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A Cambridge Historian Offers Hidden (and a couple Classic) Gems for History and Culture Buffs

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My goal in this guide is to offer a brief 'bucket list' for history buffs and culture vultures who might value a quirky take on '15 Great (Manmade) Wonders of the World.' Well, actually, sixteen, but who's counting? What I hope is that I've provided options that will appeal equally to students (school and university), families with children, young adults, retirees and the odd vagabond. I can tell you where to spend more (or less) money, where to go for longer periods (to immerse yourself) and where to go if you want to explore a particular culture, but this list is meant to appeal to dabblers and devotees alike. You're welcome to let me know what you think.

Also, as a disclaimer, I am American living in Europe so this guide makes no effort to be even-handed geographically or culturally. As you may have gathered from my profile, I am a professional historian working at Cambridge University and these are ultimately just some highlights of my academic, business and pleasure travels.


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