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jonniespain is looking for advice on Meteora :

How do I get there from Athens?

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George Kardaras commented on this question

i. Rent a car in Athens and enjoy the drive.
ii. Go to the Larissa station in Athens, take the train, go to Larissa. Rent a car and enjoy the short drive.
iii. Take a package tour:

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Julia P commented on this question

You should also be able to take a train from Athens to Kalampaka and a bus or hike from there.

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Tzakos Athanasios commented on this question

by car using the gps,google maps or michelin....or to be more classical a paper road map...:)
or the ktel bus from athens to trikala (almost every 2 hours) and after the bus trikala-kalambaka that is every half an hour...

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