Julius Ceasar Pub

Via Castelfidardo, 49, Rome, Province of Rome, Italy
1 review

This is actually a pretty chill, laid back bar. I'm only speaking of the bar area, not the B&B. They make really good kamikazee's, or any mixed drink rather. That's more their specialty than beer. It's darkly lit, and not too loud, but not quiet enough that you hear aeveryone else. There's no dancing, but there is light music playing. ...

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  • 81
    1.63 mi

    Chiostro del Bramante

    1.63 mi from Julius Ceasar Pub
    7 reviews

    The Chiostro del Bramante, one of the high points of Renaissance architecture in Rome, was designed by Donato Bramante (1444-1515), who had arrived in the city after the fall from power of his employer Duke Ludovico Sforza of Milan, to become the leading architect of Pope Julius II and a fierce rival of Michelangelo. The Chiostro, or cloister, is the ...

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  • 82
    1.25 mi

    Arch of Constantine

    1.25 mi from Julius Ceasar Pub
    83 reviews

    When I visited Rome, the Arch of Constantine was under restoration; however, it didn't stop us from taking photos of it. It was erected in 315 AD by the Roman senate to commemorate Constantine's victory over Maxentius in the Battle of Milvian Bridge. It's one of a few triumphal arches left in the city. It has 3 archways and is ...

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  • 83
    1.39 mi

    Santa Maria del Popolo

    1.39 mi from Julius Ceasar Pub
    10 reviews

    Caravaggio! Boy, do I love this guy's work. Chiaroscuro is one of my favorite techniques from painting, the contrast of light and dark. Dramatic! Visitors to the Chiesa di Santa Maria del Popolo get two (not one, but two) paintings by Caravaggio. Aside from that, it's a beautiful church, though not the most beautiful in Rome.

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  • 84
    1.23 mi

    Chiesa di Sant'Ignazio di Loyola

    1.23 mi from Julius Ceasar Pub
    6 reviews

    This church has an illusionist painted ceiling that fools the eye--incredible. You need to walk around to confirm it is an illusion.

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  • 85
    1.38 mi

    Ara Pacis

    1.38 mi from Julius Ceasar Pub
    9 reviews

    The very stark modern exterior of this building houses an ancient and elaborately carved altar to Peace. There former building housing the altar was built by Mussolini after the altar was reconstructed but the current one is designed by the American architect Meier. The new design has been the source of controversy. There's a fee for admission.

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  • 86
    1.16 mi

    Saint Clement's Basilica

    1.16 mi from Julius Ceasar Pub
    13 reviews

    History buffs will drool over visiting Saint Clement's Basilica, a church on top of a church, on top of a church. Accidental excavations revealed a 4th century A.D. church underneath the medieval basilica, which just happens to be directly on top of a 1st century A.D. Mithraic chapel.

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  • 87
    1.13 mi

    Via dei Fori Imperiali

    1.13 mi from Julius Ceasar Pub
    22 reviews

    A walk through the Roman forum is two feeling simultaneously. First there's the sense of awe at being in the epicenter of ancient Roman culture. Here was held Caesar's funeral and here the Romans chased out their last king. At the same time there's a sadness in that much of the forum is an incomprehensible jumble of random columns and ...

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  • 88
    1.58 mi

    Moro Fountain

    1.58 mi from Julius Ceasar Pub
    24 reviews

    One of rome's most charming fountains. Great in all weather and amidst one of the most inviting squares. During the summer, it's also a nice place to cool down.

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  • 89
    2.61 mi


    2.61 mi from Julius Ceasar Pub
    5 reviews

    Obviously, no trip to Italy is not complete without a trip to Rome. Rome is a three hour drive from Casa Cappellino or you can catch the train in Arezzo. Trains from Arezzo to Rome tae from 1.5 to 3 hours.

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  • 90
    1.35 mi

    Basilica di Santa Maria sopra Minerva

    1.35 mi from Julius Ceasar Pub
    15 reviews

    As Rome's only Gothic cathedral, the feel of the interior of the Basilica di Santa Maria sopra Minerva is quite different from the other churches in Rome. I particularly loved the blue ceiling. Artistic must-sees include Michelangelo's Christ Bearing the Cross at the left side of the nave's end, as well as Bernini's Elefantino sculpture outside.

