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    • Bumpy's Cafe1040 - 8th Street Southwest, Calgary, AB T2R 1K2, Canada
      Aaron Nissen recommended Bumpy's Cafe
      Bumpy's is a local favourite. They have excellent coffees, muffins and sandwiches. The staff are very friendly.
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    • Model Milk308 17 Avenue South West, Calgary, AB T2G1P3, Canada
      Pro 2014
      Laurel W recommended Model Milk
      This is a fairly new restaurant to the ever growing restaurant spots on 17 Ave SW. The atmosphere is casual and fun. The chef, a bit of a celebrity, Justin Leboe, has proven he can do high end dining. ... read more
      Here, the food is more casual but with real quality.
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    • Prince's Island ParkCalgary, Alberta, Canada
      Scott Kennedy recommended Prince's Island Park
      This beautiful park right in the center of the city is an oasis of green amongst the urban jungle. It's a great place for a stroll along the pathway system, a game of frizbee on the grass or to ... read more
      stretch out for a mid-afternoon nap. Be sure to drop by on weekends when the park is frequently home to live music.
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      Scott Kennedy

      great spot

    • Nellie's2308 Fourth St SW, Calgary, AB T2S Canada
      Scott Kennedy recommended Nellie's
      Best breakfast in Calgary. Boom - I said it. The belly-buster will change your life. The cutlery doesn't match the plates and they pack the punters in like battery hens - but you love it.
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      Scott Kennedy

      can't miss this place!

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