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I need to no how much it would cost me to rent a sail boat and operator for a week let me no

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    • Zora O'Neill commented on this list

      Hey Josh--I don't have a precise answer, but I recently asked a friend who has worked on charters about this, and this is the gist of what she said: Megayachts are $100-200K/wk at least, while a 40-foot sailboat with four guests and a captain would be about $3000/person/wk, and 25% more at least in the winter. Prices grow exponentially based on size: 50 - 60 ft. with for 4 or 6 guests are $10k per person. Bareboating and hiring a freelance captain is cheaper, she said, but then you have to know what you're looking for in crew. Hope that helps!

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      Kat Von B (Travelinggreek) commented on this list

      Oops! I forgot to give you the name of this company The Moorings.
      It may be a bit more expensive but this company has an excellent reputation!

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    • Rosewood Little Dix BayPO Box 70, Virgin Gorda
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      Kat Von B (Travelinggreek) recommended Rosewood Little Dix Bay
      I have stayed here twice and both times were amazing! If you can splurge for the OF bungalows then do it. Those are really 10 steps away from the water. It is one of the quietest most relaxing places ... read more
      I have ever been to. The spa which is on a hill overlooks the ocean and could not be more private or more romantic. The staff anticipates your every need...
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      Kat Von B (Travelinggreek)

      This is just if you need a Pre/Post stay. It is really easy to charter a boat in the British Virgin Islands. Most are large catamarans that hold 8-10 people and the cost for a week ends up being about $1500.00 per person. That includes accommodations, crew and food. They will get itinerary preferences and then you sail around for a week to neighboring islands. Prepare to add a couple of days on to your stay because of the flight itinerary's. This is a really incredible destination and since everyone travels by boat, your request can be easily accommodated. Here is the name of a company that can assist you
      Remember the best time to go is Nov-May. The weather is great at that time. If you go the other months it is technically Hurricane Season and while that doesn't mean you will get stuck in a hurricane it can mean increased rain and overall cloudiness.

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