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  • 91
    1.63 mi

    Sant'Agnese in Agone

    1.63 mi from Julius Ceasar Pub
    6 reviews

    The big church in the heart of Piazza Navona involved both of Rome's great architects, Borromini and Bernini, as well as Girolamo Rainaldi and his son Carlo Rainaldi. The beautiful interior offers a great break from the hustle outside. Stand at the top of the church's steps and you'll get a great vantage point of the piazza itself.

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  • 92
    1.51 mi

    Fontana delle Tartarughe

    1.51 mi from Julius Ceasar Pub
    4 reviews

    Not the grandest of fountains, but it's cute. There's a nice energy here, complemented nicely with Piazza Mattei's laid-back vibe. It's not all hustle and bustle like the other piazze. Take a seat by the fountain and watch the boys play.

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  • 93
    1.42 mi

    Palatine Hill

    1.42 mi from Julius Ceasar Pub
    40 reviews

    The Palatine, overlooking the forum, was the home of the Imperial Palace and the seat of government power for centuries. Guided tours can point out the significance of each courtyard and ruin. It's also probably the best place to get a good vantage point on the ancient city.

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  • 94
    1.3 mi

    Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea

    1.3 mi from Julius Ceasar Pub
    4 reviews

    One of my favorite attractions in Rome. For just eight euros, you get a huge collection of modern art in a beautiful palazzo. The collection focuses on Italian art, though pieces from other famous artists from around the world (Monet, Miro, etc.) are included as well. I visited this museum on my last day in Rome and it was really ...

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  • 95
    2.53 mi

    Pope Benedict XVI

    2.53 mi from Julius Ceasar Pub
    12 reviews

    I saw Pope Benedict give a Sunday Blessing in 2005 a few months after he became Pope. It was amazing to feel the energy and devotion of the crown in St. Peter's Square and though the Pope was a tiny dot hundreds of yards away, it was pretty neat that he was there speaking to the crowd.

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  • 96
    1.32 mi

    Chiesa del Gesù

    1.32 mi from Julius Ceasar Pub
    7 reviews

    Triumph of the Name of Jesus, by Giovanni Battista Gaulli, is the fresco painting on the ceiling of the church and makes a visit to this church worthwhile. There is a big mirror set up so you can view the ceiling at length without straining your neck. The times when the church is open is not well advertised so check ...

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  • 97
    1.54 mi

    Church of Saint Yves at La Sapienza

    1.54 mi from Julius Ceasar Pub
    6 reviews

    This church designed by Borromini is not open very often. If it is, be sure to visit in order to see one of the best works by one of the most unique architects of the Baroque or any era.

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  • 98
    1.22 mi

    Altare della Patria

    1.22 mi from Julius Ceasar Pub
    5 reviews

    Or Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II or often dismissively called "The Typewriter." Completed in the heyday of the Mussolini years, it certainly divides opinions. The naysayers claim it's a monumental blight on the Roman treasures nearby (the Typewriter is on Piazza Venezia, at one end of the magnificent Via dei Fori Imperiali); personally, I'm 'ni chaud, ni froid' about it, ...

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  • 99
    1.48 mi

    Chiesa di Sant'Agostino

    1.48 mi from Julius Ceasar Pub
    2 reviews

    I'm a huge fan of Caravaggio, so any church with his work inside always excites me. Chiesa di Sant'Agostino also boasts a fresco by Raphael. That's like a two-in-one deal!

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  • 100
    2.0 mi


    2.0 mi from Julius Ceasar Pub
    85 reviews

    Trastevere is a more local, working class area of Rome. If you want to stay away from tourists and still experience the local Roman nightlife, I would suggest going here and renting an apartment to stay. Plus, the buildings are old and lovely with Tuscan-like golden hues, the restaurants are great, and there's an old, historic church called Santa Maria.

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