Going to Playa del Carmen, Mexico

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    • Carmen Zimmer commented on this trip

      Check out Alux, it is a restaurant/bar in an underground cavern.

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    • Baxter Jackson recommended Tulum
      Tulum gives you a sense of what it must have been like for the Spaniards when they first encountered the Maya in all their glory - very 'Apocalypto.' The palm fringed beach just on the other side of ... read more
      the ruins is almost as breathtaking.
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    • Baxter Jackson commented on this trip

      The ruins of Tulum is a must as is Fourth Avenue in the city of Playa Del Carmen itself - tons of world class restaurants, bars and night clubs. My fav beach is just on the other side of Tulum south of Playa - it's like you've stepped into a screensaver.

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