Jamaica Bay Inn

4175 Admiralty Way, (temporarily closed), Marina del Rey, CA 90292-6204
1 review

New hotel just opened in late November, 2010. It's located right on Marina Beach so it has great views of the marina. Rooms are large and well-appointed. I love the decor. Staff is great too. New restaurant there was fun to try. We sat outside in January around their firepits enjoying a glass of wine.

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  • 81
    4.41 mi

    Curry House CoCo Ichibanya

    4.41 mi from Jamaica Bay Inn
    2 reviews

    Customizable curry dishes. Choose the spiciness level, amount of rice (measured in grams), and toppings. Add mushrooms, spinach, corn, natto, dumplings, fried squid, sausage, and more. So many toppings and combinations to choose from! Be sure to try the curry with pickled daikon available in a jar at each table. It's delicious eaten together! I pile it on until there ...

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  • 82
    4.02 mi


    4.02 mi from Jamaica Bay Inn
    2 reviews

    My friends brought me to this shop to enjoy some fine pho, and in particular the oxtail pho. It was outstanding. The meat was delicious; it just falls off the bone and a nice quantity provided too. The soup was tasty but needed a shot of red rooster hot sauce on the table to fire it up a bit to ...

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  • 83
    4.68 mi

    Bella pita

    4.68 mi from Jamaica Bay Inn
    4 reviews

    Super cheap and food is fresh! I always get the chicken wooshi, with fries and apple cider and my bill is about 8 dollars! You can pretty much share the wooshi between 2 ppl. Yum!!

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  • 84
    3.48 mi

    Huckleberry Bakery

    3.48 mi from Jamaica Bay Inn
    13 reviews

    Warning: Do not come here if you are on a diet! Good heavens. The pastry case makes me feel like a kid in a candy shop, with my parents telling me I can only have one thing rather than the whole lot. The decision making is endlessly difficult, but rest assured that no matter what you pick, you will have ...

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  • 85
    4.1 mi

    Tanner's Coffee Company

    4.1 mi from Jamaica Bay Inn
    2 reviews

    Found my new addiction here : Iced Black Tea w/ Mango & Pomegranate Syrup! Funky neighborhood cafe with surfboards and art on the wall. Super friendly staff!

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  • 86
    3.31 mi

    Oops! Sushi & Sake Bar

    3.31 mi from Jamaica Bay Inn
    2 reviews

    This is a great place for happy hour! The employees are always friendly and I've enjoyed pretty much every dish I've tried here. Bring an appetite and check out the specials on the board by the aquarium!

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  • 87
    4.0 mi

    Tatsu Ramen

    4.0 mi from Jamaica Bay Inn
    13 reviews

    I liked it :) Fatty broth with skinny noodles for $10 and you order via ipad! Reminds me of Stacked. Once you place your order and pay, go find a table for your self and a server will come over to look at your ticket. I liked the ramen! It was better than what I expected (thought it'll suck). TIP: ...

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  • 88
    3.17 mi

    Philz Coffee

    3.17 mi from Jamaica Bay Inn
    7 reviews

    The coffee gods have spokethed... never go back to Starbucks. This Bay area based coffee chain has taken over the hearts of many coffee lovers and left them wanting more like your hot ex-wife. They have everything from mild to too-freaking-bitter-but-still-tasty drinks that show customers "I'm a professional!" Behold And Worship your false god that is Philz Coffee!!!

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  • 89
    3.77 mi

    Cafe 70

    3.77 mi from Jamaica Bay Inn
    8 reviews

    Gigantic boba teas for cheap?!?! And they taste delicious!!! Whether you need a pick me up or just need a pace to relax, this is THE spot to go to. They have a TV to watch the game. Board games to play with your friends. Did I mention their boba tea is delicious and HUmongous?! This is bigger than Nikki ...

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  • 90
    3.94 mi

    Brian's Shave Ice

    3.94 mi from Jamaica Bay Inn

    This spot is excellent. Shave ice is out of this world, and always has unusual flavors I can't find elsewhere. I highly recommend macadamia nut ice cream inside, and of course, condensed milk on top. Also, the staff is always super friendly (must be all the sugar).

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  • 91
    4.27 mi

    Bad sushi

    4.27 mi from Jamaica Bay Inn
    3 reviews

    This is a great spot for you and the bestie, beau or small party. The sushi is creative and unusual, but they don't rely on mayo like many places (BAD Angel roll is my fave). Their happy hour is perfect for drinks and small bites, and the staff is always pleasant. Pay with cash for a discount on the bill!

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  • 92
    3.99 mi

    Ayara Thai Cuisine

    3.99 mi from Jamaica Bay Inn
    8 reviews

    One of the best Thai places in LA! Try their Pad won't be disappointed! also the restaurant has an elephant theme so there are many trinkets like this one all over the restaurant

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  • 93
    1.39 mi

    La Cabana

    1.39 mi from Jamaica Bay Inn
    5 reviews

    My favorite mexican place on the west side. Not a taqueria - this is traditional mexican. Try the chile relleno burrito if you think you can handle the cheese. Really great margaritas as well served in a shaker! Open until the wee hours of the night.

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  • 94
    4.28 mi

    Cafe 50's-West L.A.

    4.28 mi from Jamaica Bay Inn
    3 reviews

    This is one of my favorite brunch spots. Dinner and lunch are great, too, but it's ideal for nursing a hangover (thick omelettes and mimosas, please), or a sunny spot to make Saturday/Sunday mornings a bit brighter. Their classic diner food is exactly what you'd want in bacon n eggs, and their avocado BLTs are boss. Don't miss the key ...

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  • 95
    4.02 mi

    Nijiya Market

    4.02 mi from Jamaica Bay Inn
    13 reviews

    Love this Japanese market! They have a huge selection of asian products! I do my weekly grocery shopping here!

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  • 96
    3.99 mi

    Hurry Curry of Tokyo

    3.99 mi from Jamaica Bay Inn
    13 reviews

    The last time I came to Hurry Curry was over ten years ago and it really hasn't changed over the years. I ordered the Curry Croquette and my buddy ordered the pork cutlet and both came quickly and was served to spicy perfection. I liked the fact that for a few more coins, you can get brown rice for the ...

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  • 97
    1.13 mi

    Jerry's Famous Deli

    1.13 mi from Jamaica Bay Inn
    1 review

    I personally enjoy a trip to Jerry's Famous Deli. I love the big pastrami and corned beef sandwiches, and the pickles ... YUM!

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  • 98
    2.2 mi

    Urth Caffe

    2.2 mi from Jamaica Bay Inn

    Is this THE destination for coffee drinks? Their delightful honey latte, or any of the other concocted variations of espresso they roast themselves? YES! Is the food worth the hour long wait in line + seated at the table? Debatable. Their espresso roast is wonderfully flavorful, rich, vibrant, and pleasant to the olfactory palette. Is it a foodie destination, though? ...

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  • 99
    3.42 mi

    Primo's Doughnuts

    3.42 mi from Jamaica Bay Inn

    Delicious maple bar, but not enough selection on a Saturday. No donut holes either, what's the dealio?

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  • 100
    4.02 mi

    Which Wich Superior Sandwiches

    4.02 mi from Jamaica Bay Inn
    5 reviews

    The sandwich I had here (turkey and cheese with pesto, spinach, tomatoes and cucumbers) was pretty good - better than Subway - but if you're a first-timer, the process can be a bit confusing. There are different bags that you write on depending on what kind of meat you want in your sandwich, and you end up staring at the ...

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