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Dec 05, 2011

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    • Jolien commented on this trip

      Hi Arlo,

      Thank you for your response! Your concerns made us look into it a little more. Turns out the organisation is more known around the web under the name 'H&C Patagonia' ( I don't know if you or your friends heard about this one?

      We looked around on the web and found some (although not a lot) positive reviews:

      I have a growing confidence that this organisation is legit and does what it says on their website.
      Do you think you can agree?



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      Arlo Hemphill recommended Puerto Piramides
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      Arlo Hemphill

      Hi Jolien,

      Peninsula Valdes is one of my favorite places on Earth, but it isn't known for camping due to extremes in weather and the fact that most of the Peninsula is either private land or protected, so camping isn't allowed. I'd never heard of this company, so I asked some friends who lived in Puerto Madryn for many years and they not only never heard of them, they were also very skeptical about them. Although I would love to camp out on the Peninsula, my friends feel it is not a great place for that. I imagine the reasons include there is zero freshwater and very little cover, so weather conditions are extreme - intense heat, bitter cold and high winds. It is also very scrubby and hard to move around in the brush.

      My recommendation is to look at one of the hostels and camp hotels in Puerto Piramides. It is a charming little coastal hamlet right at the base of the Peninsula, and also the center for leaving on whale watching destinations. I really love this "town" a lot and think you would dig it too!

    • Punta TomboFlorentino Ameghino Department - Chubut Province, Argentina

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