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    138 reviews

    A beautiful, timeless city whose temples and other national treasures were spared from Allied bombing during WWII. This is the city in Japan that I return to time and again, and for anyone interested in Japan's traditional culture, it's a must-see. Rent a bicycle and pedal (or walk) between temples that encircle the city, stopping to meditate in Zen rock ...

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    7 reviews

    Beppu is Japan's hot springs capital. On the northeast shore of Kyushu, hot water, mud and gasses bubble out from the earth. There are onsen (mineral baths) here for everyone: mud, sand, and water. Also be sure to search out the natural onsen on the hillside above Beppu. Nice city to stop in for a couple days on a tour ...

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    19 reviews

    Despite the hoards of daytrippers that crowd the hot springs and the scenic viewpoints of Mt Fuji, Hakone is still a relaxing place to visit if you stick around for dinner and stay overnight in a traditional ryokan (inn) with private pools and views.

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    Osaka Prefecture

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    3 reviews

    Far off the beaten path, at the southern tip of the southern island of Kyushu, Kagoshima is a gorgeous city with a volcanic ex-island, Sakura-jima, that you can visit to go hiking. Unlike the hustle and bustle of Tokyo and Osaka, this city has an unhurried atmosphere more like Kyoto. Don't miss a visit to Iso-teien, one of Japan's most ...

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    2 reviews

    Home to Japan's most venerated Shinto shrine, Ise makes an intriguing and off-the-beaten-path detour (for Westerners, at least) from the Kyoto-Nara-Osaka tourist circuit. On a rural peninsula off the Japan Rail's main trunk lines, Ise is also the gateway to getting a taste of Japan country life. If you've got kids with you, you might get a kick out of ...

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    453 reviews

    Tokyo is a huge, modern, busy, fast-paced, but also a very orderly and clean city. You can walk the busy streets and quiet parks, see some very interesting modern architecture and very important historical sites, view the city from one of the observation towers, take a boat ride with great city views, visit popular shopping streets, gawk at some amazing ...

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    Greater Tokyo

    52 reviews

    Tokyo is fantastic. While a sprawling metropolis, it amazingly remains clean. Gutters are free of cigarette butts, yet many many Japanese smoke. It is a testament to the pride, and hygiene of this very amazing culture! The food here is often fast, but charming. The really good food must be sought after, as it is often on random building floors, ...

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    83 reviews

    went to a hot spring hotel and would highly recommend doing so. It was a very tradition hotel when you can bath at their out door hot spring. They gave you a "kimono-ish rope" to wear with your stay there. Sleep on a tatami (on the floor, not mattress), with tradition japanese culinary done on a hot stone. IT was ...

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    14 reviews

    I had several hours layover at Narita (Tokyo) airport, so took a short train ride to Narita City. Easy walk from train station to shops and a scenic temple, definitely worth t the trip.

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    27 reviews

    From what I could tell Nara is known for two things... 1. It is the "ancient capital" of Japan and 2. THE DEER! I think it is worth a visit just to see the deer in Nara! They are everywhere, sitting along the side of the street or walking down the road, and they will come right up to you! ...

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    18 reviews

    Shinjuku is what many people think of when they imagine what Tokyo must look like: towering buildings (some with futuristic architecture), tons of flashing neon, and no shortage of crowds. One of the city's major commercial and entertainment centres, it's a great place for shopping, dining, and people-watching, particularly in the evenings, when the neon turns the district into a ...

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    28 reviews

    I spent time here as a foreign-exchange student, and it's a very memorable place to visit, whether you're interested in traditional or modern Japan. Must-dos include the peace museum and the eerie skeleton of the Genbaku Dome, a memorial to the nuclear bomb dropped here by the USA during WWII. Take a day trip out to Miyajima Island, with its ...

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    15 reviews

    Kobe as long been an international port city in Japan, and as such, has more international influences in business, foreigners, and variety of cultural influences than your average Japanese City. This goes back hundred of years. My mother always told me about the foreign influences in KObe, having grown up just a few cite away. The City itself has a ...

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    23 reviews

    For something different, why not visit Sapporo? It the best of both worlds - gorgeous natural scenery just out of town, a buzzing nightlife and the best Ramen in all of Japan! Definitely check out the Sapporo Beer Museum also - even if you aren't a huge beer drinker, the all you can eat restaurant is soooo good!

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    15 reviews

    Fukuoka is a pleasant coastal city worth a night's stop on a Kyushu itinerary. It is laid-back and has a vibrant nightlife. Ordering a bowl of ramen in the "yatai" street stalls is the city's highlight.

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    16 reviews

    Truly magical if you can get there! Located only a couple hours north of Tokyo up in the mountains this little town has a lot to offer. The main town is located at the base of a mountain with several very sacred temples and shrines. If you take a ride up the mountain you'll be treated to several waterfalls, big ...

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    30 reviews

    50km south from Tokyo, you can reach it by train. The capital of shogun famous for the Big Buddha statue

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    11 reviews

    First day in Tokyo! Super nice host and pretty room! Should take a rest now.

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