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    98 reviews

    Great if you have teenagers in the group or just for fun people watching - the teenagers can seem a bit like anime and the shops and boutiques in this area are jammed with current fashions and lighthearted fun.

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  • 2


    71 reviews

    Technology hub of Tokyo. The entire district is tech! It's like being in a giant Fry's Electronics store, except the entire city block is one giant shopping store! You can buy everything electronic here! Great place to see all the geeks, nerds, and dorks come out!

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  • 3

    Temple of the Golden Pavilion (Kinkakuji)

    85 reviews

    The zen garden here is imbued with the utmost quiescence, and appropriate humility to balance the grandeur of the pavilion. Tourist railings covered in hand-split bamboo are a little distracting, a modern, albeit lawsuit-deflecting necessity. Would love to walk the trails "un-corralled" but c'est la vie. Amazing place, visit and meditate. Truly contemplative. Made my heroin come-down that much easier. ...

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  • 4


    11 reviews

    Clubbing district filled with delicious restaurants, ranging form mom & pop eateries to nice dining establishments. Great district to stay at for those visiting Tokyo for the first time. Younger crowd congregates here.

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  • 5

    Tokyo Disneyland

    26 reviews

    Reached there when it opened and came out after it closed. Its too much fun. Best attractions - Space Mountain, the parades and the fireworks. Don't forget to click a photo next to million smiles. Avoid weekends. Vegetarians - carry own food.

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  • 6

    Tokyo Pub Crawl

    7 reviews

    Nothing but crazy good times here. Not too bad on the wallet either. Two thumbs up!

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  • 7

    Asakusa Shrine

    71 reviews

    You can get you fortune told here. Of course this became the best place to visit after I received a very good fortune. I loved all of the shops with food and souvenirs on the way here.

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  • 8

    Ghibli Museum

    18 reviews

    Fans young and old will love this museum, which features hand-drawn sketches by Hayao Miyazaki.

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  • 9

    Kumamoto Castle

    12 reviews

    Kumamoto's most famous attraction is Kumamoto Castle. It is one of the most renown castles in Japan. Having been to another famous castle, Himeji Castle on my previous trip to Japan, I was interested to see how the one in Kumamoto compared. If you intend to visit Kumamoto Castle, I would suggest buying the Kumamoto Tram day pass as there ...

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  • 10

    Fort Goryokaku

    5 reviews

    Spring begins with the cherry blossoms at Goryokaku Fort. Approximately 1,600 cherry trees that were planted here during the Taisho era, including the yoshino cherry variety, come to full blossoms. The Hakodate Goryokaku Festival is held in early summer, when the Meiji Restoration Parade proclaims the history of Goryokaku Fort that began with the arrival of Commodore Perry as its ...

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  • 11

    Edo-Tokyo Museum

    4 reviews

    A wonderful museum featuring the history & culture of Tokyo. Exhibits are beautifully constructed & are very interesting. We toured the museum with our local guide, who provided excellent insight into the displays. However, one could probably enjoy touring independently.

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  • 12


    23 reviews

    Kiyomizu-dera is an ancient temple in Kyoto, with a famous fountain fed by the pure spring waters from the mountains above it. This famous fountain is split into 3 end points at this temple, and Japanese and tourists alike come here to drink the waters from one of the 3 final spouts of the flowing stream. Each of the 3 ...

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  • 13

    Tokyo DisneySea

    3 reviews

    You must go here if you are in Tokyo. It is reachable by rail from Tokyo Station in about 20 minutes. DisneySea is different then the other parks but still familiar. Most everyone speaks Japanese even Mickey & Minnie but you can still figure out what is going on. Yes it is crowded but worth it.

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  • 14

    Universal Studios Japan

    14 reviews

    For the young, young-at-heart or if you simply want to feel young again! This place contains attractions for adrenaline junkies or for play-safe people.

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  • 15

    小樽オルゴール堂 Otaru Music Box Museum

    3 reviews

    Can see thousands types of music box which made by various pattern and materials such as glasses, wood and porcelain. Although the prices are expensive but many people like to buy it home for gifts.

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  • 16

    Shiroi Koibito Park (白い恋人パーク)

    2 reviews

    Surprise to see how they kept their things over 150 years. Here you wii see how "Shiroikoibito" (chocolate in between smooth cookiew) product is processed.

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  • 17

    Daikanyama T-Site

    7 reviews

    Easily one of the coolest places I've seen in Asia. On an uncharacteristically rainy day in Tokyo, we wandered in here, cold and soaking. We spent over an hour on a couch flipping through really cool Japanese lifestyle magazines and design books and wandering around the premises. This is worlds away from a Barnes and Noble or a Green Apply ...

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  • 18

    Yokohama Ramen Museum

    3 reviews

    Love this fun museum yet the main attraction are the delicious restaurants. Several versions of ramen to choose from. Ask for help using the ticket ordering machines.

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  • 19

    Don Quijote

    2 reviews

    Eclectic store that has everything and bargains galore. I've been to two inTokyo, one in Minato, in the business district near the Ginza and the one in Akibahara. This one has an AKB48 Japanese Girl singing group's showroom upstairs as well as several arcades.

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  • 20

    Suizenji Koen

    2 reviews

    While Kumamoto Castle is the most well known attraction in Kumamoto, Suizen-ji Jōju-en (Suizenji Park) was an unexpected surprise that won my heart. I have been to a couple of Japanese gardens before. Most notably the one in Portland, but not to one in Japan until my visit here. And there is no comparison, Suizenji is absolutely on another level. ...

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