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    Greater Tokyo

    56 reviews

    It's not even about the sushi or sake. Tokyo is a city that is quite incredible. Unforgettable architecture, mesmerizing lighting, distinct districts and parks, and unbelievable food. You can do many things by foot, but half the adventure is riding the transit system. A must visit destination indeed.

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    454 reviews

    There is nothing you can not buy or eat in this clean city...just expensive.

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    140 reviews

    Loved Kyoto! There is so much to do there and with such variety. I would have to say I liked it even better than Tokyo and I was glad I chose to spend an entire week there. There is so much to see everything from traditional Japan to modern. I recommend people base there trips out of Kyoto and focus ...

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    84 reviews

    Osaka is the second largest city in Japan by population, with over 10 million people, and is known for its excellent culinary delights, independent and entreprenurial spirit, home to the country's top comedians, and site of one of the country's most famous castles from the Samurai period, Osaka-Jo.

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    22 reviews

    You have to visit Shinjuku area of Tokyo and witness the architecture of the area. Ride to the top of the building in the elevator for 360 degree views of the city, and souvenirs as well as a restaurant are up top as too!

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    24 reviews

    The urban center of Hokkaido and a transit point for most people visiting the region. Sapporo is known for its excellent food and the famous snow festival. A pleasant city with relatively wide boulevards and friendly people.

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    24 reviews

    Catch Cherry blossom here in March, it's beautiful with rich Japanese culture to explore. Interesting.

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    7 reviews

    If you head south, and want to visit onsen (hot spring) town, Beppu is the best place. The whole town smells like egg, which is a good sign for the hot spring town. Though, it can be tricky to navigate since the town is old and streets are small and curvy. I got super lost when I Was there, barely ...

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    Osaka Prefecture

    3 reviews


  • 10


    1 review

    Bustling walkways filled with people and incredibly fresh seafood. Totally worth the walk from Shinbashi Station.

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    1 review
  • 12


    28 reviews

    You should definitely visit Nara. Gorgeous temples, walking distances to everywhere and the free roaming deer will capture your heart. It makes you not want to leave Nara so early.

  • 13


    5 reviews

    Nice city worth an overnight stop on a tour through Kyushu. Nice castle and and a couple other sight worth worth a little bit of your time.

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    29 reviews

    At once a pleasantly relaxed and quiet city, and a potent symbol of the destructive horrors of the modern age, Hiroshima is practically an expected visit for anyone with a JR pass and an extra day or two. Still, some things are popular for a reason, and a morning spent in quiet reflection in the Atomic Bomb Memorial Museum and ...

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    Yamanashi Prefecture

    2 reviews

    Free cherry picking for 40 min. It was really good taste and staffs were very friendly.

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    17 reviews

    Though it can feel gray and industrial, central Fukuoka has its charms. The highlight for me is late night ramen at one of the riverside stalls. The people are friendly and the nightlife can be fun if you are gregarious and don't mind striking up conversation at one of the many small bars. Famous for tonkotsu (pork bone) ramen.

  • 17


    23 reviews

    Pleasant seaside city with large boulevards and a bit more greenery than its larger neighbor. China Town (chukagai) is probably the highlight for most visitors. Nice but lower priority vs. other attractions in the region.

  • 18


    10 reviews

    Still scarred by the massive earthquake of 3/11, Sendai is open for tourism and all of the major sights are open for visitors. Though minor in comparison to Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima, and other major tourist cities, the relaxed atmosphere, good food and friendly people make Sendai a pleasant place to visit. Less accustomed to foreigners than other parts of Japan, ...

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    30 reviews

    A nice day trip to the beach and temples. Particularly lovely during cherry blossom season.

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    17 reviews

    Kobe as long been an international port city in Japan, and as such, has more international influences in business, foreigners, and variety of cultural influences than your average Japanese City. This goes back hundred of years. My mother always told me about the foreign influences in KObe, having grown up just a few cite away. The City itself has a ...

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