinque Terre, but it also has a distinct bay that differentiates it from the other villages, as well as a small rocky beach. Vernazza is a great place to explore, experience culture, meet people, eat, hike, relax, and enjoy beauty.

  • 8

    Rome and Surrounds

    60 reviews

    The point about Rome is that this antique city has to be made by foot, because there will be definitely a monument to see right about the corner. It's filled with landmarks that will make your head spin. That's it's charm and disadvantage at the same time since all closes nearly after sunset, and makes it like a dead city. ...

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    341 reviews

    Milan is Italy's business-y city. It's more gray than Rome, and much colder. However, you can see opera at La Scala, and stroll through the center, marvelling at the intricate sculptures decorating the Duomo. If you go in for designer shopping, it's definitely on offer. Make sure to stop for an aperitivo (drinks and snacks before dinner) which is a ...

  • 10

    San Gimignano

    48 reviews

    Up spiraling hills you climb, in search of views and towers. San Gimignano is drop-dead-gorgeous and perhaps the most popular day trip from Florence or Siena. The historic and walled little city on a hill is great for an afternoon of exploring. Check online or at the bus station to purchase tickets.

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    11 reviews

    Corniglia is the highest and smallest village in Cinque Terre, which sits on the top of a 100 meter hill overlooking the sea. There are vineyards everywhere you look in the surrounding hills, and a great view of the water. There are only about 4 (or maybe less) restaurants here, all serving about the same thing - Italian seafood. It ...

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    11 reviews

    An incredible hill town in Tuscany, here they pour the world famous red wine brunello di montalcino. Buses leave from Siena and take a little over an hour. Great day trip and a wine tasting mecca. Vino rosso per-fa-vor-e!

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    3 reviews

    If you're looking for a sexy little trip outside of Rome one day, Frascati is not a bad choice. Only about 40 minutes outside of the city (I used to go with my boyfriend on his motorino even) the town, which is part of the Castelli Romani area, is sweet. It's known for lightly sparkling white wine. I recommend buying ...

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    1 review

    Beeing a Red Cross member for 20 years coming to Solferino was a great experience. The atmosphere, the people, the food and not to forget the historical walks on the fields. Amazing.

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    32 reviews

    Rimini is a sea-side resort city of about 150,000 people, most famous for it's 15 km-long stretch of sandy beach. Rimini's history reaches back to Roman town's and there are historic buildings and remnants around town. Rimini is a great base to visit San Marino.

  • 16

    Cortina d'Ampezzo

    5 reviews

    Great mountain views hiking paths mountain climbing outdoor fun. Restaurants all have good food and walking the town is an exciting experience great day trip if u visit Venice.

  • 17

    Santa Marinella

    1 review

    Santa Marinella is a great little beach town around an hour outside of Rome. EVERYONE goes to Fregene, but if you're looking for a little Italian "mare" scene, complete with loads of umbrellas, spaghetti alle vongole, pizza, gelato Algida, and espresso in the full sun, Santa Marinella is a great, lesser known choice. I used to go all the time ...

  • 18


    98 reviews

    Pompeii was much more amazing than I had expected. The ancient city itself is perfectly preserved, giving you a deep look back into the past - with painted murals, mosaics, perfectly preserved kitchens with pottery. They also have plaster casts of the people who were caught when the volcano exploded. You can see their actual looks of terror, mouths open, ...

  • 19

    Cinque Terre

    57 reviews

    Once a dedicated travellers' secret, this lovely collection of five seaside villages has become a major tourist destination thanks to writers like Rick Steves - and for good reason. Each town, connected only by train or hiking trails (no cars), has its own charm and character. The views from the towns and especially from the hiking trail that connects them ...

  • 20


    26 reviews

    Riomaggiore is the southern most town in the Cinque Terre. Most people start their walk here and end up in Monterosso. One of the best walking day trips in the world! There are actually two paths one is way longer and far more difficult than the other. Most obviously take the easier and shorter one, but we had to take ...

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