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    5 Sep 09, 2012

    What a great place to visit! The beach has the beautiful white, Florida sand and attracts a good following year round. Good access is provided to the beach by the county right-of-ways. Surfers are plentiful, good and fun to watch, although the waves can be a bit unpredictable and are not guaranteed each day. Posted hours restrict dogs and dog walking to early mornings and after 5pm - nice if you want to sunbath without them running around you. If you like dogs, the 5pm rush when the locals bring all their dogs back out is enjoyable. Clean beaches and great bike paths and walking areas down near the pier combine for a thriving night life of bars, hotels and beach side restaurants. The locals are friendly to visitors (some homeowners will even place free water coolers out in their yards so beach-goers can grab a drink as they walk to or from the beach). It all adds to the charm of Jacksonville Beach.

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