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    452 reviews

    Shibuya's busy intersection is another good place to people watch. This place is known for the "shibuya girl" blonde hair, fake tan, at least four inch heeled killer boots.

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    27 reviews

    From what I could tell Nara is known for two things... 1. It is the "ancient capital" of Japan and 2. THE DEER! I think it is worth a visit just to see the deer in Nara! They are everywhere, sitting along the side of the street or walking down the road, and they will come right up to you! ...

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    Greater Tokyo

    52 reviews

    An amazing city to see! Growing up outside of New York City Tokyo is the only place in the world I've ever been with a similar feel to NYC. There are so many unique things this city has to offer I can't even begin to list them all here.

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    6 reviews

    Naoshima is an island in Japan's Seto Inland Sea that was redeveloped a few years back as an island of art to combat the depopulation that was in effect there. Now there are at least 3 contemporary art museums, an art house project, a functioning bathhouse that is an art installation, and other free outdoor art installations throughout the island. ...

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    136 reviews

    Kyoto is the Japan of our imagination where visitors can visit magical zen gardens, temples, palaces and attend authentic Geisha performances, etc.

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    82 reviews

    Osaka is the second largest city in Japan by population, with over 10 million people, and is known for its excellent culinary delights, independent and entreprenurial spirit, home to the country's top comedians, and site of one of the country's most famous castles from the Samurai period, Osaka-Jo.

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    18 reviews

    Shinjuku is what many people think of when they imagine what Tokyo must look like: towering buildings (some with futuristic architecture), tons of flashing neon, and no shortage of crowds. One of the city's major commercial and entertainment centres, it's a great place for shopping, dining, and people-watching, particularly in the evenings, when the neon turns the district into a ...

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    14 reviews

    I had several hours layover at Narita (Tokyo) airport, so took a short train ride to Narita City. Easy walk from train station to shops and a scenic temple, definitely worth t the trip.

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    23 reviews

    Sapporo is the largest urban city in Hokkaido. Although it is still in no way close to having the hustle and bustle of Tokyo or Osaka, Sapporo has charm and its own characters. The miso ramen here is fantastic, the milk products are must tries, and in Hokkaido, Sapporo IS the shopping mecca of the land!

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    30 reviews

    The great buddha of kamakura, is the second bronze statue. Whenever you come his expressive face will touch your heart.

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    First day in Tokyo! Super nice host and pretty room! Should take a rest now.

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    28 reviews

    Hiroshima... How can I describe it? I've read so many books about it. I know the whole history of Hiroshima. I have tried to imagine all that horror with knowing that it's something you're never able to know for real. Every text, every photo, every memorial... Those are only a tiny bit of the history and story you'll be able ...

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    Though it can feel gray and industrial, central Fukuoka has its charms. The highlight for me is late night ramen at one of the riverside stalls. The people are friendly and the nightlife can be fun if you are gregarious and don't mind striking up conversation at one of the many small bars. Famous for tonkotsu (pork bone) ramen.

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    12 reviews

    Arriving late to the hotel, we need to grab dinner via the vending machine :p

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    Kobe as long been an international port city in Japan, and as such, has more international influences in business, foreigners, and variety of cultural influences than your average Japanese City. This goes back hundred of years. My mother always told me about the foreign influences in KObe, having grown up just a few cite away. The City itself has a ...

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