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    678 reviews

    Went over the Acadamia bridge today and saw all the love locks on the railings, thought I'd add to them with one for me and my girlfriend Jemma. Thought it would be nice to show her when I go home to her

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    341 reviews

    It took me a while to warm to Milan, which is the most Western European facing of Italy's major cities. Fashion-conscious, well-heeled, and chilly compared to parts further south. But once Milan gets into you, there's an irresistible charm.

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    345 reviews

    People always ask me why I don't LOVE Florence. I think it is an amazing city, but it is a bit on the touristy side, at least for my tastes, and the crowds that never cease can sometimes be daunting and frustrating. But one visit to the city, and you will understand immediately why people flock there. There is so ...

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    174 reviews

    Naples is a place I'll always love but will never want to live in. It's simply too crazy, dirty, dark and mysterious for me; but that is also why I love it (minus the part about being dirty). Sure there are trash problems and crossing the street defies logic, but it's also home to some of the most interesting people ...

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    10 reviews

    Ancient city with dwellings built right into the caves. These dwellings are 5000 years old. Matera also is known as the "shame of Italy" for another set of dwellings. Worth researching. Today there is much renovation changing this tale of two cities.

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    8 reviews

    Beautifully colorful little island off the coast of Venice

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    1 review

    Where do all the young Romans go for Friday afternoons in the summer? Fregene. Tons of fabulous beach bars ranging from casual, to very fancy. The parties start in the afternoon but the real party begins after the sun goes down.

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    7 reviews

    Merano is a Lovely place were to stay a couple of weeks !!!!

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    1 review
  • 10

    Fie allo Sciliar

    1 review

    Völs am Schlern is a municipality in South Tyrol in northern Italy at its mystical namesake mountain.

  • 11

    Rome and Surrounds

    60 reviews

    Rome is my favorite city in the world. You can't walk a block without seeing something old and historic. Walking home after a night out at bars lands you in front of some grand Papal Church or a wall dating back to the Ancient era. Roman street food is also amazing. Pick up some Roman pizza (notably pizza bianca) and ...

  • 12


    26 reviews

    Riomaggiore is the first of the Cinque Terre Villages as you come from the direction of Porto Venere. There is a small harbour and port where Gayle and I landed via Ferry Boat. You can also take the Train here. Unfortunately, we were unable to walk over from Manarola as the main trail was closed. It's a pretty town to ...

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    22 reviews

    The medieval town of Manarola is the oldest town in the Cinque Terre. It was built at the mouth of the River Volastra, on a high rock 70 metres above sea level. It is charming and picturesque with its brightly coloured tower-houses and steep, narrow alleyways leading to the seafront. Gayle and I took the train here from Corniglia as ...

  • 14


    10 reviews

    Gayle and I arrived and left Bolzano/Bozen on the way too and from Castelrotto/Kastenruth. It's the charming capital city of the South Tyrol.

  • 15


    1159 reviews

    Probabilmente la città con il maggior patrimonio artistico del mondo, nonché simbolo della nostra passata grandezza

  • 16


    142 reviews

    Truly the place of dreams... and delicious wine. Driving alongside the Tuscan countryside is as much an experience as wandering the streets of Florence. It is as beautiful as they say. Tuscany does not disappoint.

  • 17


    98 reviews

    One of my all time favourite ancient Roman sites - this place is like no other. Well preserved, ironically, due to the volcanic ashes that fall from nearby Mount Vesuvius that also led to the city's destruction. This ancient site evoked a variety of emotions in me - awe, wonder, sadness and curiosity.

  • 18


    39 reviews

    First impression of Catania was rather disappointing but it is one of those places where its charm shows up after IT gets to know you.

  • 19


    117 reviews

    In comparison with other Italian cities, Pisa feels much smaller and quieter. The Piazza del Duomo, where the Leaning Tower of Pisa stands, is quite lovely, though some may not find this worth a trip to an entirely different city. Keep in mind, however, that Pisa also offers a number of other churches, bridges, and the River Amo to satiate ...

  • 20


    88 reviews

    The land of limoncello, Capri is one of the islands off Naples along the Amalfi Coast. The highlight here is the magical Blue Grotto, but if that's too packed with tourists, you can check out several other grottos as well. With Anacapri overlooking the beachside town, there is plenty to do on this quaint yet bustling (and at times hectic) ...

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