Jamaica Bay Inn

4175 Admiralty Way, (temporarily closed), Marina del Rey, CA 90292-6204
1 review

New hotel just opened in late November, 2010. It's located right on Marina Beach so it has great views of the marina. Rooms are large and well-appointed. I love the decor. Staff is great too. New restaurant there was fun to try. We sat outside in January around their firepits enjoying a glass of wine.

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  • 61
    3.61 mi

    Bird Pick Tea & Herb

    3.61 mi from Jamaica Bay Inn
    2 reviews

    Yay! I don't have to drive all the way to Santa Monica anymore for bird pick!!! I would recommend this place to all the tea lovers. I introduced the one in sm to two tea enthusiasts and they are HOOKED! As a graphic designer, bonus points for their branding system. Packaging, labels, info graphics, interior etc. Perfect Christmas gifts. You ...

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  • 62
    2.2 mi

    Urth Caffe

    2.2 mi from Jamaica Bay Inn

    My favorite cafe on the west side. Amazing espresso drinks served in big cups, mind blowing pastries and sweets, great sandwiches. The egg sandwich for breakfast, on fresh baked bread with avocado and cheese is my favorite - I get it every time I go to L.A. The bread pudding is also mind-blowingly good. The seating is all open air, ...

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  • 63
    4.56 mi

    Tender Greens

    4.56 mi from Jamaica Bay Inn
    28 reviews

    Fresh, organic, and very very flavorful. Everything on the menu is fresh and delicious. A visit to Los Angeles isn't complete until you've dined with the casual, friendly, health-conscious, upwardly mobile folks who frequent Tender Greens.

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  • 64
    3.03 mi

    Bay Cities Italian Deli & Bakery

    3.03 mi from Jamaica Bay Inn

    Save some money by ordering the chicken salad or tuna salad thats already pre-packaged and a fresh slice of bread! It'll come out to less than 4 bux for an awesome chicken salad sandwich.

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  • 65
    4.56 mi

    Rush Street

    4.56 mi from Jamaica Bay Inn

    Just so you know, I'm not a mac&cheese snob, it's not the first thing I would order at any restaurant. But I do love cheese... It's the best mac&cheese I've ever had! It came straight from the oven topped with different kinds of cheese, careful it's hot. The pasta was cooked just right and my taste buds were dancing. The ...

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  • 66
    4.05 mi

    Furaibo Restaurant Incorporated

    4.05 mi from Jamaica Bay Inn
    20 reviews

    Delicious all around! Great place to hang out with friends, enjoy many small dishes and drink beer. Beware longs waits though...and they don't take reservations :( The standout dishes: chicken wings, fish cakes with cheese (I forget the actual name). I know--that sounds gross, but it's somehow amazingly good! After seeing so many order this strange friend looking thing every ...

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  • 67
    4.03 mi

    Tsujita LA Artisan Noodles

    4.03 mi from Jamaica Bay Inn
    22 reviews

    Showed up 15-20min before the store opened on Saturday with Steph Y. and Emily R. I think we were the third group on the sign up sheet. The service was fast and we only waited few minutes to be seated. I got their tsukemen and it was so fatty and flavorful. I can see why it's so popular :) As ...

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  • 68
    2.9 mi

    The Lobster

    2.9 mi from Jamaica Bay Inn
    17 reviews

    yummmm this place was so good!!! My bf at the time and I turned into 12 year olds quickly devouring the 2 pound lobster in a fancy restaurant with our paper bibs around our neck! Nice view of the Santa Monica Pier, great atmosphere, and I just had such a great time dining there. I would go back there again... ...

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  • 69
    3.05 mi

    Tito's Tacos

    3.05 mi from Jamaica Bay Inn
    19 reviews

    Tito's is a West Los Angeles icon. I've been enjoying their tacos and all-meat burritos for decades! It's not for those who are uber health conscious, but it's a must see during your Los Angeles visit.

