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    Simon Dempsey
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    4 Jul 05, 2012

    Juba as a pretty crazy place! This was my first trip to Africa so I guess I had a lot to get used too all at once, but there is a massive energy about the place. The entire city feels like it is a construction site, mostly because the people of South Sudan are now able to build due to peace at last. Expect the traits of the developing world coupled with really nice venues by the river nile where the NGO's like to hang out!

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    Celeny Da Silva
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    4 Jul 03, 2012

    Juba is a developing chaotic, energetic, and expensive city jammed with foreigners! There isn't anything there, really! Photographs are not allowed anywhere in the area. Accommodations are few, though I stayed in a nice campground where most of the NGO's & GOV officials live while on duty. Every supply is limited, business are just starting to flourish; a single bar of Dove shower soap costs $7. The town is filled with UN convoys, Humanitarian Workers, and foreigners leveraging the new market opportunity. And, since entertainment is limited, foreign residents throw party after party; I attended 4 in a single night, all of which were GREAT FUN! What a trill to watch a political capital to develop! I would love to revisit!

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