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    • Tokyo Disneyland日本, 千葉県浦安市舞浜1−1
      Xu Yin recommended Tokyo Disneyland
      no more to add. that's Disneyland...
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    • AkihabaraLocated five minutes by rail from Tokyo Station, Tokyo, 13 110-0006 Japan
      Xu Yin recommended Akihabara
      The best place to get electronic stuffs and mangas. my favorite place in Tokyo.
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    • Xu Yin recommended Tokyo
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      Elvira Vanag recommended Tokyo
      Tokyo is a huge, modern, busy, fast-paced, but also a very orderly and clean city. You can walk the busy streets and quiet parks, see some very interesting modern architecture and very important ... read more
      historical sites, view the city from one of the observation towers, take a boat ride with great city views, visit popular shopping streets, gawk at some amazing electronics stores, try some unusual street food, have a nice dinner in one of the numerous restaurants, and walk back to your hotel or the station under the brightest neon lights one can imagine.
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    • Omotesando Omotesando
      Pro 2014
      Laurel W recommended Omotesando
      Omotesando is an avenue whose name translates as approach to the shrine because the street leads to the Meiji Shrine. But just as significantly for a visitor, Omotesandō is known as one of the ... read more
      foremost architectural showcase streets in the world. Within a short distance of each other, numerous stores, mostly high end fashion shops, display their stunning architecture. These include the Louis Vuitton store by Jun Aoki, Prada by Herzog & de Meuron, Tod's by Toyo Ito, Dior by SANAA architects Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa, Omotesandō Hills by Tadao Ando, Tokyu Plaza by Hiroshi Nakamura, Cartier Building by Bruno Moinard and Jun Mitsui & Associates, amongst others.
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      Laurel W

      If you like modern architecture, this street has a great collection within a compact distance.

    • Tsukiji Fish MarketTsukiji, Chuo, Tokyo, Japan
      Elvira Vanag recommended Tsukiji Fish Market
      Tsukiji Fish Market is the largest fish market in Asia, or maybe even the world. While its main function is to supply most of the seafood consumed in Tokyo (and that’s a lot!) through wholesale shops, ... read more
      it’s an amazing place to visit for anyone interested in exploring markets while traveling. The main attraction, in my opinion, is the tuna auction. It’s quite a spectacle, especially the bidding process which is pure entertainment. The only drawback is that if you want to see the auction, you have to get there early in the morning, like around 4 am. You need to get a pass (free) to attend the auction – it’s on first come, first serve basis. They allow 2 groups of people, about 120 total. We got to the fish market at 3:55 am and around 4:07 am the first group was filled. The passes for the second group were gone by 4:35 am. Good thing we didn’t follow the book’s suggestion to be there around 5:30am. It varies from day to day though (the market is closed on Sundays, by the way) - our friends visited the auction about a week before us, they said that all passes were gone by 4:15 am. After you get your pass, you wait in a small room until it’s time to see the auction. Then they take you to a warehouse where lots and lots of frozen tuna bodies are laying on the floor and byers walk around and inspect them. At certain points the bidding starts – get your video camera ready! After you see the auction, you are free to wonder around the market (but watch out for fast moving carts and try not to interfere with people working there). It is typical (though very unusual to westerners) to get sushi/sashimi breakfast at one of the hole-in-the-wall places there. There are lots of stalls and little shops where you can get all kinds of souvenirs. Overall, the fish market is fun to visit and it’s worth getting up early.
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    • Meiji Jingu Shrine1-1 Kamizono-cho, Tokyo, 13 151-0053 Japan
      Elvira Vanag recommended Meiji Jingu Shrine
      The entrance to this very important shrine is lined with sake barrels on one side and wine barrels on the other side. Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken are enshrined here. They are held in highest ... read more
      esteem by the Japanese people. These sake barrels are offered every year to show respect and gratitude for industrial growth and modernization of Japan that Emperor Meiji started. Emperor Meiji also embraced many aspects of western culture in his personal life (such as wearing western attire, eating western food and enjoying wine with it). The barrels of wine are offered by wineries from Burgundy region in France to promote friendship between Japan and France. The Meiji Jingu Shrine is located in a beautiful, forest-like park right in the heart of the city. It’s wonderful to escape busy streets and find peace and tranquility here. You may also spot traditional Japanese wedding there – taking pictures or walking to the restricted area for a ceremony (we saw 3 couples getting married during our visit).
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    • Asakusa Shrine2-3-1 Asakusa, Tokyo, 13 111-0032 Japan
      Pro 2014
      Sara Benson recommended Asakusa Shrine
      Tokyo is a hyper-modern city. But this ancient Shinto shrine in a more traditional neighborhood is where you want to come to see Old Japan without leaving the city limits. The gigantic vermilion ... read more
      lanterns, pots of smoking incense and stalls crammed with crazy souvenirs make it a scene, day or night.
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    • Tokyo Tower4-2-8 Shiba-Koen, Tokyo, 13 105-0011 Japan

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