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    140 reviews

    Kyoto feels different than Tokyo. Somehow it is still high tech, busy and commercial, yet many areas look more traditional and imparts an aura of serenity.

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    29 reviews

    At once a pleasantly relaxed and quiet city, and a potent symbol of the destructive horrors of the modern age, Hiroshima is practically an expected visit for anyone with a JR pass and an extra day or two. Still, some things are popular for a reason, and a morning spent in quiet reflection in the Atomic Bomb Memorial Museum and ...

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    28 reviews

    Nara is the first permanent capital of Japan (8th century). It is about an hour away from Kyoto by train - an easy ride. It has everything you would expect from an old capital - temples, shrines, pagodas, gardens, more shrines, and also has an unusual twist - many deer (~1200), freely roaming around without fear of people. Plus, it ...

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    Greater Tokyo

    56 reviews

    Tokyo has so much diversity, it seems impossible to imagine how anyone could not have a great adventure in this city. The public transportation is excellent and not as difficult to figure out as one might image when first looking at the maps. Not speaking Japanese is not a problem. English speakers can be found through out the city. Nor ...

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    454 reviews

    Forget about the brand-name fashion palaces of Ginza, Tokyo's best-known shopping district. Shibuya is where it's at if you want to snap up contemporary Japanese styles without spending your entire bankroll. Just watch out crossing that famous street -- Shibuya Crossing -- which is like a sea of humanity in the storm of a century. (If you're looking for cutting-edge ...

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    30 reviews

    A nice day trip to the beach and temples. Particularly lovely during cherry blossom season.

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    Kyoto Prefecture

    5 reviews

    Go there in Fall - leaves and tress in bown - very beautiful

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    1 review

    A short train ride from the press of Osaka, this lovely little town has narrow winding streets famous as former homes of the samurai. A river wends through the place, enhancing the historic and intimate natural feel.

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    16 reviews

    Truly magical if you can get there! Located only a couple hours north of Tokyo up in the mountains this little town has a lot to offer. The main town is located at the base of a mountain with several very sacred temples and shrines. If you take a ride up the mountain you'll be treated to several waterfalls, big ...

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    24 reviews

    Shiraoi Ainu Village - also known as "Porotokotan", the design of the museum as an outdoor museum is divided into modern and village zone. Inside a house, explanations of Ainu history and culture are given and traditional dances are performed at all times of visitors. Sapporo got 3 beer factories , there are Sapporo, Kirin and Chitose.

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    5 reviews

    The residents of Nagasaki must feel a bit strange sometimes. Known primarily for having suffered the devastation of the 2nd atomic bomb in 1945 (the preponderance of the victims of which were women, children, and the elderly), the city is overshadowed even in that ignominy by its neighbor, Hiroshima. The denizens here, though, can take comfort in living in a ...

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    KyotoHigashiyama Ward

    2 reviews

    Higashiyama is one of 11 wards in Kyoto. The district along the lower slopes of Kyoto's eastern mountains is one of the city's best preserved historic districts. It is a great place to experience traditional old Kyoto, where the narrow lanes, wooden buildings and traditional merchant shops invoke a feeling of the old capital city. Recent renovations to remove telephone ...

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    21 reviews

    Despite the hoards of daytrippers that crowd the hot springs and the scenic viewpoints of Mt Fuji, Hakone is still a relaxing place to visit if you stick around for dinner and stay overnight in a traditional ryokan (inn) with private pools and views.

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    2 reviews

    Home to Japan's most venerated Shinto shrine, Ise makes an intriguing and off-the-beaten-path detour (for Westerners, at least) from the Kyoto-Nara-Osaka tourist circuit. On a rural peninsula off the Japan Rail's main trunk lines, Ise is also the gateway to getting a taste of Japan country life. If you've got kids with you, you might get a kick out of ...

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    4 reviews

    Far off the beaten path, at the southern tip of the southern island of Kyushu, Kagoshima is a gorgeous city with a volcanic ex-island, Sakura-jima, that you can visit to go hiking. Unlike the hustle and bustle of Tokyo and Osaka, this city has an unhurried atmosphere more like Kyoto. Don't miss a visit to Iso-teien, one of Japan's most ...

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    5 reviews

    A little castle town in the Japanese Alps, Matsumoto lets you experience real small-town country life, even if you're just staying for one night. There are peaceful temples to visit, hot springs within a short bus ride, and great food stalls in the center of town.

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    1 review

    Historic and laid-back, Matsuyama is Kyushu's biggest city. It's top sights are Matsuyama Castle and the Dogo Onsen Honkan, the oldest hot spring in Japan. Good off-the-beaten track destination, but hot-spring suburb of Dogo is slightly popular as a hot spring resort with Japanese.

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    8 reviews

    With Japan's best-preserved original medieval wooden castle, the little city of Himeji may not offer huge numbers of sights, but what it DOES have is, frankly, lovely. The white peaks and swooping eaves of Himeji-Jo (Himeji Castle) are particularly striking framed by spring blossoms, but I would consider Himeji a must-visit at any time of the year.

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    5 reviews

    Nice city worth an overnight stop on a tour through Kyushu. Nice castle and and a couple other sight worth worth a little bit of your time.

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    2 reviews

    Matsushima is considered by the Japanese to be one of the country's most important "beauty spots." The mix of temples, red bridges, islands, and hot springs makes this a very special place that is easily managed on foot. The major sights can be seen at a leisurely pace in a single day though the town is pleasant enough to linger ...

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