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  • 70
    4.02 mi


    4.02 mi from Jamaica Bay Inn
    17 reviews

    They’re ooey. They’re gooey. They’re beer-battered and then covered with sour cream sambal, Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese, cotija, chillies, cilantro and pickled garlic. They are the 'Oeey Gooey Fries' at Chego. *Drool.*

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  • 71
    3.52 mi

    The Penthouse

    3.52 mi from Jamaica Bay Inn
    26 reviews

    great restaurant/bar! definitely get a seat where you a view of Santa Monica! It is beautiful at night, I can only imagine the sunset views! The food and drinks are what you expect from a hotel bar....expensive

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  • 72
    4.15 mi

    Sushi Sasabune

    4.15 mi from Jamaica Bay Inn
    17 reviews

    Sasabune is a popular place for sushi. They have decent sushi, but I found the blue crab and ebi (sweet shrimp) lacking the flavor some other sushi places have. The salmon and yellowtail were very good though.

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  • 73
    4.01 mi

    Seoul Sausage Company

    4.01 mi from Jamaica Bay Inn
    18 reviews

    Sausage and balls...that's pretty much what you can expect to find here at Seoul Sausage Company. Sounds good? Well, I ate up them sausages and balls and walked away feeling pretty meh... Maybe I was expecting a little too much since they won the Great Food Truck Race. I'm going to talk about sausages before I move on to the ...

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  • 74
    3.94 mi

    Pour Vous

    3.94 mi from Jamaica Bay Inn
    17 reviews

    The outside surrounding looks dark and sketchy. It felt like I was in a different world when i entered Pour Vous. Is this considered a hidden gem? I attended a Tim Burton themed masquerade event. They closed down the intimate club for us and I got to enjoy the club with friends and aerialists. Pro: - gorgeous french-y 1920's decor, ...

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  • 75
    2.07 mi

    The Alibi Room

    2.07 mi from Jamaica Bay Inn
    15 reviews

    My first experience with kogi was at Alibi. I had no idea kogi was so good! I'm going to be honest in that I mostly like this bar for their music. Not a lot of place keep 90's hip hop on the rotation.

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  • 76
    3.2 mi


    3.2 mi from Jamaica Bay Inn
    15 reviews

    #BeStuffed "I only eat at a few sushi places in town, and just one of them is BGG-friendly. Sugarfish is hands down the best bang for your buck in terms of fresh, good quality sushi. Their omakase is $35" - Kat Odell Designed to be Sushi Nozawa’s hip (and more affordable) kid brother, this restaurant offers super fresh, simple sushi ...

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  • 77
    2.53 mi

    Cha Cha Chicken

    2.53 mi from Jamaica Bay Inn
    14 reviews

    Jerk chicken is awesome. We love this place. Tough parking, but food is worth it. Spicy, sweet, and Jamaican me crazy! Try the jerk enchiladas or jerk turkey or beef burger for a twist. Fresh juices too. Always come back when we're in the area.

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  • 78
    1.8 mi

    Waterloo & City

    1.8 mi from Jamaica Bay Inn
    15 reviews

    Yummy, yummy, yummy! Their food is carefully prepared and plated for an optimal eating experience. Portions are small by American standards, but oh so tasty. Their food is rather pricey, so be prepared.

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  • 79
    3.15 mi

    Wokcano - Santa Monica

    3.15 mi from Jamaica Bay Inn

    It's one of the perfect venues for a private or semi private event. The drinks and food are a bit pricey but the back patio is technically outdoors but gives an indoor feel being sandwiched between two buildings. You seamlessly move in and out of the building between dance floor, bar, and open area. Highly recommended for coordinating medium size ...

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  • 80
    3.48 mi

    Huckleberry Bakery

    3.48 mi from Jamaica Bay Inn
    13 reviews

    This bakery/cafe reminds me of the kind of eateries you'd find on Martha's Vineyard. Everything is super fresh, including the just-baked loaves and pastries on display at the counter. It's hard to come in here for lunch or dinner without snagging a dessert as well... I tried the burrata salad with walnuts and olives, which was absolutely delicious, as well ...

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